Color Label Printers, A Popular Printer Choice

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Color label printers are used frequently by a variety of businesses and organizations. These printers have a number of useful applications, and they are produced by several manufacturers. This type of  printer seem to have revolutionized the manner in which labels are printed.

Primera is a popular name where color printers are concerned. The Primera LX-400 color label printerproduces crisp, colorful and professional labels within a matter of seconds. In addition, the LX-400 series contains a color ink cartridge and 1 2.0 cable for easy installation. The Primera LX-400 is used frequently within a busy warehouse environment.

The Primera LX-900 is one of the newest and most reliable label printers. The LX-900 printer is economical and it produces crisp colorful labels within seconds. In addition, The Primera LX-900 model comes equipped with a semi-permanent print head and USB cable. This model printer allows the user to print labels, photos and graphics.

Epson is another popular name when it comes to label printers. Epson printers have many applications including industrial and commercial use. Epson produces quality products that are made to last over a long period of time. Epson does offer a warranty on most of their products.

The Epson Label Works label printer is a hand held label printer. This unique hand held label printer can significantly reduce overall operational costs. The Epson Label Works color label printer produces colorful smudge proof labels. This particular model can print up to 2200 labels within 60 minutes.

The Epson GS-6000 series color label printer has become quite popular for office and warehouse use. The Epson GS-600 series can produce high quality and perfectly sized labels within minutes. This particular Epson printer has solvent printing capabilities as well as razor sharp text graphics.

When looking to purchase a label printer there are a number of things to consider beforehand. Overall cost is normally a consideration prior to purchasing your printer. Label printers can be easily purchased online as well as at most office supply stores.

If you decide to purchase a printer for your labels from an Internet website make sure you ask about any discounts that may apply to the purchase. In some cases, there may be discount coupons offered that can be applied to the final purchase price. Additional charges for online purchases may include tax and delivery fee.

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