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What exactly is a concrete saw?

Wikipedia describes it as a power tool used for cutting concrete, masonry, brick, asphalt, tile, and other solid materials (it is often called consaw or road saw). It can be a small handheld, cut-off saw, a big walk-behind saw or other saw styles, and it is powered by electric motors, hydraulic or pneumatic pressure or by gasoline.

A concrete saw is usually very heavy-duty, and comes in a few different versions.

The gas powered concrete saws are used for outdoor use because of the fumes/exhaust they emit, and you don’t want those inside the house. The electric concrete saws are better for uses in enclosed spaces like in a basement.

Walk-behind concrete saws and handheld saws come in different types, and with the walk-behind versions, they are often pricier but they save your back some strain when you’re cutting up longer stretches of concrete.

You use the handheld concrete saws when you’re doing things like cutting wall openings, and also for its portability.

Things to consider:

  • The size of the arbor
  • The quality of the blade
  • The diameter of the diamond saw blade that can be accommodated by the concrete saw.
  • Whether or not the saw blade and type of concrete you’ll be cutting up match.
  • The horse power of the concrete saw – the higher the horse power, the more the impact the blade will get when cutting.
  • Whether faster speed or a longer lifespan is needed.

Let’s take a quick look at the top concrete saws.

  1. Best Electric Concrete saw

Makita 4114X 14-inch Angle Cutter with Diamond Blade.

  • AC/DC switch for use with an alternative power source
  • Powerful 15.0 AMP motor that delivers 3500 RPM for the most demanding applications.
  • A super Joint System (SJS) technology that helps prevent gear damage which is caused by an accidental wheel binding.

This concrete saw is the best concrete saw available for those on a tight budget. This saw is power-cord electric than it is gas. It has dimensions of 26.5 x 1 x 1 and it comes in blue, black, and silver colors. It has a volt of amperage.

Reason to buy:          Electric, and exhaust free for an indoor use

It is lightweight

It has plenty of power at 15 AMP and 3500 RPM

Reason not to buy:  Base plate lacks durability.

Best Walk-Behind Concrete Saw

MK Diamond 159345 Mk-cx-3 H 6-1/2 Horse power 14-inch gas Walk-Behind concrete saw

  • Adjustable depth control with a left and right cutting ability
  • 61/2 HP Honda gas powered motor
  • 14-inch blade capacity with a 5-5/8-inch depth of cut.

If you’re looking to buy a walk-behind, you should opt for the MK Diamond 14-inch concrete saw. It features a reliable 6.5 HP Honda engine that is popular for starting up easier and running reliably time after time. It is light weight, and easy to move around the jobsite as compared to the older walk-behind models.

Reason to buy:                  Wet and dry applications

It features both left and right side cutting ability

It has an integrated water system that keep the blade wet on

both sides.

Reason not to buy:          Powering up is tricky, especially if you’re inexperienced.


Best Budget Concrete Saw (Electric)

Evolution DiSCCUT1 12-inch Disc Cutter, Orange.

  • It is safe and economical; with a 15 AMP (1800W) hi-torque electric motor with no harmful fumes.
  • Easily cuts concrete even tough reinforced concrete like stone, brick etc.
  • Its soft grip, mid-position, front and back support handles aid accurate cutting.
  • This concrete saw is an excellent choice if you ever need a concrete saw without the need of spending lots of money.

It’s electric like the Mikita, which means that it can be used in enclosed spaces and not outdoors only due to its lack of harmful fumes. It also has a spindle lock system that allows changing the blade very quick and easy.

Reason to buy:          It’s economical

Super lightweight, easy to handle

Electric and exhaust free for use indoors

Reason not to buy:  Not good for wet use

Occasionally trips a 15 AMP breaker.

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