10 Best Headlight Bulbs for Night Driving in 2021

For those who want to jump straight to the point and not read our full guide the below Headlight kit is our favorite. Additionally, it comes with a number of extras when you buy on Kensun.com.

Kensun Xenon HID – Our Favorite

  • Suitable for 99% of vehicles
  • Kensun products are reliable and well reviewed
  • You will never cause any disturbances in traffic as the bulb is created with an anti-glare technology

In this article we will review some of the best bulbs in the market that are especially suited for night driving. In this review, you will be discovering some of the best bulbs with unique qualities and features of their own.




Kensun Xenon HID – Best Value



XenonPro LED Headlights Bulb – Medium Value

  • It can be bought in several sizes which can suit most cars
  • It can give you a clear light which is badly needed for a headlight worthy for night driving
  • Even though the headlight bulb is HID, it still produces a bright light which can level the performance of LED headlights


Hikari Ultra LED Headlights

  • It works for both reflector and projector beam headlights
  • The beam is adjustable
  • With its uniqueness and superior beam quality it wouldn’t fail you during your night drive


SNGL Super Bright LED Bulbs

  • The bulb is compatible with wide vehicle systems because of the feature True CanBUS
  • The bulb have its built-in cooling system to address the heating of the bulb
  • Aside from being waterproof, the bulb is also made to be shock-proof


Sirius S3 H11 LED Headlight Bulbs

  • Truly made for durability and long-lasting use
  • Affordable
  • Quick respond to your commands
  • Have amazing lumen quality

Well, without further ado, here are the best headlight bulbs available in the market today.

1. AUXITO H4 9003 LED Headlight Bulbs

Best Headlight Bulb

  • Better Visibility
  • Wireless Design
  • Perfect Beam Pattern

2. XenonPro LED Headlights Bulb – Best Product

To kick start the list of the best headlight bulbs, feast your eyes on the XenonPro LED headlights dubbed as the best product of the list due to its incomparable qualities and features. Well if you want quality in a headlight bulb, then invest on something that is one of the best of the best. XenonPro fits e definition of the best. LED bulbs are the present day light producers. This is the new technology in the industry which has got all the people hyped.

LED lights are not only limited to the comforts of your home. It is also used or integrated into vehicles to provide this added kick when it comes to lighting. So, you might as well go with the trend and go with the XenonPro LED headlights. If you’re interested in this work of beauty, then know more of it through these its specifications. 


  • Color

Of course, just like any individual you will also be looking at the available colors of the said product. Well, to your amazement, the XenonPro actually has 4 color options. The available colors of this bulb are yellow, white, blue and purple. If you are a person with enigmatic choices, then the color choices suits you. But you should stick with the yellow and white color which can duly perform during night drives. 

  • Size Options

Are you worrying that you might now get the right size for your car? Not a problem, the XenonPro has 37 sizes to choose from. Here are the list of available sizes which you may choose from:

  • H4, H13, HB2
  • H11, H3, H1, H7, H8, H19, H16
  • 2504, 5202
  • 880, 881, 885, 886, 889
  • 9003, 9004, 9005, 9006, 9008, 9012, 9040, 9045, 9140, 9145
  • And there are ten more

With the vast range of bulb sizes available, surely there is something suited for your car. 

  • Service Life

One of the important thing to consider about the headlight bulbs is the operational life or service life. Being in the top of the list, surely the XenonPro has an impressive service life. The operational life of the XenonPro can last to about 45,000 hours of use. Quality performance which can definitely suit your needs when it comes to headlight bulbs.

  • Installation

There are headlight bulbs that are hard when it comes to installation. Some headlights are far off your skills when it comes installation, thus needing help from an automotive expert. But with the XenonPro, you can install it all by yourself. The people behind this LED bulbs is made for easy installations. For the span of 5 to 20 minutes, you will be finished installing the lights. 

  • Anti-glare Technology

The XenonPro has been smart designed. By smart designed it has been created with its anti-glare technology. Some LED headlight bulbs nowadays are too glaring or can cause blindness to other drivers. But not the XenonPro is different and on a different level with the other commercially sold bulbs. This product guarantees anti-glare, thus avoiding accidents. 

  • Volts: 12 V
  • Watts: 25 W to 45 W


  • The XenonPro offers a lifetime warranty which you can enjoy upon purchase. 
  • Using this headlight bulbs will guarantee your car to produce exceptional brightness. 
  • You wouldn’t have any burden in the installation process. 
  • This bulbs is designed to be dust, shock and waterproof which definitely suits your night driving need. 
  • Suitable for 99% of vehicles.
  • You have four choices of colors to choose from. 
  • You will never cause any disturbances in traffic as the bulb is created with an anti-glare technology. 


  • Upon use of this bulb, you may experience problems with the dashboard lighting. 
  • The 1% which doesn’t suit this bulb are the cars with stock HID lights on their cars. 

The XenonPro is a great performer when it comes to lighting your way through dark highways. With its superior brightness and anti-glare technology it can definitely outlast the other headlights in the market. This headlight is also affordable which can totally suit your budget and preferences.

3. OPT7 LED Headlight – Best Value

Second in our list is another LED headlight. Being the advanced technology when it comes to bulbs, the majority of the bulbs that will be on this list will be LED lights. Going back, the OPT7 is another powerhouse when it comes to lighting your way through the dark. The people behind this creation has been doing some research. It was designed and created with cutting edge features which can suit the needs of customers.

One notable feature of this headlight bulb is the arc-beam it produces which can guarantee your safety while driving at night and under the hard rain. You may as well dub this as the product with the best value. Here are the specs of this wonderful creation.


  • Color

Unlike the XenonPro, the OPT7 has only one available color. If you fancy a headlight producing white light, then this may suit your preferences. But this headlight has a little twist on its color. If you buy this, then you may get a combination of the color white and blue. If you want it simple, then you may go with this headlight bulb. 

  • Sizes

Worrying about the size not suiting your car? No worries, below are the available sizes of the headlight bulb which you may choose from.

H1, H3, H4, H7, H11, H13, 880, 5202, 9005, 9006

  • Service Life

One of the specification needed to be dubbed as the best value product is the service life capacity of the OPT7. Well, don’t be surprised with the life of this bulb as it may transcend your expectation. It has an astounding 50,000 hours of service life. This just brightens your night driving for a long time. Well, don’t expect less with the best value product on the list. 

  • Installation

Another factor which the other customers and you are looking for are easy installation headlight bulbs. When it comes to installation, the OPT7 is not far from the XenonPro. This product has actually a toolkit which you can use to install the headlights unto your car. The time span of this bulb to be installed is 15 to 20 minutes max. Still, an easy bulb to install compared to other products.

  • Clear Arc-Beam

The most notable feature of this car is the clear arc-beam it produces. What does it do, you ask? Well, if you were the one to use this headlight with this dazzling feature, then you can easily navigate at night under the pouring rain. This is a headlight which can perform under harsh conditions and which can save you from any danger or accidents. 

Volts: 9 V to 24 V

Watts: 55 W or 65 W


  • Buying this headlight ensures your safety on the road while driving at night while heavy rain is pouring due to the clear arc-beam. 
  • You can very much interconnect this product with sustainability with the tremendous service life it has.
  • If you encounter any problems with the product, no sweat as it offers a 2 year warranty for anyone who buys it.
  • You will never experience any overheating problems as the bulb has this great feature, the dual TurboCool fan which can deliver at 7000 rpm.
  • Plug and Play! Easy to install with its own kit. You can install the headlights in just a matter of minutes. 


  • It may offer quality feature but you must stretch your budget with this one due to it being pricey. 
  • Unlike the first headlight, this does not have anti-glare technology which can cause problems to incoming traffic at night.
  • There’s a chance where this will be a burden to install. 

Of course, the OPT7 also belongs to the superior side. With its astounding 50,000 service life capacity and clear arc-beam it can go beyond your expectation. Although it has some limitations, it still dubbed as the best value headlights due to its cutting-edge features.

4. Kensun Xenon HID – Medium Value

​The first Kensun Xenon headlight in our list, the Kensun Xenon. Although the headlight is only HID, this product has outstanding features which can outplay Halogen bulbs in the market. You must be aware that the Kensun Xenon contains a ballast for it to work efficiently and to keep the bulb producing a constant stream of light.

For your awareness, the ballast is included in the kit if you opt to but the Kensun Xenon. To know more about this HID wonder, take a look at its specification down below. 


  • Colors

If you don’t want to settle with a boring white color, then you’re in luck as the Kensun Xenon offers a variety of fun and unique colors. The available colors for this product are blue, darker blue, light blue, yellow, brighter yellow, bright white, pure white and purple. So imagine your car, producing this unique purple color, surely it will give an impression to other people how fun and unique your car is, when it comes to the color. 

  • Sizes

Looking for the appropriate size for your car? Below are the available sizes for the Kensun. The Kensun Xenon offers 8 various sizes:

  • D1R, D2R, D3R, D4R
  • D1S, D2S, D3S, D4S
  • Installation

The concept of installing these headlights is plug and play, well applicable only for most vehicles. Being plug and play, it is very convenient and easy to install these unto your car. The maximum time for you install these headlights are 20 minutes. 

  • HID Capabilities

The HID capabilities of the Kensun is top notch. For it to work it needs the support of a ballast. But once you got these two working, you will some magic. By the time you turned the HID headlight on, the ballast will be doing it work. And by work, this means that the component will be shooting a volt charge containing 23,000 V directly into the gas chamber to activate the lights. The headlight will be constantly lighting at a controlled volts of 12 V. 


  • Watts


  • Even though the headlight bulb is HID, it still produces a bright light which can level the performance of LED headlights. 
  • It can give you a clear light which is badly needed for a headlight worthy for night driving.
  • It can be bought in several sizes which can suit most cars.
  • It comes with an aluminum container which is the kit of the product. Inside the kit are the two Xenon HID bulbs, ballasts (weatherproof, shockproof and waterproof) and two mounting brackets. 


  • The concept of plug and play does not apply to all cars. So if you have plans of buying this product, you must first send the details about your car. 
  • Also, in terms of size, even though it can be purchased in various sizes it is still recommended to have your car details sent.
  • This product proves that an HID can perform with the big leagues (LED). Although the new and advanced technology are the LED, the HID still shows that they can still light the way for you, brighter and clearer just like the other LED headlights in the market. 

Cougar Motor LED Headlights

Hence the name, being ferocious in lighting the way for you. The Cougar Motor has sneaked in the list due to favorable features and specifications which may suit your preferences. If you want quality, clear and bright headlights, then go with LED which is better than halogen and HID. 

But its LED capabilities aren’t the only component which is astounding. Same with the cutting edge headlights nowadays, the Cougar has its own features which can bring joy and satisfaction to you or any other customers. To know more about this product, below are the specifications and everything you want to know about the product. 


  • Colors

If you don’t want any fancy colors for your headlights, then the white color is what you need. Cougar LED headlights has only one color and that is the white.

  • Sizes

If you are interested in this product but doesn’t know if the bulb will suit our car, then here are the available sizes of the Cougar LED.

  • H11, H8, H9
  • Service Life

The cougar motor LED are among the prime headlights in the list due to its impressive service life. Same with other products in the list, the cougar has 50,000 hours of service life in it. 


Same with the other products this one is also easy and convenient to install. With no maximum effort needed, you can install these headlights unto your car in a matter of minutes. With the plug and play concept, it will only take your 20 minute to install. 

  • Completely Waterproof

Worrying about driving on a rainy night? There are other headlights which are very sensitive to water and it may cause disruptions in its functions. But not the cougar, if the headlights are shattered and if ever the bulbs are exposed while raining, it will still be functional because it is completely waterproof. An edge that other products does not contain. 

  • Volts: 8V – 48V
  • Watts: 30W


  • Having these impressive headlights for your car will be offering a wide and clear white color. 
  • No complaints from other drivers as the light gives great visibility and will not blind incoming traffic.
  • Speaks for durability as you will not experience any disruptions even on extreme weather conditions. It’s designed to be waterproof and will not have any problems even if the bulbs are exposed out in the open.
  • Even though the Cougar LED headlights is known for superior quality it is still very affordable and will not overstretch your budget. 


  • There are some cases where the frame or the house of the headlight may not be suitable for the bulb, thus the pattern of the beam may be a little bit off. 
  • If your vehicles does not have any projector lenses, the bulb may not work for you.
  • There are some cases where the cooling fans of the bulb can be heard.
  • If you don’t want to overstretch your budget without sacrificing the quality of the bulbs, then the cougar LED bulbs may be your answer. Quality and durability in one product at an affordable price offered by Cougar LED Headlights.

5. Akarui CREE LED Headlights

LED headlights are great, but what’s greater if something can outperform the standard LED headlights. Well there is one which can definitely put any standard LED headlights to shame and that is the Akarui CREE LED headlights. It can outshine any LED lights as it can produce a light which is 3 times brighter than the average. But with great power, there is a need for a greater cooling systems. Since it has great lighting power it tends to overheat but with the cutting-edge cooling system of the bulbs, with 15,000 rpm, it can surely cool the bulbs in an instant. Interested? Let’s check out the specifications of the Akarui.


  • Colors

The Akarui CREE LED headlights gives this bright white light on the dark pavement. It only comes in a single color which is the white. 

  • Sizes

If it has limited colors, the size isn’t. The size of the Akarui CREE can be bought in various sizes to supplement the different sizes of different cars. Here are the available sizes of the Akarui CREE which you can choose from:

  • H1, H3, H4 (9003), H7 (Single Beam), H11 (H8/H9), H13 (9008)
  • 880, 5202, 9004, 9005, 9006, 9006 (Double Beam), 9012
  • Service Life

Considering the wide collection of products, the Akarui may be popular to some customers wanting the simple white yet bright light. To top it all off, the service life of the Akarui is also a tough one to beat. It also has 50,000 hours of service life which is an awesome feat. 

  • Installation

Just like the other products here in the list, the Akarui CREE is also trouble-free when installing. It also adapts plug and play just like the other products, thus it will only take you 15-20 minutes to install. 

  • Cooling System

Probably one of the notable feature of the Akarui CREE is the cooling system. The CREE heats up to almost 6,000 kelvin which can be alarming at some point. But to address this, he people behind the Akarui has develop a cooling system with dual turbo fan with 15,000 rpm which can outperform a standard cooling systems of standard bulbs. No worries as the fan wouldn’t be bothering you as it is noiseless. 

  • Shockproof and Waterproof

If you looking for durability features, then the Akarui has it. It is waterproof and shockproof. It can withstand force exerted on it at a certain point. And it can also withstand water even if it is exposed in the open.

  • Volts: 12V
  • Watts: 60W


  • Get ready to experience light that is projected in a wide arc. The Akarui is known to have arc glass lens to eliminate black spots while driving at night. 
  • You will not need to warm up the light as it can automatically start with ease. 
  • The notable pros of this product is the cutting-edge cooling system that goes well with the bulb. 
  • It contains the CREE XHP70 LED chips, thus it can produce 3 times brighter light than the average LED light.
  • It is also suitable for extreme environments and known for durability due to its shockproof and waterproof qualities.


  • If you desire other colors rather than white, then bad news. The Akarui only has one color and that is white. 
  • This LED headlight bulbs works well only with reflector housings. Those with projector housing may not experience the best of these headlights.

Considering the qualities of the Akarui, it may be a top contender in the world of LED headlights. It has great qualities and features and the perfect example is the cooling system of the bulb. This is also cost-effective, as its one of the affordable headlights available in the market.

6. Hikari Ultra LED Headlights

Considered to be one of the top rated headlight bulbs available in the market. With its unique design, it still reached popularity amongst other headlight bulbs. Although the size of the bulbs are same as those of the halogens it still known to top other bulbs with its superior quality and features. Don’t worry as you will never be a stranger to this product again. We will gladly give you its specification and the notable features of his product.


  • Colors

As one of the oldest and uniquely designed bulb, the Hikari only takes one color and that would be white. But the color being produced by the Hikari LED Headlights will give a light blue color due to the blue coating of the bulbs. 

  • Sizes

The sizes of the Hikari Ultra LED Headlights can be classified into two. There are specific sizes available for single beam and there are also sizes for the double beam. Here are the available sizes you can choose from:

  • ingle Beam: H1, H7, H11
  • Double Beam: 9003/H4, 9004/HB1, 9005/HB3, 9006/HB4, 9007/HB5, 9008/H13, 9012/H12
  • Service Life 

The Hikari LED headlight is top rated due to its uniqueness. It’s also famous for one thing and that is the service life capacity. Majority of the products found in this list has 50,000 hours which is suitable for any LED headlights. But the Hikari is on another level bearing 60,000 hours of service life. Truly made for reliability and long term use.

  • Installation

The feat which headlight bulbs should have in common is trouble-free installation. Gladly, for those who are interested in the Hikari Headlight bulbs, it is very easy to install. You will have no problems installing these bulbs unto your car. 

Impressive Beam Quality

Complementing the service life is the impressive beam quality of the Hikari bulbs. The bulbs work well with both low-beam and high-beam projectors. Though it will give a brighter beam for the low-beam than the high-beam projector style headlights. But if you have reflector headlights, then no problem as the Hikari works in it too. Although the beam performance may vary but it still works. 

  • Volts: 12V
  • Watts: 23W/bulb


  • It may be of old origin but the Hikari headlight bulb can outperform other brands present today. With its uniqueness and superior beam quality it wouldn’t fail you during your night drive. 
  • It works for both reflector and projector beam headlights. 
  • The beam is adjustable so it can work to a wide range of cars having different specifications.


  • There are chances where the headlights bulbs may produce this weird beam which is not directed in the right place. And it can be disturbing to other drivers. 
  • The bulbs tend to burn out and it may cause issues to the bulbs itself. 

If you want to start changing into LED and forget about HID or Halogens, then the Hikari LED is a great bulb starter. It’s very easy to install, produces superior beam quality and can outlast other headlight bulbs due to its 60,000 hours service life.

7. SNGL Super Bright LED Bulbs

If you want to explore the world of LED bulbs, then you’ll come across this headlight bulbs. Hence from the name, it can truly perform superb and may even go beyond your expectations for headlight bulbs. A sneak peek of its features, it uses LUMILEDS LUXEON MZ. This component of the bulb makes it possible to produce dazzling and bright lights. Are you interested in this product? Well, check out the specifications.


  • Colors

Sadly, the color collection of the SNGL Super LED is limited to only one. If you don’t like anything fancy and will go for something that is simple, then you should go with this as the available color is only white. But don’t let the range of colors of the SNGL fool you though, it still has amazing specs and features.

  • Sizes

Surely, the SNGL offer various sizes for you to choose from. But it still recommended to give your car details for you to be given the right size during purchase. But I will still be providing you with the available sizes of the SNGL.

  • Service Life

To accommodate the superb brightness the bulbs are producing, the SNGL was designed for long term use having 50,000 hours of service life. With high quality lighting and long service life, surely this is a worthy investment for you to make. A total fit for all your night driving desires. 

  • Installation

The installation of the super bulbs are not that tough. You only need to use minimal minutes on this one. Same with other bulbs, the SNGL can be installed easily, even on your own. 

  • Anti-glare Technology

LCD tend to produce some of the brightest light, thus can cause issues with other drivers, or it can even cause accidents. But, the brains behind the SNGL super light have been considerate enough, adding anti-glare technology to the bulbs. Guaranteed, the bulbs will not burden other drivers with its bright light. Thus, can lead to safe driving at night for you and other drivers as well. 

  • Volts: 12V
  • Watts: 55W


  • One of the greatest pros of this bulb is the anti-glare technology. Glaring lights are potentially dangerous to incoming traffics, especially at night. Great thing SNGL Super Light Bulbs have this great quality, thus to avoid problems or even accidents. 
  • If the headlight have been broken, you don’t have to worry about the bulbs because they are waterproof. Made for durability, the bulbs will withstand water, and bear no damages at all. 
  • The bulb is compatible with wide vehicle systems because of the feature True CanBUS. 
  • The bulb have its built-in cooling system to address the heating of the bulb, and keep it at a minimum only.
  • Aside from being waterproof, the bulb is also made to be shock-proof. It can withstand vibrations, thus protecting itself from potential damages.


  • The pricing of the SNGL bulbs is a relatively higher than most products available in the market today. With the impressive features and qualities, it is not a surprise that the price of the bulb is high.
  • You may find it hard to install the ballast of the bulb. You will find numerous issues while installing the ballast, so you might need a help of a professional on this one.
  • Hence from the name, the SNGL bulbs is truly a super. It will bring you the brightest light, supplemented with anti-glare technology. The bulb is also made for durability as it can withstand water and shocks. In general, it may be pricey, but it can surely deliver when it comes to the performance. 

8. Sirius S3 H11 LED Headlight Bulbs

We’ll never get tired of LED, so last on the list is another powerhouse in producing bright lights. Sirius headlight bulbs brings forth 8,000 lumens of light. But with the light, the bulb tends to overheat, but not a problem with Sirius as it have its own cooling system to keep the heat at a minimum. As your interest grow with this light, how about we give you the specifications of it? Check them out below.


  • Size

Looking for the sizes available? The Sirius LED bulbs can be bought in the size of H1. The size of the bulbs may be limited and may only work to some car having the fit of H1. 

  • Color

Aside from the size being limited to one, the available color is also the same. The color of the Sirius is white only. But the lumens output makes the white color standout among other bulbs in the market. 

  • Service Life

One factor which everyone is looking at a bulb for night driving is the service life. Apparently, the Sirius contains one of the lowest service life in the list. It can only muster 30,000 hours of service life. Nevertheless, it’s still one of the top bulbs in the market available due to its impressive features. 

  • Installation

Having no ballasts, the installation of the bulbs is easier. The simple plug and play concept works with this bulbs also. Therefore, you will only spend couple of minutes installing these bright lights in unto your car.

  • IP65 Rating

One of the notable feature of this bulb is its IP65 rating. The IP65 rating means that the bulb is created to withstand water or particularly extreme conditions. This feature makes the Sirius bulb high durable even though at use during extreme climates or weathers. 

  • Volts: 12V
  • Watts: 30W


  • There will be no delays in lighting the bulb. It will be quick to respond to your commands. Unlike other bulbs which takes it time to on or off. 
  • The amazing lumen quality of the bulb guarantees that you will be seeing the road at the most extreme weather conditions or even at night. 
  • IP65 rating keeping it safe from any kinds of water or shock damages. Truly made for durability and long-lasting use. 
  • Affordable as its pricing is not that high compared to other bulbs in the market.


  • One con of using this bulb for your car is you will be finding it hard to customize. If you like to customize your car, then this bulb is a no for you. 
  • The size is limited, thus it may only be usable to some cars only. 
  • There are cases where some cars needs a decoder for the bulb to be read or identified. You may need a help from a professional with this case.

In general, the Sirius S3 LED bulbs is known to producing some the brightest light. Equipped with this, your car will surely light up the road in the middles of the night. The bulbs are also safe from any damages as it is IP65 rated. It may have some limitations, but this bulb will still live to your expectations.

Equipping your car with the right headlights for night driving is a must do. Brighter light is needed to travel roads with ease especially at night time. The right bulbs will save you from accidents, and risks at night. If you want to drive safe, then invest with the right and just bulb. The selection above will help or guide you to choose the best bulbs that fits your desire. Choose wisely to drive safely!

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