Boat Anchor Winch

If you have retrieved a couple of boat anchors your own time, you’ll know the worth of an anchor winch. Every boat owner has their reasons for installing a winch; it could save your back and reduce the possibility of falling overboard, it enables you to change your boat’s position multiple times in a fishing trip and can assist you to leave in a rush if necessary.

But an anchor winch is only going to be an invaluable piece of equipment if you choose the best one. Consider just how much space you have available on your own boat, the weight of your anchor, length of your anchor rode and what capacity a winch will have to have to be able to lift your anchor and rode.

The ability of an anchor to hold will depend upon the design and the model of the anchor, the composition of the seabed material and the weight of the chain on the anchor. Be sure you have the right anchor for your boat’s length before taking a look at a winch.

What are the Benefits of an Anchor Winch?

For big boats carrying heavy anchors which can be impossible to retrieve manually, an anchor winch is really a necessity. Skippers of smaller boats have an option to lift anchor themselves or let an anchor winch do the heavy lifting. Below are a few of the advantages of employing a winch:


Safety: There could come an occasion when you really need to retrieve your anchor and leave in a hurry. Weather conditions may change quickly or an approaching vessel that hasn’t seen you are just two reasons why you might want to pull anchor and leave fast. There is also less risk of falling overboard or injuring yourself on a boat trip in case a winch is retrieving your anchor.

Moving locations: If you have to lie down and retrieve your anchor manually, chances are you won’t move fishing spots too often. With a winch, it will take less time and exertion to maneuver the boat to a new position to test your fortune.

Physical Exertion: If you are getting on in years, may very well not have the strength you once had. An anchor winch means you do not have to struggle with the anchor; it is only the push of a button to set and retrieve.


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