10 Best Ride-on Cars For Kids in 2020

Birthdays, Christmas, or whatever special day for your child, you have to choose the best gift possible. But this thought comes with a predicament. With the vast range of gifts ideas splurging on the internet, you may this a bit challenging.

How about I give you some interesting gift ideas? Does your child, or the kids you are going to gift a fancy car? Well, who wouldn’t, right? Cars give this blissful sensation for anyone riding it. But, the normal size car is not suitable for children, yet.




Moderno Kids Explorer 2 Seater – Best Enjoy Ride Products

  • The vehicle is a seater, so 2 kids can enjoy riding the Moderno ride-on car
  • It is complete with safety features having seat belts, a reliable brake system and parental remote
  • Play music or listen to the radio. The car has been integrated with a music player and FM radio
  • The Moderno drive-on car contains several colors


Peg Perego John Deere Ground Force Tractor – Best Value

  • It has more torque compared to others because it is a 4-wheel drive
  • Your child can also listen to some farming tune or other music using the FM radio
  • The tractor is suited to drive different terrain. 
  • You can control the speed of the vehicle, or put it at full stop using the parental lockout feature


SLS AMG Mercedes Benz for Kids – Medium Value

  • The rubber tires of the Benz makes it possible to drive
    over outside terrain
  • It comes with seat belts to keep the little driver at the
    seat while moving
  • The speed of the Mercedes Benz is, 6mph, faster than other vehicles on the list
  • The steering wheel comes
    with a horn and other types
    of music that can be played


Best Choice Products Kids Ride-on Truck

  • Guaranteed safe for the kids because of the seat belt, and the non-toxic material of the truck
  • It can be used for all-terrain
  • Made with quality as the detail of the truck is spot on, from the lights to the wheels
  • The wheels contain suspensions and are 14 inches in size


Lamborghini Aventador Kids Ride-on

  • The design is spot on, and it really resembles the real Lamborghini Aventador
  • There are multiple music choices you can select to play
  • It contains a seat belt for the safety of your child
  • The doors swing up, that is definitely fun and cool

The gift idea close to the car is a best ride-on car. Ride-on cars are small size ride cars which are suitable for children. They are not entirely large, but just the size for the children to drive and enjoy them. Another thing these are toys and can be powered using electricity. So, there is no definite harm nor risks that this toy car will give. Just make sure that you give some safety gear in the package to be extra safe.

Now that you know what a ride-on car is, the next step will be choosing the perfect model and size for your little driving kids enthusiast. This is another problem, as there are numerous ride-on cars available in the market, and choosing the right one, might be, aging challenging on your part.

But worry no more, consider this review article as your help. Contained in this article are some of the best ride-on cars for your suited for your child. After reading through our selection, you will have an idea of what to buy. Without further ado, let us present you the ride-on cars with superior quality amongst others.

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Moderno Kids Explorer 2 Seater – Best enjoy ride products 

First on our list is the Moderno Kids Explorer 2 seater ride-on car. One of the best-selling vehicles for children. The battery of this best product is 12V, that can be removed. Another great thing about this battery is it is protected from overcharging. The motor of this ride-on car is powerful as it contains 2 forward speed and 1 reverse speed. To know more about this best-selling product, here are its notable features.

  •    Parental Remote Control
  • Perhaps this is one of the essential features that all ride-on cars must have. Parental remote control lets the parent control the vehicle at a controlled speed. Gladly, the Moderno Kids Explorer bears this feature, thus making it safe for children under the age of 5. The remote control comes with a stop function, which you can use whenever your kid is on the side of mad driving. In general, this feature is considered to be the most important out of all the qualities. The remote control is long-range, so you will not have any issues controlling the vehicle even from afar.
  • Custom-made Seat Belts
  • Another feature that makes the driving experience safe. The Moderno vehicles come with their own seat belts for added safety. These are important to keep the children or the child on his/her seat while driving. Thus, this can prevent any unnecessary injuries or accidents from happening.
  • Soft Start
  • Compared to other ride-on vehicles that are undeniably so hard to start, the Moderno begs to differ. This small vehicle offers convenience because of its soft start. You as the parent doesn’t need to spare more effort in starting this car, as the child can even start it on his/her own. No fancy kick-start or turning any keys, just with the soft start and your kid is off to drive towards the sunset.
  • Electric Brake System
  • Aside from the stop function in the parental remote, the car also have an electric brake system for the little driver to use. This will serve as the stopping function of your child whenever he/she is on the wheels. The brake system of these vehicles is reliable and can be trusted.
  • Music Player Integrated
  • The mind behind this wonderful creation had never stopped pouring in all the good stuff. They even had the time and resources to integrate an interesting feature to the car. To make the driving experience of your little driver great and cooler, they added a music player. The music player comes with Bluetooth and a custom-made FM radio. There can never be any dull moment with this vehicle driving around your house or your backyard. For sure, your child will enjoy music while driving around in his new Moderno vehicle.


  • The vehicle is a seater, so 2 kids can enjoy riding the Moderno ride-on car.
  • Parental remote control have long range capabilities. Even though you’re far away from the car, you can still control the speed of the vehicle.
  • The vehicle has 3 drive functions. There are 2 forward speeds and 1 reverse speed. With the vehicle with a max of 5mph.
  • It is complete with safety features having seat belts, a reliable brake system and parental remote.
  • Play music or listen to the radio. The car has been integrated with a music player and FM radio.
  • The Moderno drive-on car contains several colors, so you can choose the color your child desires.


  • It contains some of the best features, so it comes with a price.

In general, Moderno vehicles are the best-selling vehicle in the market. With the safety features and interesting qualities, who wouldn’t buy this bundle of joy with wheels? But you have to remember that the price of this vehicle is expensive. But if you do have the financial resources, then why not try this out?

Peg Perego John Deere Ground Force Tractor – Best Value

Does your child like the farm? Then how about making his day with this small farming equipment. Don’t mistake this though. This tractor is still a ride-on car. Who wouldn’t love a tractor, right? With impressive details on this vehicle, your child will even mistake it as the genuine one used on farms. This tractor is made especially for 2 years old and above kids who want to enjoy the bliss of driving a tractor over outdoor terrain. Check out its feature below.

  • Four-wheel Drive
  • The first on our list to have 4-wheel drive capabilities. A 4-wheel drive means that the torque or speed can be applied to the four wheels. So, this vehicle packs a lot when it comes to speed. This may be a tractor in design, but this can level other drive-on cars in terms of speed.
  • Two Speed and a Reverse
  • The Force tractor contains two forwards speeds and reverse. Your child can gradually change the speed with the forward speed, or he can practice parking. With these modes, your child will surely enjoy driving and it will definitely feel like driving the real tractor.
  • Parental Lockout
  • If you are worried about your child driving a tractor inside the house or backyard, then worry no more. The force tractor has a parental lockout which is a safety feature for your child. Through this, you can control the speed your child is using in the car. Thus, you can prevent any injuries or any accidents from happening with this feature. It also contains an automatic brake that is reliable. In general, with these features on the list, you don’t have to worry about your child going crazy on the tractor, as you are in control of the vehicle.
  • FM Radio Ready
  • While driving, you can listen to your favorite FM radio station. Make the experience surreal by playing some farming tunes while driving the tractor. Surely, your child will enjoy the driving experience more.
  • Trailer
  • Do you know what else makes this a ride-on vehicle? Aside from the fine details made on this tractor, it comes with its own trailer. You read it right. The tractor comes with a custom-built trailer to make the farming experience more real, fun and cool.


  • The tractor takes a realistic design. Even your child may look at it as the real one. But what makes it more surreal looking is the trailer. For sure, your kid will have fun playing in the made-up farm with this ride-on vehicle.
  • If you ever encounter some parts being broken or lost, you can just easily order the parts online. There are shops that are selling parts of the force tractor.
  • It has more torque compared to others because it is a 4-wheel drive.
  • You can control the speed of the vehicle, or put it at full stop using the parental lockout feature.
  • Your child can also listen to some farming tune or other music using the FM radio.
  • The tractor is suited to drive different terrain. It can easily drive over any outdoor terrain.


  • It might take some time to recharge the battery as the charger is inefficient.
  • The tractor is only one-seater.
  • Durability is questionable because of the materials used on this ride-on vehicle.

If you want your child to experience the fun of driving a tractor, then this is the answer. The force tractor is more on the realistic side as it is made with fine details and features. It even has its own trailer that resembles the real tractor seen on the farm. It has more torque, you can play music, and enjoy more features of this vehicle. If it suits your requirements, then why not try it?

SLS AMG Mercedes Benz for Kids – Medium Value

Mercedes Benz is one of the famous car companies today. They produce some of the stylish cars used by people today. Who wouldn’t love Mercedes Benz, right? It makes anyone look classy, cool, and fun. And would you believe it, there is a ride-on version of a Mercedes Benz car? The ride-on version resembles that of a real sports car. Check out its features below.

  • 3 Speeds
  • Same with the other ride-on included in the list, the SLS AMG also contains 3 speed. It has 2 forward speeds and 1 reverse speed. Your kid can gradually change the speed due to the availability of 2 forward speeds. He can also easily maneuver back driving through the use of the reverse speed.
  • Seatbelt Available
  • The number one safety feature should be the seat belts. Even in real cars, the seat belt is one of the most important safety components. Gladly, the brains behind this ride-on car have considered the safety of your little driver, thus adding a seat belt. Guaranteed that your child will be on the seat while he drives around the house or yard.
  • Battery Charging Technology
  • Since the ride-on car is powered by electricity, the battery should be recharged to be used again. But the problem with other ride-on cars nowadays is there is always the risk of overcharging. The SLS AMG Mercedes begs to differ though. It’s made with smart battery charging technology. This technology controls the battery and prevents the risk of overcharging.
  • LED Front and Tail Lights
  • If you want a real or an imitation of a real Mercedes Benz car, then you should opt for buying this one. The design is already surreal, but what makes it look more real is the LED front and tail lights. Other ride-on vehicles don’t even contain any lights, so this is definitely unique.
  • Realistic Honk and Music Sounds
  • Another feature that makes it an exceptional imitation is the honking sound. Let’s face it. Every kid loves to hear the honking sound of a car. Your kid can experience that sensation because the SLS AMG Mercedes Benz ride-on contains a horn. Not only that, there are other music sounds that are built on the steering wheel of the car. This feature will definitely make any 2-year olds’ day.
  • Parental Remote
  • Of course, these features will never be out on the list. The Benz also contains its parental remote. Since the recommended age for this car is 2 years old, parental supervision is still needed. This is where the parental remote plays its role. Through the use of this remote, you will be able to control the speed of the vehicle or put it all full stop. Even from afar, the remote will still work because it’s capable of long-range.
  • Durable Wheels
  • The wheels are durable because they are made with rubber tractions. These rubber wheels can surely withstand whatever the terrain the vehicle is on. Being rubber, it will only have minimal damages from rocks or pebbles. Thus, it can be used for longer durations on outside terrain.


  • The rubber tires of the Benz makes it possible to drive over outside terrain.
  • The smart battery charging technology prevents the battery from overcharging. Thus stopping the battery from wearing off, leading to longer use.
  • It comes with seat belts to keep the little driver at the seat while moving.
  • The speed of the Mercedes Benz is, 6mph, faster than other vehicles on the list.
  • The steering wheel comes with a horn and other types of music that can be played.


  • Just like the real large counterpart of this car, the ride-on version is also expensive.
  • The availability of the colors may only be limited to one.

If you have the budget for the Mercedes Benz, you will find it worthy of an investment as a gift. This will definitely make any kids’ day. With impressive features and qualities, you will not surely regret buying this for your kid. It even has front and tail light, and a horn. Surely this will give a classy yet fun experience to your little driver.

Best Choice Products Kids Ride-on Truck

The list contains diverse choices of ride-on cars with different models and brands. This is one in particular created by the brand Best Choice Products adapted the model of a truck. This small truck can be a 2 or 3-year olds joy. With the plastic design, this is made sure to be safe for your little driver. Just the real-life truck, this tough small proportion of a truck can be driven to almost every terrain. Do you want to know more about this product? Check out its features below.

  • Non-toxic Plastic Material
  • Different from the other plastic ride-on cars in the market, this one is made with non-toxic plastic material. Ensured that your child will be safe from any hazards caused by the material. Or it will not cause any reactions to the skin of your child. This is safe and child-friendly.
  • Manual and Remote Control
  • There are actually two ways to drive this truck. You can let your kid drive manually or you can control the car through its remote. If you want your child to experience driving first-hand, then you can set the truck on manual. But if you feel that the kid is not yet ready, then you can use the remote to control the truck. It all depends on which operation you will be using.
  • 14-Inch Traction Wheels with Suspensions
  • These are the features that make it capable of driving over any terrain. With large wheels, it can drive over any obstacles, and your little driver will not be feeling the bump as the wheels come with suspensions. You can definitely use this as an off-road vehicle, well, if you let your kid try it outside. Nevertheless, the wheels are also made to be durable, thus can withstand any terrains or objects.
  • LED Headlights
  • If it's dark outside your yard and your kid is driving the truck, you can turn the LED headlights on. The LED headlights are made to be super bright and can aid your child to drive at dimmer places.
  • AUX Port
  • The trend with ride-on cars is that it should be able to play music to soothe the child. Well, the Truck also have this feature, but in the form of an AUX port. You can use this port to insert a music player and play some music while the driver is busy on trucking.
  • Realistic Design
  • The notable feature of this truck is its realistic design. You may even mistake as the real truck. The men behind this truck surely poured lots of effort when it comes to the details. Even the headlight and overhead lights are present. Plus, the large size wheels. Surely, this is the smaller replica of a modern-day truck.


  • Guaranteed safe for the kids because of the seatbelt, and the non-toxic material of the truck.
  • Made with quality as the detail of the truck is spot on, from the lights to the wheels.
  • It can be used for all-terrain.
  • There is two operations available. If the kid doesn’t have the skill nor confidence to drive by himself yet, then you can use the remote control. But if he is ready, you can just set the truck to manual.
  • The wheels contain suspensions and are 14 inches in size.


  • It will take some time to assemble the truck as it contains various parts.
  • The speed of the truck is below 4 mph.
  • The durability may be questionable because of the material, which is plastic.

The truck is one of the sought for vehicles nowadays. Maybe your child also fancies the truck. This medium value product is recommended because of its spot-on design and impressive qualities. It also have the common safety features that a ride-on should have. So, if the truck fits your requirement, then how about trying it out as a gift?

Lamborghini Aventador Kids Ride-on

The Lamborghini or Lambo is a common term for one of the world-wide sensations in the field of cars. Would you believe that there is a ride-on version? Specifically speaking the ride-on version is the Lamborghini Aventador. This awesome and classy ride-on sports car comes in four colors with great qualities and features in and on its system. Here are the features of this phenomenal ride-on.

  • Manual Operation
  • If your child has the skill and confidence to drive an Aventador, then set the vehicle on manual. The Aventador resembles the real Lamborghini as it has an accelerator pedal that can go up to 2 types of speed, and also a reverse speed. Of course, the speed of the ride-on car depends on the experience of the child. So you have to set the speed to where your child will be comfortable.
  • Parent-friendly Remote Control
  • If the child does not have the confidence to drive such a magnificent car, then you can help him. You can use the remote control to manipulate the car while he is inside. You are in authority when it comes to driving, and you can adjust the speed or put it at a full stop.
  • Realistic Design
  • Lamborghinis are known to be dazzlingly designed. Well, this ride-on takes on the design of the real Aventador. With every detail considered, you will even mistake this car as the real one. But what makes it close to the real one are the doors. The doors of the ride-on do not open sideways, and rather they swing up like the real Lamborghini. The headlight is also lighting up as it is made with LED. To complete the realistic design, the car also have a horn. Every detail is considered, and that is why this car is fine, classy and fun.
  • Music Capable
  • Just like the real Aventador, the ride-on version can also play some fine tunes. Here’s why the small vehicle is made with its own medial player complete with a radio. But music fun does not stop there, and it also have built-in music and ports. The ports are USB, Micro SD, and AUX. Therefore, you have multiple choices to play some music in this gorgeously made car.


  • The design is spot on, and it really resembles the real Lamborghini Aventador.
  • There are multiple music choices you can select to play.
  • Lamborghini Aventador Kids ride-on is available in four colors, each looking awesome.
  • It contains a seat belt for the safety of your child.
  • The doors swing up, that is definitely fun and cool.
  • Unlike the real one, Aventador, the ride-on is pretty much affordable.
  • It has two operations, namely manual and remote control.


  • There may be some issues with the charging of the battery.
  • The speed of the ride-on is limited to 3.7mph only.

Overall, the ride-on Aventador is one of the coolest looking cars on the list. With every detail being finely made. This ride-on can definitely make any kid happy. It also contains some of the essential features needed for a ride-on. Plus, this is an official licensed Lamborghini car.

Ferrari Spider Style Ride-on

Looks like we got every brand on the list. Now, the Ferrari Spider has its own ride-on counterpart. This ride-on is created by the brand Moderno, and it's being loved by children of all ages. If your kid wants to be a total rock star slaying it on the street, then this is the perfect gift. Check out the features if it fits your requirements.

  • 3 Speeds Function
  • Like with the other ride-on in the list, the Ferrari Spider is equipped with 3 speeds function. It has 2 forward speeds and 1 reverse. The forward speeds which you can adjust depending on the skills or experience of the child.
  • Manual or Remote Controlled
  • As parents, you have the choice to select either manual or control operation. If you see that the child is fit to driving alone, then you can set the vehicle on manual, and let the kid do all the work. But if you feel like the kid is not yet ready, then you can help him out to drive. The other operation of the Ferrari Spider is the parental remote. Through the use of a remote, you can control the direction and speed of the car.
  • Complete with Lights
  • The car is made with details. The spider is complete with LED lights. But we are not speaking of headlights only, fog and tail lights are also available. These features make it possible for the Spider to be driven in dark or dimmer places.
  • Rubber Traction Wheels
  • There are ride-on cars that tend to slip and cause injuries to the driver. This issue happens because most of the cars are made with plastic tires. But, the Spider begs to differ when it comes to the wheels. The wheels of this rock star car contain rubber tractions to prevent the vehicle from slipping and gives more grip to the surface. Thus, this prevents any accidents or injuries from happening.
  • Smart Battery Technology
  • Your kid can use the Ferrari Spider for longer periods as the batter is innovated. Smart battery technology makes the car capable of withstanding longer drives. The smart technology also protects the battery from overcharging.
  • Music Capable
  • As you know by now, one of the trends of a ride-on car is to play some kind of music. Well, the Spider is also made to be music capable. It is made with custom-built music sounds that can be played. The car also have an integrated music player to play some more music.


  • The Ferrari Spider is complete with seat belts. Both the 2 seats of the Ferrari Spider has seat belts for the driver and the passenger to be safe and to avoid falling off the seats.
  • You can fit two kids in this vehicle as it is 2 seater.
  • Parents can control the speed and direction of the vehicle through remote control.
  • Multiple music capabilities. It has built-in music sounds, or you can also opt to play some more music through the use of the music player.


  • The availability of color choices may be limited.
  • It may be too expensive to some people. You have to stretch your budget to afford this luxury looking car.
 The exact design of the Ferrari Spider can be manifested on this ride-on. The details from the body up to the doors are close to perfection. It’s complete with the lights and the horn. Guaranteed that your child will be feeling like a rock star after riding this. Well, you have to stretch your budget to a certain point, but it will all be worth it in the end.

Rollplay Chevy Silverado Truck Ride-ON

If you’re planning to give a gift to toddles with the age range of 2-3 years old, then how about a classic Chevy Silverado truck? Worrying about the child’s safety? Don’t worry, the maximum speed of this ride-on is only 2.5 mph. Aside from that, it contains a seat belt to keep the child safe. Aside from the common qualities of the car, there are also interesting and unique features that you may discover upon purchase. To know more about this ride-on, check out the features below.

  • Battery Life Indicator
  • You will always be notified on the battery level as the Silverado has a functional feature. The battery life indicator is one of many functional features of the car. The battery indicator will give off a signal whenever the truck needs to be recharged.
  • Cup Holders
  • This cute feature is suitable for a 2-year old driver. You need not worry about the milk spilling while driving as the truck comes with a custom-made cup holders. Your kid can enjoy driving while drinking his milk or favorite juice. Just make sure that the beverage doesn’t affect his driving or he might get pulled by the police.
  • Functional Doors
  • The two doors of the Silverado Truck are functional, and both of them can be opened. It will be easier for your child to enter or exit the vehicle as the door can be opened on both sides.
  • Dashboard Magic
  • To soothe your child, the dashboard of the Chevy has been made to be child-friendly. Whenever in use, the dashboard will light up or illuminate. Surely your child will have a fun and interesting experience from this car because of the magical dashboard.
  • Engine Sounds
  • Do you want something that is close to a real vehicle? Then how about some real engine sounds? The Chevy Silverado Truck is made to produce an engine sound. This will make the truck more realistic and fun to drive in for your kid. Surely, the trucking experience of your kid will be more meaningful with the engine sound.
  • Rubber Tractions and Chrome Rims
  • Another feature that makes it closer to the original Silverado is the tires. The tires are made with rubber tractions. But these rubber tractions aren’t made to make it realistic. It is rubber to prevent the vehicle from slipping on smooth surfaces. The rubber gives this added grip to the surface, thus preventing slipping that might cause accidents or injuries. Along with the rubber, tractions are the chrome rims of the wheels. The chrome rims are integrated to create stability for the vehicle.
  • Music Capable
  • Keeping with the trend, the Silverado also have music capabilities. The Chevy have its custom-made mp3 aux-cord, which the toddler can use to play some fun songs.  To amp the sound, there are built-in speakers made in the car.


  • It resembles the real Chevy Silverado Truck.
  • The ride-on vehicle contains some functional feature, essential from the car.
  • It has interesting features such as cup holders, illuminating dashboards, and the surreal engine sounds.
  • It is made with an MP3 AUX cord supplemented by speakers to let your kid enjoy some music while driving the car.
  • The tires are made with fine details. Complete with rubber traction and chrome rims.
  • Same with other ride-on, it contains a seat belt to promote safety while driving.


  • The ride-on may be a little too tight for some toddlers.
  • It does not have parental control, so it is recommended that adult supervision is given if the child is driving the ride-on.
  • The vehicle may not be applicable to outdoor terrain, as you may experience issues with the power.
  • There might be issues with durability because of the materials used.

This is a ride-on car that is suited to toddlers as it contains some fun and soothing features that other small cars don’t have. Cup holders, illuminating dashboards, engine roaring, and more. Where can you get those interesting features? Only with the Chevy Silverado Truck. Aside from those enigmatic yet fun features, it also contains functional features which can help your little driver to drive the car, safely and conveniently.

Finding the right gift for your little one might be a drag, but if you opt to buy ride-on cars, then it’s a great idea. Ride-on vehicles give every child the hands-on experience of driving four wheels. But the small versions of the car are far safer and child-friendly. Each has the unique features that make them stand out among the rest.

Since there are dozens of ride-on automobiles available in the market today, finding the right one for your kid might be tough. Fortunately, you will have it easier than other people as you are already provided with a list of the best of the best ride-on cars. We got your back, and you will never fail in choosing the best and perfect fit for your child. Guaranteed, at the end of the day, you will not go home empty-handed.

The above-mentioned cars are some of the best-selling ride-on cars in the market. Each of them has common features and at the same time, unique features. Check them out and see if they fit your requirements: budget, model, brand, operation, or more. Make sure to check every feature, and the pros and cons for your ride-on investment to be guided. Choose the right one and make your kid happy! Make it paramount to consider the needs and preferences of your kids before choosing the right one, or better yet, let them choose the right one by letting them scroll across the selection.

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