RV Share Review 2020 – Are they the best RV Rental Service?

In our guide on best RV rentals websites we reviewed RVShare.com as our #1 pick. It is the largest RV rental company and in our opinion the best. 

Story of RvShare.com

RVshare is an online platform from RV renting. The story started when two newlyweds wanted to spend their honeymoon in a different way exploring a new places feeling the freedom of the wildlife, and be on their own pace so they decided to buy RV to start their own adventure soon after they finished their honeymoon. They left their RV unused for the majority of the year and still had to bear all the expenses of RV ownership, they thought of the idea of renting the RV after searching for many ways to rent it and failed to find some specialized platform that make the owner meet the rent .

What are Rvshare and Rv Rentals -what do they offer?

Rvshare considered the largest RV rental marketplace

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Renting an RV from RV share

  • Sign up on the website as a renter and fill out all your details such as name , Email and password
  • Then hit the button find RV to open the search window
  • Then in the search window just select the state, the period, number of people…etc.
  • in the search results you will see many RV available for your search conditions hit the one you see suitable for your use and open it
  • when you open the result window you will find information about the RV such as the features and accessories and the condition of the vehicle and all the options such as kitchen and bathroom and entertainment options and so on and also the owner info and the reviews of the previous renters and experience
  • After you find the most suitable RV, and check the price and availability, the previous renters’ reviews, you hit the book button it will take you to another page you will fill much more details about you and your trip then confirm and pay.   

Rv Share Rental Insurance

For RV renter:

When renting RV from Rvshare standard insurance coverage will be automatically applied and will be shown on quote when finalizing booking also renters have opportunity to upgrade the insurance package

Standard insurance coverage includes:

  • Up to $200,000 in collision coverage based on the value of the RV
  • 24/7 free road assistance, towing and tire service are available
  • State statutory limits of liability

You’ll be covered in all 50 states and Canada also renter and owner will be issues an insurance certificate depending in the trip period. You can easily pay this fee with a credit card. 

For RV Owner:

Every RV owner search for what is the best secure option for himself and his vehicle Rvshare applies insurance automatically on every listing on the website for free includes:

  • Up tp $1M in liability coverage
  • Up to $200,000 in comprehensive and collision coverage based on the value of the RV
  • Free 24/7 roadside assistance and free towing and tire service

The RVs that covered in insurance should be 15 years old or newer with stated value of $200,000 or less , so if the vehicle is older than 15 years only liability coverage can be applied but not the other benefits such as comprehensive and collision coverage alongside with the roadside assistance

Rv Share Roadside assistance considerations

Roadside assistance is a service that everybody on the rod need when you have your vehicle broke down or have any kind of failure you just call a number where some of experts reach you to help you , Rvshare get you covered in case you need any roadside assistance because every RV rented on the Rvshare receive its 24/7 roadside assistance and this happens through accessing Rvshare roadside assistance call center that is here to help you 24/7 nationwide that will connect you with RV experts who will help you walkthrough any incident on the road and you’ll also have an access to many od service providers to help you with :

Towing service: which is sending a rescue truck to get the non-moving RV hauled to any qualified service center

Tire service: no matter where you are the service will find you and get your flat tire replaced of re –inflate it.

Emergency supply delivery:

Rv renters should not bear themselves too much supplies during their way, if there is shortage in gasoline, water, oil or any other necessary supplies Roadside assistance is here for you delivering you any of them anytime, to ensure you a safe problem free trip.

Battery service: battery problems Is one of the most severe breakdowns any driver can face, road assistance have a battery charging or repair service while on the road.

Lockout service: got your keys locked inside or lost them now worries roadside assistance will help you dispatch of locksmith in event of a lock out

Extraction and winching service: one of the not so good situations is to find your vehicle stuck in the sand or by change you gone off-road and got immovable there, RV salvage and extraction service is here for you.

Price of RV rentals

Depending on the needs of the renter and the shape and options of the RV the price can be determined because RV have many shapes and equipment, usually the motorhome which is a standalone vehicle that is drivable and don’t need to be towed by another truck have a higher price than the towable truck that needs to be dragged by a truck or big SUV so here is the profiles of the RVs listed on the website

Drivable RVs

Provides the best rent-and-go option, you just need only the RV

Class A motorhome: this type can be considered the most high-end and luxurious option this RVs can be provided with the full size facilities such as fridge, bed and oven, the driving style is comfortable bus and its length usually  21-41+ feet the price ranging from $170-599 per night

Class C motorhome: this type can indulge amenities of class A at lower price and have a wide varieties of options and its driving style is like a truck driving and the length is 20-38 feet, the price ranging from $150-295 per night

Towable RVs - Travel Trailers:

This choice is provides more flexibility with access to a smaller trailer which you can pull by your truch or big SUV unlike the drivable RVs these vehicles can’t be provided with the full size amenities and have some special equipment that fit special for this use exclude some fifth wheel models .

Fifth wheel: this is the biggest RV footprint, some models can be equipped with full size kitchens and full size bedrooms, always have an overhead hitch, this needs a full sized pickup to be pulled with it has a length of 22-44 feet ,the price ranging from $100-225 per night

Travel trailers : this is the smallest type of RVs which you can comfortably towing by a truck or a full sized SUV, and regarding the amenities of the trailer there is wide range of special amenities made for this purpose also the trailer size is 21-28 feet ,the price ranging from $95-150 per night.

Pros and Cons


  • RV owners receive up to $1M as rental insurance
  • Owners can get more income by activating delivery system
  • Renters can get guarantee worth $10,000 if they book via Rvshare payment system
  • Owners reviews is very useful way to get to know the previous customers opinions before rent


  • the availability of RVs is decreased in remote cities and states
  • the late response from the some owners which may delay the tip schedule


What are RV share’s prices?

The prices on Rvshare varies depending the type of the vehicle is it class A motorhome , class C motorhome , fifth wheel or travel trailer, and the general condition of it, the previous reviews of the vehicle also reviews on the owner and how much tolerant is he, general talking the prices ranging from $100 – 600 per night

Does RV share offer rentals?

Yes, Rvshare is RV rental marketplace offers all kinds of RV rental that varies from the price

Can you make extra money with Rvshare?

Rvshare have more options than the other RV rental companies, for example a 1- week rental could get you around $1400 along with taxes, insurance .

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