How To Cut Concrete

Easy Ways to Cut Through Concrete

Many of us have a love-hate relationship with concrete. We love it when we need a permanent, heavy-duty, weather resistant surface; and we hate I when we have to repair, replace or even cut the stuff.

The prospect of cutting concrete can be very overwhelming, but it does not have to be, really. Most of the battle can be overcome by just using the right tools. And this is why you should try using a concrete saw.

You can easily make small, rough cuts by using a cold chisel and sledgehammer, but the better option would be using a circular saw that has a special blade.

Diamond blades have a metal blade that has a diamond or metal composite that is bonded to the perimeter. As the blade cuts, the metal composite would wear out slowly, and this would reveal a fresh, sharp diamond cutting edge. Diamond blades for a standard 7 inches circular saw are a great investment, but because they will last longer and cut more abrasive-type blades, they sure are worth the cost if you are cutting a lot of concrete. Diamond blades fall into two categories:

Dry-cutting diamond blades: These ones usually have a serrated or toothed rim that help to cool the blade and remove waste. They work better when you make a series of gradually deeper cuts that would help to avoid overheating the blade. The downside to this type is the cloud of dust that it produces.

Wet-cutting diamond blades: These can either have teeth or a smooth, continuous perimeter. Water not only does well to cool and lubricate the blade, but it also works to keep the dust down. These ones cut the fastest and cleanest, but they would need a special saw that can both distribute water and be safely used around it.

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