Using The Concrete Saw

When you know that you have all your blades ready, make sure that you do not quite the functioning. If you understand it, you only need to make use of a single kind of blade, and with this, it will help to have a spare one just in case it is damaged or it is worn out.

You should make use of a wet blade just in case you are working in an area where you want to control the amount of dust that will be flying about. If you will choose a cleaner or more precise cut through reinforced concrete, you should make use of diamond blades.

Before you proceed to make use of a diamond blade for your precise cutting, you should try to first test it out on an abrasive surface like concrete. What this does is that it helps to remove the protective coating on the blade, and this allows you to get a cleaner and thinner cut.

You should also try to control the cutting depth when you are cutting concrete. You should cut just 1 – 2 inches deep at a time. If you should happen to apply too much pressure when you are cutting through the cement, then the blade will wear out way too fast and the concrete saw could slow down. You should make sure to take your time.

Regularly check the amount of water that flows into the area that you are cutting. If there is too water, this could make the saw veer out of control. Slurry could also flood the place, and the aggregate from the water can make the diamond blade wear out instantly.

You should make sure that you do not push too hard on the cement when you are cutting. You should let the saw naturally descend while you are cutting through the stone. Too much pressure on the cement will not make it cut any quicker.

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