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In searching for the best zero-turn (z-turn) commercial mower, there are numerous considerations to keep in mind. Some of the most important include cutting width (ranging from 30″ to 66″), horsepower (ranging from 10 to 30hp), number of cylinders (single or twin–twin being more powerful and smoother), fuel tank capacity (ranging from 2 to 13.4 gallons), tire size, comfort features (seat, adjustable arm rests, etc.), and durability.

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Depending on how you plan to use your zero-turn mower, some of these factors may be more important than others. For instance, someone with a 2-acre property will be less concerned about having the highest capacity fuel tank than someone with a 50-acre property.

Even with an entry-level model, with the improved visibility and turn radius that zero-turn mowers have over lawn tractors, you can expect to be able to cut grass at least twice as fast over a lawn tractor.

One of the highest rated zero turn mowers is the Swisher ZTR2460BS ZTR. With its strong 24hp engine and 60″ cutting deck, it brings plenty of cutting power to any job at hand. This Swisher model is fast, too: at 8 mph forward or reverse, it’s faster than the typical 6-7 mph of other models.

Users have appreciated its fabricated rather than stamped deck. It is known as an easy-to-use mower, with super responsive handling and an excellent joystick system. This Swisher model is definitely a top choice for ultimate power and speed.


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Another highly rated model is the Husqvarna RZ3016, which with its 30″ deck is more suited to smaller properties (1-2 acres). The Husqvarna brand has a strong reputation for fine mowers that are refined and easy to use, as well as comfortable and relatively quiet (most zero-turn mowers operate in the 90dB range, so that can be a significant quality to consider). The RZ3016′s 16.5hp engine is plenty powerful enough to get the job done, and users report that it cuts grass well.

This Husqvarna model comes with large front tires and a strong caster assembly that would normally be associated with commercial-grade mowers. Owners who have made their purchases online report that upon arrival it is evident that the units were packaged very well.


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Zero-turn mowers can range in price from $5000 on the low end all the way up to $17,000, so obviously price needs to be part of the equation as well. As models get more expensive, mower capacity goes up and extra bells and whistles are included.

So if you’ve made the decision that a mower that is faster and that has a zero-turn radius is for you, by keeping all of the considerations mentioned in this article in mind you will be better-informed in making the best purchase of a zero-turn mower.

Your lawn will look great, and you will have extra time to enjoy it with the speedier mowing process.

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