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For those who want the best front and rear dash cam in their car but are not able to spend anything above the $100 price range, well, there’s good news, there are dash cams available for you in that price range, but in this article, we’ll be featuring just one. And that is the Zero Edge Dual-Lens Mirror Camera.

The Zero edge mirror camera comes at under $100, and it is a product that offers great value, even at its price. It actually is two cameras, one is built into the mirror, while the other is a separate camera that is plugged into the mirror through a long cable.

The separate camera is designed as a backup camera. And it has an adhesive backing that suggests that it can be placed just about anywhere inside your car, keeping a watchful eye on the occupants of your car.

Although they are separate, and one is called the backup camera, they both record footages simultaneously, and they place these recorded footages in separate, time-stamped video files.

The interior camera is very stealth, only if you’re able to device a way to keep the cables out of the way. If you’re the handy type, you might choose to cut the excess cable out, and then tie wires back together. Looking at it form the outside, it is usually obvious that the device is not a rear-view mirror.

It is far more difficult to remove than some other models, so, if your plan is to take the device in and out of your car so as to prevent pilfering, you might find this to be an issue. But its low price and excellent feature makes it worthy of consideration.

Its pros and cons.

Pros:      The interior camera is extremely stealthy, and it has a great field of vision

Its front camera has a great field of vision also, and it can be aimed.

It has an automatic loop that records from both camera angles

Cons:     Its long interior camera cord is hard to keep out of view

Removing or adjusting the interior camera is practically a can’t do once it is installed.


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