Two-Stroke Vs Four-Stroke Concrete Saw Engines

The two-stroke engines tend to be a bit more common when it comes to the handheld power tools than the four-stroke engines are. Although the name may seem to mean that the four-stroke engine is more powerful than the two-stroke, this really is not as it seems. Instead, in this case, the number of strokes is referring to the way the engine makes use of oil for lubrication.

The four-stroke engine has two extra strokes that are mainly used to lubricate the moving parts with oil. What this helps in doing is, it reduces wear on the parts relative to a two-stroke engine, and what this means is that the four-stroke engines would last longer. What it also means is that they come with more moving parts, meaning that more can go wrong, but if you properly care for it, your four-stroke engine should last longer than the two-stroke engine.

You can use the standard gasoline with a four-stroke engine, though, you will most likely want to find a gas station that does not add ethanol into the mix as the smaller four-stroke engines usually do not handle it well. You will also need to add engine oil through a separate valve on the tool.

The two-stroke engines do not come with as many moving parts as the four-stroke engines, and this makes them more compact. They also tend to start faster. Usually, a pull or two is sufficient to get them started as opposed to the four-stroke engines that would require far more pulls. These ones cannot use standard gas. They do not have gas and oil mixed together before it is poured into the fuel tank, and what this means is that you either need to buy a special blend or do the mixing yourself.

Usually, what this means is that a blend that is 50:1 gas to oil, though, that usually differs sometimes. You do not have to add discrete oil as all the oil engine needs is already present in the gas.


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