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Whether you want a deep fryer at home or you run a restaurant or a public kitchen and you want to make frying faster, easier, and better, you are lucky to be here. Read on while I share with you the secret of fried food. It is easy to cook large amounts of foods like chicken and potatoes. The cooking oil is easy to use, clean, and fry in a restaurant setting. Fryers are one of the best loved pieces of restaurant equipment that you can find. Quality, safety, and size of commercial deep food deep fryers are important in determining which deep fryers to purchase. With so many fryers on the market it is easy to get overwhelmed. With a large selection of quality, oil container size, and other features, narrowing down your list of fryers to find out more more information on can take time.



Generic 2500W 6 Liter FryerHas a stainless steel tank of 6l capacity

Temperature range of 60-200°c 

It is a heavy duty deep fryer of 19.2×12.5×12.3 inches
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Megabrand Dual
  • Comes with two removable tanks of 6L capacity each

  • Made with heavy duty stainless steel

  • Has a temperature range of between 60-200° celcius

  • 1-5' grounded power cord

  • Basket measures 9”×8”
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    KITMA 36inchesr
    Best For The Money
    Has 3 independent control

    Provides a whopping power of 9,0000 BTU

    Weighs 229 pounds and has adjustable legs
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    Yescom 23.4L
    Our Choice
    Electrically Powered

    Temperature Range: 60-200ºC/140-392ºF

    Automatic Ignition
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    Yescom 5000W 20L Comes with a detachable 20L capacity robust tank.

    Tempetature Range: 60-200ºC/140-392ºF

    Has an oil capacity of 10L
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    Waring WDF75RC 120VoltIt is capable of holding 8.56 pounds food

    It comes with 2 stainless steel wire baskets of 1.5 pounds

    The timer last for an hour and has a 1800W power rating
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    Adcraft double tankComes with an exceptional temperature control of 120-275°

    It has a 12L capacity.

    ETL Listed and NSF compliant to North American product safety standards and required sanitation standards
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    Winco EFT-32 FryerHas an Oil capacity of 32lbs

    Comes with 2 tanks with each having a uniform capacity of 8 liters.

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    PressAndRelease PNR 12L 5000W FryerDual Tank Electric Deep Fryer

    Tempetature Range 60-200ºC/140-392ºF

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    UniWorld UGF-72 Uses propane gas to power itself.

    Oil capacity of 20 liters

    Weighs 60 pounds
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    Best Commercial Deep Fryers Of 2020 Reviewed

    1. Generic 2500W 6 Liter – Best For The Money

    The benefits of these commercial fryers may blind you from knowing which one will eat up all the space in your kitchen, and freedom of movement in the kitchen is one of the most important elements for a sweet and quality meal at home or at your restaurant.

    Speaking of the Generic 2500W 6 liter, it brings to you every benefits anyone will ever expect from a commercial fryer plus it doesn’t take much space in the kitchen. It is a heavy duty fryer of 19.2×12.5×12.3 inches weighing about 11.75 pounds. This fryer has safety in mind without sacrificing size or quality.

    This Generic series unit features a stainless steel tank of 6L, fryer basket with plastic handles to prevent burns, lid cover to isolate your food as it gets fried to prevent oil from splashing out violently, a residue plate to do away with excess oil, and a thermostat for temperature setting.


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    See all the features below in the spec section.

    Spec of Generic 2500W electric deep fryer

    • Fryer power chord length: 39-1/3”
    • Wattage: 2500W
    • Power supply: 110V/60Htz
    • Tank size: 6L
    • Temperature range: 60-200°c 


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    1. Megabrand Dual basket stainless steel 5000W Commercial fryer

    It is important to read the user’s manual of any technical product that engages consumers in user’s activities. Many people complain of early faults in their purchase, at the end, they put the blame on the product and its manufacturer.

    The MegaBrand company is aware of this fact, and has made the user’s guide to be the first thing to be seen immediately you open the package of the MegaBrand dual basket stainless steel 5000w.

    countertop deep fryers

    This MegaBrand fryers series member comes with two removable tanks of 6L each running on 110V/50V power supply.

    This 5000 wattage system will bring your table to life on every occasion that is important to you. Cook as many shrimps as you like on one side of the commercial fryer and prepare chickens on the other side. Easy to clean and use for a variety of foods cooked in oil.

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    With hands protected by the thick comfortable gloves, be as careless as you can, without getting your hands scalded, you’re covered as this heavy duty stainless steel design got you covered with the best technology.

    Specs of MegaBrand Dual Basket stainless steel 5000W fryer

    • Dimension: 9”×8”
    • Power supply: 110V/50Htz
    • Temperature control gauge: 60-200° Celcius
    • User’s manual: yes
    • Tank size: 20L


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    1. KITMA 36inches Natural deep fryer

    The KITMA company is known for overworking itself in bringing to life advanced technology when it comes to the kitchenware, thereby bringing about a great competition in the cooking instrument industry. The food that can be cooked in deep fryers is something that every restaurant and home can use. Cleaning is not an issue with this quality fryer. Need something that can cook chicken? You’ll find that this commercial deep fryer also is easy to use to a variety of food.

    If you don’t believe me, then go ahead and buy the 36 inches natural commercial fryer.

    best commercial deep fryers

    Checkout the independent manual controls that give you the chance to cook in any way you so wish.

    The steel burner provides a whopping power of 90,000 BTUs that a big restaurant needs to make big buggers, egg scrambles, pancakes and cheese for customers during the times of high demands, especially festive seasons. This fryer can keep pace well with a busy restaurant while cooking a variety of foods. The size of the oil fryer makes safety, size and cleaning a priority.

    See full specs below.


    Spec of KITMA 36inch natural commercial deep fryer


    • Warranty: 1 year
    • Grease pan: yes
    • User’s guide: yes
    • Overall BTU: 90,000 BTU
    • Control system: 3 independent control
    • Stand: adjustable legs
    • Weight: 229 pounds
    • Dimension: 36×28.6×15.2 inch
    • Countertop material: stainless steel
    • Commercial deep
    • Customer service: 24/7 


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    1. Yescom Commercial Electric 23.4L Deep Fryer

    Want the fastest dual tank fryer that is electrically powered? The Yescom 23.4L 3000W features an accurate timer control, drainage steel body, plus drainage faucets.

    Yescom added covering lids to the package containing a basket and the 60-200 degrees temperature-range commercial fryer.

    The temperature control is the coolest feature in this 23.4L tank, a commercial fryer that can automatically turn itself off when the temperature is at the normal range and the manual one had been damaged.

    See full spec here:

    Spec of Yescom Commercial Electric 23.4L Deep Fryer



    • Tanks wattage: 3000w overall
    • Tank dimension: 10¾” × 8½” × 7 inch
    • Power chord length: 59”
    • Tank size: 4L overall
    • Power supply: 110 volts/60Htz
    • Temperature: 60-200 c°/ 392-140c°
    • Timer control: 60 minutes
    • Basket dimension: 8” × 8¾- × 4”
    • Handle length: 9½”
    • Commercial deep
    • Basket material: stainless steel 


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    1.  Yescom 5000W 20L Electric fryer

    Countertop commercial fryers are great to use, the only shadow over them is that their tanks are difficult to clean. Need commercial deep size?

    To wrap this negativity away, the Yescom 5000W 20L commercial fryer comes with a detachable 20L robust tank.

    Make your French fries, chicken, onion rings, shrimps, bean cakes, and other food without getting your hand scalded from the two-sided handle basket. This safety and quality feature while cooking foods is one more way that Yescom wants to help their customers use their fryers more safely.

    Be in control of your kitchen, never get your eggs burnt by setting the thermostat of range 60-200 c°.

    Specs of Yescom 5000W 20L electric deep commercial fryer

    • Tank: 20L
    • Voltage: 110V
    • Temperature: 60c°-200c°
    • Frequency: 60Htz
    • Heads: dual-electrical
    • Height: 4 feet
    • Power: 5000 watts
    • Basket material: stainless steel
    • Basket dimension: 46×22×10cm
    • Tank dimension: 53×33×10cm
    • Oil amount: 10L
    • Power chord length: 100cm
    • Additional features: 1 lid, 1 pair of gloves, 1 residue plate, 1 users manual 


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    1.  Waring electric Commercial WDF75RC 120Volt 

    The Waring electric WDF75RC is capable of holding 8.56 pounds of food. It will conveniently turn your ingredients into burger, fried fish, fried turkey, and other delicacies without a spine in no time. These foods are well done in fryers which also how many customers want them to be cooked.

    It includes with 2 stainless steel wire baskets of 1.5 pounds with each of them capable of holding 3.0 pounds food.

    The timer last for an hour and has a 1800W rating. I’ve come across three of it in McDowell’s kitchen around New York last winter when I was having a ride through the snow.

    I ordered for French fries and a burger, to my amazement, it didn’t take more than 15 minutes to get my hot demand handed over to me. I later learned the Waring commercial fryer was responsible for the fastness.

    Not only is it made for fast cooking, but the height is also considerable for a comfortable time in the kitchen as no one has to bend while using it. It is made with the best materials in a most advanced technology that gives it not only durability and strength but also aesthetics to match your kitchen in beauty.

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    This 11 inch commercial fryer is approved by NSF and USL for safety, strength, and speed. It comes with well-explained user’s guide with demonstrative pictures inside for easy know how by newbies. It also come with 1-year warranty and a temperature control of 390° Fahrenheit.

    Are you planning on a picnic? Want to sell some fried food at the beach? You don’t have to be worried about the breeze or anything. Warring has you covered. It can be easily moved and the tank can be easily removed for cleaning.

    Specs of Waring electric WDF75CR 

    • Timer: 30 minutes
    • Thermostat: 390 Fahrenheit
    • Power: 2700 Watt
    • Height: 11 inch
    • Baskets: 2
    • Overall weight: 5 pounds 


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    1.  Winco EFT-32 Electric Commercial fryer

    It is interesting doing all the oily cooking in just one place, what makes it more interesting is if you’re going to be able to use it anytime with no delay. Fryers are the preferred way to cook foods with oil. Making food easy to take home as well. Fryers need to be commercial deep to help with foods and safety.

    Winco EFT-32 is a 7-7/8 fryer that can receive more than any others can and give you more than any can give. All you have to do is get your things inside, set the thermostat to the temperature you want and wait patiently for the 120V powered counter top design to seamlessly work its magic within 30 minutes or less depending on your setting.

    The stainless steel wells are removable and the baskets the biggest among the best commercial fryers using EFT-32. It has received 4.2 stars out of 5 on Amazon as a witness to the quality of its 32 lbs oil, 2 tanks with each having a uniform size of 8 liters.


    Click Here to Check the Price Of Winco EFT-32 


    Moderate in size, satisfying weight, you’re never going to loose those customers you are targeting on the beach during the weekend. The only disadvantage of it is the lack of gloves but that shouldn’t sop you from drawing the benefits of this 34.8 pounds system to yourself.

    Just get those thick gloves because it’s going to be a real heat giver and your hands shouldn’t suffer for it while working with your fryer. Help yourself use your fryer also for increasing food preparation.

    Specs of Winco EFT-32 electrical 

    • Oil amount: 32 lbs
    • Tank size: 8 gallons
    • Weight: 8 pounds
    • Well type: twin well 


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    1. PressAndRelease PNR 12L 5000W stainless steel countertop deep fryer

    So far, 5000 watts system are the most powerful when it comes to speed and efficiency. They are used in bigger companies where steaks and other fried food are produced in large quantities for retailers.

    If you’re thinking of starting a big restaurant or fast food restaurant in the military soon, get the PNR 12L 5000W on your budget if it’s affordable and you will be having zero production problems.

    It is like buying two commercial fryers as each of the two sides come with separate tanks, plugs, baskets, temperature probes, and chord to minimize the list.


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    See the full spec below.

    Spec of PNR 12L 5000W stainless steel fryer

    • Number of fryer tanks: 2
    • Tank size: 6L each
    • Thermostat temperature: 60°-200°
    • Basket number: 2
    • Handle length: 13 cm
    • Power chord length: 100 cm
    • Gloves: 1 pair
    • Manual: yes 


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    UniWorld UGF-72 Commercial Countertop Deep Fryer

    In some countries, electricity may be a problem. Do you want to break free from the disappointing electrical power supply and still use the best oil commercial fryer? Without breaking the bank?

    This sounds like eating your cake and having it though, it’s possible. The Uniworld UGF-72 uses propane gas to power itself. Fryers use oil to cook a variety of foods. Commercial deep oil fryers can also be used for home use if you wish use that way as well.

    It will be best for someone who’s having an outdoor fast food shop since the cylinder gas is better kept outdoor for health-related reasons.


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    See features below.

    Specs of UniWrld UGF-72 

    • Well and basket: 2 each
    • Burner: 2500 BTU
    • Weight: 60 pounds
    • Overall oil size: 20Liter
    • Propane gas adapter size: ¾” 


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    1. Adcraft double tank countertop fryer

    Let the double tank Adcraft allow you to prepare 25 lbs of fries every hour to beat the speed of your customers demand. Compared to others, it is one with an exceptional temperature control of 120-275°.

    Approved by NSF, CE, UL, a hundred percent satisfaction is guaranteed with the 6L tanks which sum up to 12L size.

    Taken a space of 25.7”×22.7”×19”inch in your kitchen, the two units require a circuit of 15amp to put a smile on the face of your customers.


    • Weight: 1 pounds
    • Temperature control: 120-275°
    • Number of baskets: 2 


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