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Choosing a hand transceiver VHF marine radio might seem like an easy enough task, until you have to go to the store, and you hear the opinions of others. Thing is, there is no perfect radio out there, but the things we’ll be listing might help guide you as to what to buy.

The Size

When buying your radio, size matters, but bigger doesn’t equal better. Portability is key because many kayakers want a device they can easily put in their bags or in their pocket, and if it isn’t convenient to carry, it sure will be left at home.

Size also matters if you have large hands or small hands or if you wear gloves. If you have small hands, you will tire out easily from carrying a large device, and you wouldn’t have a good grip on it. Those with larger hands will have trouble handling the smaller radios, and you might tire out from holding it. Even the push to talk button will be too stiff for your thumb.

Its Power

Does your radio have 5 watts or is your radio rated lower than that? This might be the reason why it will be easy for you to hear the other kayaker, but he/she finds it hard to hear you. If it is lower than 5 watts, you should get a device that is powerful enough to relay your message.


Many of these handheld radios have rechargeable NiCad Batteries, and they are green in color. Turn the radio off when the device is not in use so as to conserve battery. Since you will be moving far from where you will be able to charge your batteries, it is advised that you carry along some already recharged batteries with you. Get a radio that has an accessory battery holder that will be able to carry the same batteries that your device already holds.


The knobs, dials and buttons are the ways in which you manipulate your radio, and if your radio isn’t easily manipulated, then this is a recipe for disaster. Check to see if your radio has a locked feature so that you can get ahead of this in case it enables itself when you desperately need it disabled.


Quality radios with quality audios. A loud, clear speaker should be heard above the diesel freighter bearing down on you, and the weather alert should be able to alert from a deep slumber.

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