10 Best Travel Trailer Tires to Buy (Heavy Duty, Radial, Boat & Utility Reviews)

What's the top rated trailer tire in 2020 and who makes them?

A trailer is nothing without its tires. From pulling power to traction or load rating to reliability, several factors go into deciding which trailer tire is right for you and the job at hand. If you choose the wrong one, you could have some serious trouble on your hands. After all, you are not only relying on your trailer tires to toe your load, you're relying on these tires to keep you and other drivers on the road safe from harm.

Best Trailer Tires to Buy - Our Trailer Tire comparison




Carlisle Trail HD Trailer Radial Tire
  • Has the ability to be used with a variety of vehicles and towing loads
  • Has a standard system of effective weather resistant coating
  • Has an advanced rubber tread compound
  • Has the potential for longer tread life


Freestar M-108 10-Ply Radial Trailer Tire
  • You can take it on long-distance trips with ease
  • Comes in a variety of sizes
  • It holds up to tough weather conditions and temperatures
  • It is crafted with more advanced rubber


eCustomRim Trailer Tire and Rim ST205/75D15
  • It boasts a steel design
  • Trailers work nicely with its five-lug bolt pattern
  • Carries a load capacity of
    1,820 lbs
  • It is easy to install and remove due to its lug bolts


Maxxis M8008 Radial Trailer Tire
  • Great for safely driving long distances
  • Its 10-ply system keeps your drive stable from start to finish
  • It is built to be extremely durable
  • The tread makeup is among the most advanced


Wheel Express 15-inch Silver Mod Trailer Wheel (with ST205/75R15 Mounted Radial Tire)
  • It is carefully assembled to stand the test of time
  • Gives you a smoother,
    sturdier ride every time
  • The wheel itself is very reliable
  • It boasts a towing capacity of up to 1,820 lbs

The best trailer tires will be cost-efficient while still giving you the power you need to get the job done. They will be both ready for a heavy-duty job, and they will not destroy your gas mileage. It's so important to consider all your options before you make your final decision. This trailer tire review and buying guide can be an excellent point of reference during your buying process.

Top Travel Trailer Tires Reviewed 

It doesn’t matter how good of a driver you are, if your tire isn’t right, it can throw off the effectiveness of your entire trip. Nobody has time to be pulling over or second-guessing their drive when they're busy trying to meet a deadline and get to their destination. In the end, make sure you're doing everything you can to make sure your trailer tire is the right choice for you. When you find the best trailer tires, you’ll know it. With that in mind, let’s look at 7 of the best choices for 2019.

1. Carlisle Trail HD Trailer Radial Tire – Best st trailer tires

This design is an extremely popular trailer tire and for good reason. It is a reliable and effective tire for any distance, as it will hold up to any road or weather you might face. The Carlisle brand has become a name you can wholeheartedly trust over the years, due to their dependability and sheer versatility.The Trail HD tire is among the best in their catalog. No matter if you’re taking a trailer to the lake, the field, or the road, it will get the job done and is among the best in its class. It is also great for towing all sorts of horse trailers and vehicles, as it boasts a significant amount of strength. This radial tire is renowned for its ability to hold up against even the harshest conditions, as it is specially crafted to be resistant to both heat and wear. As a result, it is going to give you the most bang for your buck for many years to come.

Why is Carlisle our favorite Brand and Manufacturer of Trailer Tires?

The problem with cheaper tires is quality. While this Carlisle model may not be the cheapest on the market, at least you know where your money is going. It is designed with a special rubber freestar tread compound that keeps the tire together and working towards your ultimate goal. It comes standard with advanced tensile belts made from the most durable steel. Because of this innovation, it helps you get rid of any roll resistance while also protecting your trailer against unexpected collisions and impacts.

One of the more noteworthy features is that it carries intertwined tread blocks that keep your tread going for longer than usual. The longer your tread holds up, the longer your trailer tire will prove to be effective. This makes it an excellent option for towers in the market for the best trailer tires. Not to be outdone, its numerous plies help boost its already impressive load capabilities.

This tire is designed for efficiency. Between its resistance to wear and its ability to keep your load protected against rolling and impacts, it would already be a great option for any hauler. Yet, it also has a unique design that allows it only to lose small amounts of pressure, which minimizes those outside tears even further.

Some individuals complain that Carlisle tires are not prepared to handle hot-weather conditions. Well, that’s not the case with this tire, as the company made it resistant to high-heat and freezing cold temperatures alike. With these attributes by your side, you can expect a comfortable tow year-round. Luckily, this tire is also available to its buyer in several different sizes and allows you to find the perfect fit for your unique set of needs.

You need to research your trailer and vehicle before deciding which size will be best for you. If you go too big or too small, you could be asking for trouble. No matter what size you land on in the Carlisle catalog, you can take comfort in the fact that it boasts an impressive 2,150-lb towing capacity. All this adds up to a great option when it comes time to make your final choice. Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of what we just saw.


  • Has the ability to be used with a variety of vehicles and towing loads
  • Has a standard system of effective weather-resistant coating that combats both extreme temperatures and water
  • Has an advanced rubber tread compound, which helps with the weather-resistant qualities
  • Has the potential for longer tread life due to its intertwined tread blocks, saving you money in the long run
  • Has a massive towing capacity, which goes up to a respectable 2,150 lbs


  • Does not come with a wheel
  • Requires a fair amount of wheel weight leverage to balance the load and keep it steady and safe

2. Freestar M-108 10-Ply Radial - Best Radial Trailer Tire

Our Favorite Freestar Trailer Tire Reviewed

Many users and critics alike are starting to praise this tire, and we can see why. It can come in many types of load ranges, which can then be used to tow all sorts of vehicles and trailers. From recreational vehicles (for further reading see our review of RV share) to boats to trailers, it can handle the load with ease.

It is designed with the driver in mind, and it delivers on its promise to perform well under virtually any conditions. It is built to withstand intense weather, and it can be counted on to tow your trailer across the country or the road. The secret lies in its strong chemical makeup. This tire is made to last. For the money, you can’t argue with what it’s selling.

Its solid build is made to go over every nook and cranny of the environment. If you need to take it down a beaten path to get to your cabin, you can count on it being able to carry the weight and withstand the terrain. If you need to take it across state lines to sell a horse, you can count on it being reliable on the highway. If you need to go down a steep incline to get your boat in the water, look no further than its stable tread and rubber to grip tight to the ground below.Many users are impressed with its ability to stand the test of time too. This particular Freestar tire brings all the comforts of a radial tire while being able to hold up year after year. You can put some serious miles on this thing without thinking twice about when you might need to switch it out. Not to be ignored, there are a variety of options to choose from when it comes to size.

It is an all-around great tire to count on no matter what. It handles great, it holds up, and it has a superior level of traction compared to other models in this price range. It is built to cool the tire while on the road naturally, so it doesn't overheat and cause you any problems with your tow-load.

It ultimately boils down to the rubber when it comes to its effectiveness. The rubber is made using the newest advancements in science that keep it sturdy and dependable all year-round. Even so, there are some pitfalls to this little beauty. No tire is perfect. Let’s look at where it falls short.


  • Comes in a variety of sizes so you can tow whatever load you are working with; it has impressive load ranges for a radial tire
  • You can take it on long-distance trips with ease
  • You don’t need to worry about how many miles you’re putting on it
  • It boasts a self-cooling design that keeps it from overheating
  • It is crafted with more advanced rubber, keeping it intact and functioning to the best of its abilities for years to come
  • It holds up to tough weather conditions and temperatures


  • It does not come standard with rims in its equipment
  • It has a 2-ply rating on the sides of the tires

3.eCustomRim Trailer Tire and Rim ST205/75D15

It’s important to see that these are a little more expensive compared to some other models, but the quality is top-notch. The price isn't you just shelling out a couple of extra bucks for a tire; it is you deciding that you’re going to take care of yourself down the road with an outstanding option. This eCustomRim tire has an impressive load capacity at 1,820lbs, which can tow just about anything you would need. From horse trailers to jet skis, it should have you covered. It comes in a rather large selection of sizes, and you can count on its C load capacity and durable six-ply makeup. Like the last tire we looked at, this is a tire that is truly an investment in your future.

It boasts a stable composition, showcasing a design made out of sturdy steel that is going to handle just about anything you can throw at it. When you’re heading out on the open road, with the wind at your back, you need to prepare for the unexpected. You can take comfort in knowing that this tire is backed by pressure-resistant steel that is going to stand the test of time and force.

It is unique in its five-lug bolt design, which makes it a durable, long-lasting product. No matter what kind of trailer you're pulling, this multi-faceted design makes it an ideal fit to carry the load and deliver. Also worth noting, this makes it fairly easy to install the tire or take it off for any necessary maintenance – not that you’re going to need much of it. It doesn't hurt to have a little ease in your life when you're dealing with trailer tires, which are sometimes known to be pesky if you get the wrong brand.

The sheer number of sizes available makes it possible for you to find the right fit for you. No matter what kind of trailer you’re dealing with, there is likely an option that fits your old model. Every trailer needs an upgrade, and these could be the right option for you due to their versatility and reliability for the price. Even so, you should know that it is slightly larger than other models in its class.

One thing that should be factored into the price is that they deliver a superbly smooth riding experience. If you've been towing trailers for more than a few days, you'll knowhow distracting and annoying it can be to have your trailer bumping around on you. From the noise to the discomfort, you can hardly put a price on making that problem go away. Not even that, it also keeps you much safer than shoddily built tires on the roadways. With a smoother driving experience, you'll be free to worry about the more essential things in your life.


  • It boasts a steel design, giving it the dependability you need to keep going year after year
  • Trailers work nicely with its five-lug bolt pattern
  • It is easy to install and remove due to its lug bolts. Even so, it holds up on the road
  • Carries a load capacity of 1,820lbs
  • Gives you a smooth experience compared to other tires
  • Comes in a variety of sizes that you can match up to find the right fit


  • Larger than other tires in its class

4.Maxxis M8008 Radial Trailer Tire

This option is another popular choice among trailer enthusiasts because it gives you the ability to haul extremely long distances comfortably. This advantage is a result of its superior tread, which allows you to experience a comfortable ride and efficient tow mile after mile. It’s not just that either, there are some other impressive perks to this radial trailer tire.

The Maxxis M8008 comes in a variety of sizes to choose from, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your specific set of needs on your trailer. Remember to look in the manual and do your research, so you're getting the most out of whatever tire you end up choosing. A significant advantage of the tire comes back to its tread.

The tread on this tire is among the best of any we've come across. This advanced capability should give you the peace of mind you need when you’re doing a long haul. If your tread isn’t there, you’re driving on thin ice basically, leaving your trailer and truck up to the mercy of the environment around you. It can not be underestimated just how much a proper tread compound means to a successful tow. Not to be ignored, this better tread also gives you a higher standard of stopping power. This feature, in turn, cuts down on any rolling resistance that can put you at risk.

This model is an excellent option for individuals who need 15-inch tires for their trailer. Even if you don't, you can find another option in their impressive selection. Another impressive feature is their 10-ply rating, which can help you keep your tires around for longer than other models. The hirer the ply, the less you need to worry about the next time you will need to make a switch. Once you land on the Maxxis M8008, you can be comforted by the fact that its 10-ply is among the highest in the field.

It also boasts a useful nylon cap, which gives the driver the ability to enjoy higher levels of stability on their ride. As a result of this full cap, you can expect your journey to be more balanced and harmonious. Further, there is also good faith in their steel-belted design, which is doubled to ensure maximum protection and effectiveness. Users report that this holds up well against even the toughest of conditions. When it comes to tires, you have to go with the steel if you plan on putting a lot of mileage into it. You want your tow to be as stable and sturdy as possible so you can get the job done the right way and arrive with your cargo in one piece.

All of this makes it a viable option for any trailer owner. Luckily, it’s not done yet. They are also proud to offer attributes that do wonders for absorbing any shocks on the road. Anybody who has driven a trailer that has no shock-resistance will know just how jarring that experience can be. Even so, you should note that all these features come at a price. This tire will set you back more financially than some of the other options. Let’s see what else you should keep in mind before making your choice.


  • Great for safely driving long distances
  • The tread makeup is among the most advanced we’ve seen, giving you a superior grip on your surroundings and an increased sense of peace of mind
  • Its 10-ply system keeps your drive stable from start to finish
  • It is built to be extremely durable, due to its double steel-belted design
  • Carefully absorbs shocks to keep the ride as smooth as possible under the circumstances


  • Does not come with a wheel
  • Generally costs more than other tires in its field

5. Wheel Express 15-inch Silver Mod Trailer Wheel (with ST205/75R15 Mounted Radial Tire)

Wheel Express is a name that comes up in many circles when discussing the best trailer tires. Their 15-inch trailer wheel is a great bargain, all things considered. It is one of the better options of the group, simply because it is just a well-refined product all around. The Wheel Express is a reliable tire. It's not going to win you any awards for starting a tire revolution, but it is a well-deserved option in your hunt for the perfect trailer tire.

This model promotes great fuel economy and is capable of towing up to 1,820lb. From towing campers to maintaining the proper rate of speed, this is a tire you can count on down the line. At this towing capacity, it can help move boats, ATVs, and whatever else you may have on the agenda. It comes standard with a nice modular build, the same build that helps keep your ride as smooth as possible throughout the whole experience.

What are the best heavy duty trailer tires for heavy loads?

The tires boast a good amount of tread depth that accounts for its standard of consistent tracking when on the road. Wherever you turn, these tires will be able to quickly and dutifully follow you. They would be able to turn on a dime if you needed them to, all due to their heavy-duty build that still keeps them nimble enough to keep you safe on the road.

The tread is one of the main selling points for this model, besides the fantastic steel structure that allows it to hold up against even the toughest competition. Its tread is built to last. This is due to the fact that it has natural tread-tightening properties that prevent it from spreading out and wearing down over time. An investment in this tire is a dependable investment in your future. The rim itself is helpful in that it is carefully powder-coating to prevent wear and tear down the line.

It is carefully crafted out of top-grade rubber and nylon that you can count on to stick by your side. While it is not built to be exclusively weather-resistant, it is still built to withstand even the toughest of punishments. Not to mention, the tires aren’t too hard on the eyes either, making them a stylish choice that will make you the envy of your friends. Let’s review what this tire has to offer.


  • It is carefully assembled to stand the test of time, no matter what you’re using it for
  • Gives you a smoother, studier ride every time
  • It is crafted with sturdy polyester materials and a useful double-steel belt design to keep it sturdy
  • The wheel itself is very reliable due to its classic modular design
  • It boasts a towing capacity of up to 1,820 lbs


  • While it can be used for other things, it is basically only truly useful for application on your trailer. It will not be doing you any favors if you use it on a car or ATV.

6.Grand Ride 2 New ST 205/75R14 - Top Rated Utility Trailer Tire

The Grand Ride brand delivers what the name promises. This tire is an excellent option if you're looking for a reliable trailer at a reasonable price. The best part is that this particular tire can handle extreme workloads. It is able to comfortably tow up to 2,040 lbs when set to 65 PSI. Not to be ignored, the tires themselves are very powerful against the forces of the road ahead. It handles well with an 8-ply composition with the bonus of having nylon thrown into the mix.

If you’re looking for not only dependability on the road, but safety too, then you've come to the right place. This option is an extremely sturdy tire. It comes standard with many useful features, including dots marking on the tires, which prove to be helpful when you're trying to balance your load. When it comes to balancing, it does not take much weight to do so, which can save you a lot of time and heartache if you find yourself in a bind.

This option is another tire that has the benefit of being resistant to the weather around you. You really cannot undersell a quality like this. You never know what kind of conditions you’re going to run into on your hauling journeys. That’s why it may be worth it to spend the extra $20 to get a tire that you know can handle the weather conditions. This particular model is able to push water off the tires while still maintaining an excellent level of tread to get you out of there.

The tread count is among the best there is, which is endlessly critical when you're on the road. All of these factors add up to make one great selection of tires. No matter how much you love them, you should know that these only exclusively work for trailers themselves. They are not interchangeable for cars and ATVs. Let's see how it stacks up against the competition.


  • Allows a large load of 2,040lb towing capacity
  • Its steel belt keeps it grounded and powerful against unexpected events
  • Doesn’t take much weight to balance the tire
  • Has excellent tread and grip on its surroundings, keeping you safer on the roadways


  • It strictly works for trailers
  • It does not come with rims

7.Trailer King Radial Trailer Tire - Good For Boat Trailer Tires

Trailer King makes good tires, plain and simple. They specialize in trailer tires, and they deliver the goods with this particular model. This option is a standard model of a radial tire, but it is anything but underwhelming. It is praised for being able to fit on virtually any trailer. It can be a helping hand to useful trailers that are known to haul boats, stock, and recreation vehicles. Its natural design is carefully mended to keep the tire cool, so it doesn't overheat when the going gets tough.

You want a tire that can fend for itself. You’re a busy person. Whether you're hauling a trailer for work or a vacation, you don't want to have to worry about checking up on your tires every few hundred miles. This particular model is known for its shoulder design, which is an improvement on earlier models that may have given Trailer King an unreliable name in some circles.

As a result of the newfound shoulder feature, it is a reliable model for its tread and overall reliability. You will note its useful nylon design as well, which adds to its durability and efficiency. When you have a larger load on your hands, a nylon design can be the deciding factor in whether or not you’re going to make it through the task at hand without any slipups.

Like other models on this list, it gives you a great variety of sizes to choose from so it can fit your unique set of needs. Not to be outdone, it also allows for different load ranges that can help you haul your materials better than with other standard tires. It includes helpful grooves in the middle of the tire that gives you improved tracking power during your journey. All this adds up to a useful tire that you can rely on for the price.

It is naturally designed to stand up to even the toughest of weather conditions. Whether it is a flooded road, a snowy highway, or a muddy trail, its high-grade rubber and nylon composition allows it to get the job done every time. The only real downside is that it can be quite hard to attach the tire at first. Other than that, let’s see how our last tire stacks up against the rest of the pack.


  • Its new shoulder design makes it more reliable and allows it to naturally cool the tire to avoid overheating
  • It can be purchased in several different sizes and load-capabilities
  • The grooves in the middle of the tire will enable it to track much more quickly than less efficient models, keeping you and those around you safer on the roadways
  • It packs a nylon composition that makes it last longer and work better
  • It can handle virtually every weather condition


  • It can be hard to attach to your trailer
  • It has a somewhat weaker sidewall when it is in the D load range setting

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