10 Best Headliner Adhesives Reviewed in 2021

One wonderful thing about cars is the dazzling interior. From leather seats to carpeted flooring, and to neat headliners Adhesives. Sum all this up, and you got the perfect car. But there are times where the interior components of the car start to wear off. One component, in particular, that is truly noticeable, is the headliner adhesives.

For everyone who doesn’t know what a headliner Adhesives is. The headliner is the collective term for the covering of your car ceiling. The foam you see on the ceiling of the interior, yes, that is the headliner. And this is one of the most conspicuous components of the car as it tends to sag when it wears off.




3M 38808 TM Headliner Adhesives – Best Product

  • Lightweight
  • Has an adjustable nozzle
  • Affordable
  • Resistant against sunny, snowy, rainy weather conditions


Permatex Body Shop Headliner Adhesive – Best Value

  • Resistant against intense and dynamic patterns
  • Lightweight
  • Convenient to use
  • Designed to be water-resistant


Heads Up Quick Fix Adhesive

  • Very quick to dry
  • Resistant to non-wrinkling bonds, water, and dynamic weather conditions
  • Made for comfort and ease of use
  • Affordable


Lowkeld Heat Resistant Adhesive

  • Longer lasting effects
  • Easy to use
  • Quick to dry
  • Can endure any weather or temperature


Pro Stick 5023 65 Adhesive

  • Clear dry
  • Quick to dry
  • Can be used to other materials like wood, rubber, or foam
  • Adhesive will create a strong bond immediately

The headliner sags due to a few reasons. Maybe you went for a long drive out in the desert, which causes the humidity inside the car to rise, thus affecting the headliner. Or the glue just loses its stickiness over time. Regardless of the reason for the headliner to drop, this damaged portion of the car is actually an easy fix.

You just have to use the best headliner  adhesive other  to stick the foam into the ceiling, and voila, you’re done. But no, the process of finding the right headliner adhesives for your car is actually tough. You have to consider some factors to solve the problem of sagging headliners completely.

Fortunately, we will make the process easy for you. How? Well, if there are various headliner adhesives products available in the market, we will be showcasing you the best of the best headliner adhesive. Narrowing the list of products is the first step if you are looking to buy a headliner adhesives. And that’s what we’ll do for you. Let’s not beat around the bush, and proceed to what you came here for. Here are the best headliners adhesives.

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3M 38808 TM Headliner Adhesives – Best Product

Let’s start with the best product on the list. Bearing all the great qualities and features he 3M 38808 TM headliner is ready to solve all your sagging issues for your car, that is. If the problems have gone way beyond normal repairs, then it’s time for the finest product around to step up. Check out the features of this preeminent product to know more.

  • Special Adhesive
  • Being the best of the best, you got to have the paramount features. The 3M headliner adhesive offers unique or special solutions for your sagging drooping headliners. Besides having enough sticking powers, the glue will not cause any discolor to the foam or the fabric. To supplement the special adhesive, the nozzle is also made to be distinct. You can freely adjust the nozzle to spray in the direction you want.
  • Resilient to  Intense Weather Condition
  • Since the root of the headliner drooping is due to extreme weather conditions. The 3M is made as a countermeasure against intense weather conditions. The minds behind this great adhesive have designed and created to be resistant to high and low temperatures. So, expect this product to excel in reliability.
  • Made for Convenience
  • Aside from the amazing qualities that this product have. This adhesive is also made for convenience. Besides the fact that you’ll be only spraying the adhesive on headliners, the drying qualities are also great. Compared to other products that take forever to dry, the 3M 38808 TM adhesive will take only 30 minutes to 60 minutes (depending on the weather condition) to dry.


  • It is very used to use, it is lightweight, and with an adjustable nozzle, you will not have any trouble spraying this on your headliners.
  • What makes this one of the superior products is its versatility. This is compatible to almost all types of materials. Thus, it will not cause damages or any discolorations.
  • The 3M 38808 TM Adhesive may contain some of the best features. The price is a different story. You can afford to buy this product without emptying your bank account.
  • The spraying pattern of this adhesive can is focused only on one direction. Thus, there is a pattern for spraying and not messed up.
  • Made to be resistant against sunny, snowy, or rainy weather conditions. Quality and reliability in one bottle.


  • The nozzle is small, so it might take you longer periods of spraying unto the headliners. The process takes a lot of work.
  • It is effective, but it tends to run out quickly.

If the problem has gone way beyond the normal repair of any adhesive or glue. This is the probable answer for all the heavyweight work. It has unique and impressive adhesive solutions that can do the work and prevent the headliners from drooping over a long period of time. It does not promote discoloration. Rather, it strengthens the fabric. Made with superior quality, this product is the answer to all your headliner problems.

Permatex Body Shop Headliner Adhesive – Best Value

Coming in at the second place, and being dubbed as the best value in the list, the Permatex Body Shop Headliner Adhesive  spray is ought to surprise you. This is also created with strong adhesive solutions that can be used for various materials. Check out the different features to know more about this product.

  • Versatility
  • This headliner adhesives technology is definitely designed to be versatile. Aside from the vast range of materials this adhesive can work on, it can also be used to address other fabric issues in the car. If you have fabric problems with the carpet of your car, trunk linings, panels, or doors, the Permatex can work reliably. Regardless of the materials being rubber, fabric, or foam, the Permatex will work its adhesive magic.
  • Severe Weather Condition Resistant
  • A high quality feature suited for a superior quality product. The adhesive of Permatex is made to be resistant whatever the weather is. It is made to withstand hot, cold, or dynamic temperature. With this, you are ensured that the headliners will be staying put for a long time despite the unpredictable weather.
  • Water-Resistant
  • There are incidents where water will be affecting the pastiness of the headliner. In most cases, some adhesive is weak against water. Thus, it may lose stickiness. But the Permatex begs to differ with their adhesive. The adhesive is designed to withstand the negative effects of water. Damp or rainy conditions are nothing against this adhesive.
  • Convenient to Use
  • The adhesive is only enclosed in the can, so it’s lightweight and very convenient to use. You will spare no effort in spraying this adhesive on the headliner and other interior components of your car. Since it’s very convenient to use, you can easily manipulate the spray action and spread it evenly on the surface.


  • The versatility of the Permatex adhesive is not to be questioned. It can be used on rubber, foam, and fabric, with all having the same stickiness.
  • The adhesive works with a vast range of cars, but this one is specially crafted for big vehicles such as SUVs, trucks, or jeeps.
  • It is made to resistant against intense and dynamic patterns.
  • The adhesive can also withstand the effects of water. Thus, it is designed to be water-resistant.
  • It is lightweight. Thus, it is very convenient to use.


  • Since the can is small, this product is for limited use only. It is recommended to buy at least two if you’re going to repair the headliner of your car.
  • Spraying it evenly takes a lot of work and time. Since the body and nozzle are small, it may take you longer minutes to finish the work.

Overall, the Permatex adhesive is one of the top paste performers in the market. Setting the cons aside, it has amazing qualities that can level the function of the top 1. With its versatility, it can address various problems with cars, regardless of the nature of its materials. If you see this product fitting your requirements, then maybe it will work for you.

Heads Up Quick Fix Adhesive

If you want a quick fix with that sagging headliner, then say no more. Heads Up Quick Fix Adhesive is the answer sent from above. If you want to see all the drooping headliners problem once in for all, then use this bundle of infinite sticky capabilities. Check out its features below if you are interested.

  • The Brains Behind This Product
  • This may not be technically considered as a feature, but the staff or the brains behind this magic adhesive should be acknowledged for their work. Aside from that, they are ready and available to answer all your questions regarding the product. If you need customer service with their product, then you are in for a treat. They are ready and patient to explain or guide through the whole process of using the product.
  • Compound Nozzle Settings in One
  • Another spray headliner adhesive contains only one nozzle setting, making it hard to spray evenly on the surface. But the Heads-Up Quick Fix Adhesive is a different story. It actually comprises of multiple nozzle settings that you can use or set to your desired mechanism. Regardless of the setting, though, you will still be able to experience the maximum spray of the adhesive.
  • Robust Formulation
  • The formulation of the solution of this adhesive is designed to be stable yet robust. With this kind of formulation, it can withstand the negative effects of the weather, such as dynamic climate conditions. The adhesive is also designed to resist non-wrinkling bonds and the effects of the water.
  • Quick Dry
  • Hence from the name of the product, this one is truly made for a quick fix. Once the adhesive is applied on the surface, it will only take a few minutes for it to dry. It will literally solve all your drooping problems in a matter of minutes.


  • This product actually promotes effective spraying as you can adjust the nozzle setting to various mechanisms. But all the settings offer maximum spraying effectiveness.
  • Another product that is very affordable. You can never go broke with this product even if you buy multiples of them.
  • It is really made for a quick fix because it is very quick to dry. There is no need to wait long minutes with this adhesive.
  • Made for comfort and ease of use. Spare no effort in spraying this bottle of adhesive to the headliners.
  • Spraying this solution will not bear any damages to your headliners. So, it is guaranteed to be safe.
  • Resistant to non-wrinkling bonds, water, and dynamic weather conditions.


  • Since the body of the spray adhesive is small, then expect that the use is limited. If you have big projects, it is recommended to buy more than one of these products.
  • Although it is made to dry quickly, it comes with a price though. The quality of the product being sticky is sacrificed. Thus, it cannot hold for much longer periods.

Setting the two cons aside, this adhesive product is also a great item to have. It can work well with the interior of your car, and the headliner as well. You just have to be packed with this can of adhesive as it tends to run out easily. If you see the Heads-Up Quick Fix Adhesive fits your requirement, then grab one immediately.

Lowkeld Heat Resistant Adhesive

The first on our list that is not a spray adhesive. This one is a solution that is a bucket and does not have any spraying actions. This adhesive is actually capable of sticking various materials such as wood, rubber, marine, upholstery, and fabric. This may look great, but you should check the features, pros and cons first.

  • Superior Bond Quality
  • Another adhesive that can work with heavy duty adhesive issues. Lowkeld adhesives are known to know to manage tougher jobs that other products cannot do. Even in a short time, the headliner can easily stick in the interior roof with ease. And this is made for longer durations. Specifically speaking, it can go for years without reapplying.
  • Monstrous Versatility
  • If the other products here on the list are already versatile, then the Lowkeld adhesive is known with monstrous versatility. This adhesive is known to solve your headliner problems. But wait, the capability of this strong bond is not only limited to fabrics or foam. The strong bond that his adhesive gives can also work with upholstery, rubber, marine, wood, and even metal. So, you can use this adhesive to other projects as well.
  • Heat and Water Resistant
  • The Lowkeld is really made of superior quality. Aside from having a bond that can last for years, it is also designed to be heat and water resistance. This product offers excellent sticking while protecting the fabric or headliner as well. Expect that no water or heat can weaken the adhesiveness of this product. It will probably take the full force sun to melt the bond of this adhesive, but that is not possible, so you are looking at long term bond and protection for your headliners.
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Aside from being insensitive to heat and water, this adhesive is also stubborn with chemicals. No matter what chemicals you apply on this adhesive it will never affect its stickiness. So, it is recommended to think before you apply, if you are using this kind of adhesive.


  • This is a product that contains almost all of the good things about adhesives. It has the strength that can endure any weather or temperature. It has versatility making it usable to a wide range of materials or projects, not just headliners. It is also chemical resistant and will endure any solutions applied to it.
  • This is one product that creates between two surfaces easily. Creating bonds quickly, this adhesive is quick to dry.
  • Longer lasting effects that are better than any products included in the list. Its bonds can last up to 20 or more years.
  • This is a product that is on the side of affordability. Although it is made with great qualities and features, the pricing is lower.
  • It is very easy to use. Even though it doesn’t have any spray action, you can just apply this to your headliners using a plain old stick to smear the solution on the surface. No fancy mechanisms, just simple smear, and spread.


It may contain some of the best qualities, but it can never be the top one due to some drawbacks of these adhesive products.

  • The nature of the ingredients of this adhesive is pure synthetic or chemicals, making it toxic to the user. It may affect your skin or may even be obnoxious to the nose. The safety of use is not guaranteed. Thus, you need some protective dressing whenever you are applying this solution to any projects or repairs.
  • Although spreading the solution is easy, the outcome may be a different story. You may find it hard to spread the adhesive solution evenly to the surface. Thus it may look unsightly in the end.
  • It is difficult to reuse, as the adhesive may turn hard upon opening. So, you have to apply the right storage principles on this one to avoid the whole adhesive to harden.
  • This may appear easy to apply, but the whole process involves extraneous preparation and application. The fact that it is toxic means that you need some protective instruments to negate its possible risky effects.

If you’re looking for something that will work best not just with headliners but also with other projects as well, then this is the product for you. With long lasting bonding and protection effects, you will definitely save tons of money on repairs and adhesive. Look no further as the Lowkeld adhesive is ready to address all your drooping problems.

Pro Stick 5023 65 Adhesive

As we progress on the list, you will see a lot of products with great versatility when it comes to sticking something that comes off. The Pro Stick 5023 65 Adhesive, in particular, is amongst the product in the list that is made with superior quality and versatility. Interested? Well, let’s ignite your interest more by checking out the different features of this highly versatile adhesive solution.

  • Bonding Strength
  • Whenever you read the name pro on a product, you have to expect that it is made with strength. Why strength? The bond or adhesiveness of this product is truly to marvel for. It can stick surfaces for longer periods. It’s so strong. It’s even stronger than most marriages today.
  • Resistance
  • Resistance to weather conditions or water is an integral feature or quality that an adhesive should have. Fortunately, the Pro Stick is created to be professional when it comes to working and able to resist every temptation to sag. These temptations to drop are in the form of heat, cold, and water. The mind behind the Pro Stick has considered these effects. Thus, they made the adhesive to be resistant to these coaxing.
  • Quick-dry
  • Wouldn’t it be fun if you are able to tend to other projects while repairing the headliner of your car? Well, with Pro Stick, you’ll be able to do just that. Why? The Pro adhesive offers a quick dry quality that will not make you wait for long and tedious minutes. So, this gives you more time to do other things or projects.
  • Clear-dry
  • Don’t you just love a repair that is attractive and neat looking? Face it, and there are glue or adhesives available today that makes your headliner look from bad to worse. But the Pro Stick adhesive begs to be different. It offers a clear dry effect, so there will be no bumps, ugly deformation or an unattractive outcome of your repair. With this product, it will be guaranteed the headliner or the interior will be looking good as new.
  • Unique Pattern
  • Everyone does not desire the simple one-directional spray of adhesive solutions. Aside from the boring concept, you will not be able to cover large areas on the headliner. But if you want something that is fun, interesting and unique, then you are in for a treat. The Pro Stick’s spray pattern resembles that of a web pattern. For sure you will have funs spraying this on your headliners, or different surfaces as well. Another thing, it is made to spray web-pattern for the adhesive solution to spread evenly on the surface, so that every area is addressed significantly, and where it is needed most.


  • Positive things that this product have is the strength, versatility, and resistant qualities. It can bond two surfaces for longer durations without reapplying. Versatility-wise, it can be used to other materials as well such as wood, rubber, or foam. It is also resistant to the effects of dynamic weather.
  • Once applied, the adhesive will create a strong bond immediately.
  • Another product that will not bust your pockets; the price is actually great and significantly affordable.  


There are a few drawbacks to this product, so you have to consider these cons also.

  • The nature of the ingredients are synthetic or made using chemicals. This means that the adhesive is toxic and flammable. So, it is recommended to proceed with precautions whenever you are using this product.
  • Since the adhesive is spray and it quickly dries, you may experience an issue after use. Make sure to wipe the nozzle every after use to prevent hardening. If hardening at the nozzle has occurred, you will be having trouble reusing the product.
  • Since it is virtually unsafe because of its toxicity and flammability, the process of applying this adhesive may be a lot of work. You need to consider appropriate preparations to avoid any injuries when using the product. Proceed with precaution when applying this adhesive to avoid unnecessary outcomes.

The product is definitely strong and quick when it comes to bonding your headliner. But you have to use it with precautions as it is toxic and flammable. Nevertheless, it will still do its job in repairing headliner repairs, and it will also protect the material for a long period of time. If you see this product suiting your requirement, then why not try it out?

Permatex 81850 Super Adhesive

Another Permatex in the list, but this time this one is for heavy duty purposes, as you can read from the name. This headliner  adhesives is designed not just to address the headliner repairs of your cars, every issue with the interior and exterior of the car can be solved by this wonder item. Just spray the right amount, and the damages will be gone. Thus, your car will be looking good as new. Interested, are you? Well, how about you check out the different features of this product and see if it matches your requirements.

  • Compliant with VOC Regulations
  • A great thing about this product that it is VOC compliant. This means that the product is safe to use, not just for you but also to the environment. With this, you can never hold back on spraying this adhesive solution to the interior car as it safe for you and nature. This is a feature that is worthy of a praise, considering not just the preservation of human life, but also nature.
  • Resistant to Dynamic Weather Conditions
  • There are weak products that falter whenever the temperature is high, low, or continuously changing. Truth, these factors can definitely affect the adhesiveness of different products but not the Permatex 81850 Super Adhesive. This adhesive can endure the effects of snow, sun, or rain. At the end of the day, the resiliency of the Permatex 81850 will rise.
  • Solvent or Chemical Resistant
  • There are times where the interior of our cars are cleaned from top to bottom. Of course, by cleaning, there is a need for a chemical or solvent to be used. In most cases, whenever a chemical is used on the headliner, the adhesive tends to weaken, thus resulting to damage or drooping. But the bond of the Permatex is strong and resistant. It will endure different chemicals or solutions used on it. The solvent will never affect the adhesiveness of the Permatex in the process.
  • Bonding Qualities
  • The bonding refers to the sticking capability of the adhesive. The bonding of the Permatex 81850 is phenomenal. It can work with a wide range of materials such as upholsteries, fabrics, foams, metals. In fact, you can also use the bonding capability of the Permatex for the external repairs of your car. You name it, trunk, car moldings, gaskets, or more, the Permatex can work its magic and deliver.
  • Quick-dry
  • One integral feature of an adhesive solution is quick to dry. Quick-dry can lead to a lot of benefits. Besides doing the repair at the quickest time possible, you can also tend to other projects besides headliner repairs. See? It saves you a whole lot of time. Well, the Permatex 81850 takes 2-3 minutes for the bonding to settle.


  • The Permatex 81850 is safe not just to you but also to the environment.
  • If we are talking about how effective this product is, the answer will be super effective. It can bony any surfaces varying in different materials with ease.
  • It is resistant to intense weather conditions and dynamic climate conditions. Regardless of the temperature being high or low, the adhesive will not wear off and will stick for longer periods.
  • It is also made to be stubborn against chemicals, other solutions.
  • It is very affordable and will not cost too much.


  • You may see the adhesiveness of this product working on various materials, but it has one weakness. It does not work on polypropylene. No matter how you apply this adhesive to polypropylene, it will never stick.
  • The outcome of the headliner repair may be a bit unattractive due to the adhesive being messy.
  • The whole process of spraying takes too long. With a small nozzle, it may take you some time.

One great thing about this product is that it can be applied to various materials except for polypropylene. Headliner repairs is an easy fix, and other materials as well. Its robust qualities make it capable of resisting weather conditions, water, and chemicals. So, why not try this product? Get it while it’s still available.

Eckler’s Quality Headliner Adhesive

Last on our list is a very competent and reliable headliner adhesives solution that might leave your jaw-dropping. This adhesive is well known to address sagging or damages headliners in the interior of your car. Its reliability isn’t only limited to its adhesiveness. It is also acknowledged because of its tractability. It can be used not only with fabrics but also other materials that you see needs fixing. Does this product interest you? If it does, then don’t be a stranger to its features, check them out below.

  • Eckler’s Adhesive
  • The world of headliner adhesives have been tough to some companies. With the growing competition, each brand needs to step up. The brand Eckler have stepped up their game by crafting the strongest adhesive made for heavy duty. Eckler’s adhesive is meant to deliver and address damages or sagging that is not handled by a conventional adhesive. But the Eckler’s adhesive does not only create bonds, but they also create resistance and protection.
  • Defiant
  • Known to be defiant against weather conditions, the Eckler’s Quality Headliner Adhesive will endure the effects of the sun, rain, or even snow. These factors are known to be detrimental to the adhesiveness of glue or paste. So, the brand Eckler also followed the trend of creating a masterpiece that can withstand high or low temperatures. The resistance it have makes it reliable for a long period of time.
  • Various Functionality
  • The main function of the adhesive is to repair sagging headliners, right? Well, the Eckler’s adhesive can do it, but it has infinite capabilities. Investing in this product means that you’ll be a master at repairing and constructing. Why? This adhesive is known to perform various functions. Restore metals exteriors? Fix upholstery? Construct projects? You can do all those with the help of the Eckler’s Quality Headliner Adhesive.
  • Versatility
  • Here’s another strength of this adhesive solution, its versatility. Car owners, like you, are aware that not everything in the car is made out of metal. Some parts are aluminum, plastic, or steel, right? So whenever these components suffer damages is hard to find the right adhesive as not works with various materials. Fear not, Eckler’s adhesive is made to address almost all of the materials. Metal? Steel? Plastic? Aluminum? Wood? Or whatever material that is, it will be fixed by this adhesive because it is created to be high quality and versatile.
  • Long-lasting Effects
  • The component of this adhesive is mixed with chemicals. Thus, it can definitely stand for long lasting effects. There are products that tend to wear off after days or weeks of use. But the Eckler’s adhesive is different. Designed to be efficient, reliable, and effective, this adhesive can stick your headliner for a longer period of time. Better than most products available in the market.


  • The notable features of this product are the strength, resistance, and reliability it carries. It is made with superior quality for long lasting effects.
  • Being long lasting, this will be cheaper in the long run. You don’t have to buy another set of adhesive because the Eckler’s effect will be there for longer periods.
  • The bond that the Eckler’s adhesive gives tends to form easily, so you don’t need to wait minutes for the stickiness to settle.
  • It is very easy to use. It may not have the conventional spraying action just like the other products, but it can easily be spread easily with the use of any tools or materials.
  • The last great thing about this product is the affordability. Your pockets or bank account will not be busted even if you buy multiple of these products.


  • Since the adhesive contains some synthetic or chemical ingredients, it is considered to be toxic. So, you should always proceed with safety and precautions if you are ever using this product.
  • It does not contain any nozzle for spraying, so you need to spread the adhesive manually, and this can lead to uneven application.
  • With the uneven application, the outcome of the repair may become messy and unattractive.
  • Since the adhesive is in a container only, you have to be careful in closing it. The adhesive may harden. Thus, it can be difficult to open and reuse again.

If your budget is limited, and you are looking for something that is affordable yet effective. Then, this is your answer; the Eckler’s adhesive can be bought at an affordable price with superior adhesive quality. But you have to be careful in applying the adhesive as it is toxic. It may cause irritations to the skin, or might be intolerable to the nose. Nevertheless, this is still a great product that can get the job done when it comes to addressing headliners sagging and other repairs.

The interior of the car is important, and you have to make it look beautiful as same as the exterior. But you can never stop the inevitable. There will always be forces or factors that might damage the interior of your auto.

One common problem that car owners are facing is sagging headliners. This is indeed an unsightly situation to see. But you can still do something about it. It only requires a great adhesive solution to fix that, and it will look good as new.

Now, what you want to do is to find the right headliner adhesive. The abovementioned headliner adhesive products are among the best of the best in the market today. Look at every feature, check out the pros and cons. And if you a product that fits your requirements, then go for it. Most of the products above are affordable, so you don’t have to worry about going bankrupt. Make sure to buy the ring one, okay? Happy buying!

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