Best Motorcycle Accessories (Review & Buying Guide) in 2019

Everybody loves gadgets and nobody more so than bikers. Underneath the gruff exterior is just a big kid wanting to have some fun on their steel horse. Aside from the element of fun, the best motorcycle accessories can save you time, money, and effort. They may even keep you safer on the roads.  Subscribe to biker community forums to keep up to date with the latest trends.

The only thing better than the feeling of your motorcycle on the open road is the feeling that you have the best gadgets tucked away under your biking gear. From GPS to a motorcycle dash camera, innovations and modern technology have made the world of motorcycle accessories a lot more exciting.




Shoei Metallic Neotec Road Race Street Helmet

  • Flip-up face shield and chin bar
  • Embedded sun shield
  • Pin-lock anti-fog system
  • Aerodynamic


American Legend Rider Motorcycle Gloves

  • Touchscreen finger pad
  • Extra knuckle protection
  • Natural sheepskin product
  • Wind and waterproof


Wisamic 5 LED Headlight

  • Durable, shock, and vibration resistant
  • Long lifespan - 50,000 hours
  • Rated IP65 Waterproof
  • Powerful, effective bright light


HELITE Unisex-Adult Roadster Leather Motorcycle Airbag Jacket

  • Good size range, Small - XXXX-Large
  • The discreet style looks like a standard leather jacket
  • Made from 1.3 mm thick full-grain cowhide leather
  • Removable liner for easy washing


Trimax THEX5060 Combo Set Super Chain

  • Incredibly robust, can withstand 11 tons of cutting force
  • It comes with three keys and
    a mini flashlight
  • Nylon sleeve protects the tank paintwork from chain abrasions
  • Not motorcycle specific. It can be used to secure other vehicles

Whether you shop at MX Superstore or your local motorbike shop, there's a vast range of accessories for motorcycle enthusiasts to choose from. Read on and check out the best gear.

For the Safety Conscious Biker:

We get it. All bikers are safety conscious. The open road needs to be respected as much as it is enjoyed. Roads are becoming busier, faster, and more dangerous with each passing year. Also, most urban highways are packed more densely at rush hour than a tin of sardines! Proximity and faster speeds mean it's no harm for riders to subscribe to a few extra safety features for their gear.

Shoei Metallic Neotec Road Race Street Helmet

First and foremost, the most critical safety feature of any biking kit is the helmet. There is an extensive range of biking helmets to choose from multiple manufacturers. Helmet choice depends on fit, style, and safety features. If you're unsure, it's a good idea to subscribe to biker community forums and review sits for all the info. One of our top picks is the Shoei Metallic Neotec Road Race Street Helmet.It's built to combine cruising the open road with exploring the rugged terrain, making it a quality versatile product. With a wide field of vision, reduced wind noise, and a built-in sun shield, you'll feel protected from the elements while still enjoying the surroundings from your motorcycle.

Where practicalities are concerned, the Shoei Metallic Neotec Road Race Street Helmet is lightweight and aerodynamic. Its inbuilt ventilation and anti-fog features enhance your riding experience. It even comes with a washable liner for good hygiene. Consider fitting it with a helmet camera to capture the thrill of the ride.


  • Flip-up face shield and chin bar
  • Embedded sun shield
  • Pinlock anti-fog system
  • Aerodynamic
  • Washable liner
  • Lightweight for riding comfort


  • Higher price as it's high quality

American Legend Rider Motorcycle Gloves

Next to protecting your head, protection for your hands is also an essential component of your bike gear. These Rider Motorcycle Gloves from American Legend are a unisex style, available in sizes M to XL.

They consist of comfortable and durable sheepskin, a lightweight material that allows your skin to breathe even on longer motorcycle journeys. A handy touchscreen finger pad brings a practical modern twist to a classic biker design.

These gloves are fully windproof and waterproof, with engineered extra knuckle protection. They will protect your hands not only from the harsh elements but also from any scrapes or incidental road debris.

The other benefit of including gloves in your biker gear is the added grip the non-slip surface gives you. Anti-skid pads on the palms allow for maximum steering control and rider confidence. Control is particularly essential in wet weather when grip might be compromised.

The vintage look of these form-fitting gloves allows you to subscribe to the classic biker appearance while benefiting from modern materials and enhancements. They’re ideal for keeping your hands warm in winter and comfortable in summer.


  • Touchscreen finger pad
  • Extra knuckle protection
  • Natural sheepskin product
  • Wind and waterproof
  • Non-slip for additional control


  • Small sizing

Wisamic 5 LED Headlight

Be safe, be seen with the Wisamic 5 LED Headlight. Compatible with Harley Davidson (see our guide on oils), Dyna, Low Rider, Wide Glide, Sportster, and more, this is one of the best motorcycle accessories to get you noticed on the road. Giving out [email protected] on low beam and [email protected] on high beam, it increases visibility significantly.

The tech specs:

[email protected] on low beam

[email protected] on high beam

Color temperature: 6,000K-6,500K

Advanced 5.75 headlight with the newest halo feature

Shock-proof waterproof (IP65)

More than 50,000 hours lifespan

It's easy gear to use for the not so tech-savvy. The headlight has a simple plug-and-play installation system consisting of three-prong plugs (H4). Installation should take no more than 20 minutes, meaning more time spent riding the open road.

It is a long-lasting product made from 100 percent original high-performance Osram LED lamps. You can expect to get more than 50,000 hours of use. That's a lot of road trips for the price! The lens is shock and vibration resistant for even the bumpiest of trails. The protective aluminum casing comes in different combinations of black and silver, depending on what best suits your wheels.

Cut through the darkness and enjoy the peace of the night highway in safety and style with this innovative, high-quality, and user-friendly headlight.


  • Durable, shock, and vibration resistant
  • Long lifespan - 50,000 hours
  • Rated IP65 Waterproof
  • Powerful, effective bright light
  • Compatible with a variety of motorcycles


  • Condensation can accumulate inside the headlight in certain road conditions. The manufacturer confirms, however, that this does not affect performance.

HELITE Unisex-Adult Roadster Leather Motorcycle Airbag Jacket

Possibly one of the best safety products since the invention of, well, the airbag is the motorcycle airbag jacket. It is a modern twist on traditional motorcycles clothing and gives you instant all-over protection in the event of the unthinkable.

Similar to a standard car airbag, this motorcycle gear deploys on impact, inflating to protect your delicate torso area. You can significantly reduce the risk of impact injuries to the highly vulnerable collar-bone and ribcage through the use of this motorcycle jacket.

We like this particular one because its made of leather. Investing in safety doesn't have to mean compromising on style. It is available in brown or black from sizes Small up to XXXX-Large.

Like a helmet, it is designed for comfort as much as for safety. It has a soft, open-neck collar and a removable polyester liner for when it needs a freshen up. Ventilation in the armpits and side panels will keep you feeling fresh on the road, while the adjustable waist and wrist fasteners allow you to keep out the draft when the road is feeling a little bit too “fresh”!

In addition to this, the Helite Airbag Jacket comes packed with safety features. Read on for the safety specs:

CE Euro Certified - airbag inflation time 0.1 second

CE certified SAS-TEC back protector (removable)

CE certified KNOX shoulder and elbow protectors

Designed to protect neck vertebrae

Integrated CO2 cartridge with tether CO2 cartridge size: 60cc S-2XL 100cc 3XL-6XL

If your taste or your budget doesn't suit leather, there are multiple designs, materials, and styles to suit different riders. Features include an airbag vest that can be fitted over your standard jacket to achieve the same effect with less bulk.


  • Good size range, Small - XXXX-Large
  • The discreet style looks like a standard leather jacket.
  • Made from 1.3 mm thick full-grain cowhide leather
  • Removable liner for easy washing
  • CE Euro Certified Safety Features


  • Leather is not for everybody.

For the Security Conscious Biker:

Next to safety, motorcycle security can be one of the more significant concerns for any biker. Keeping your wheels and bike gear safe can pose a bit more of a challenge than a car. It's not an option to check that the windows and doors are locked, and you won't always be under the watchful eye of a security camera.

Road-side meetups are an integral part of biker community culture. It's important to feel like your pride and joy is safe, secure, and theft-proof as much as possible. There's nothing that says "keep away" more effectively than a great big chain and padlock! It's old fashioned, but it works. Let's take a look at the best locks that we think will send the right message.

Trimax THEX5060 Combo Set Super Chain

The designers put a lot of thought into the Trimax THEX5060, with all practicalities taken into consideration. No more annoying chain scratches on your tank paintwork, no more fumbling around in the dark trying to open your lock. It's all sorted for you.

The chain consists of large, hexagonal 11mm links. The sheer size of the links makes the chain impenetrable to most bolt-cutters and one of the best motorcycle accessories for security. In addition to this, the chain is reported to be able to withstand more than 6 tons of pulling force and 11 tons of cutting force. Your motorcycle will stay put! A durable NYLOMEX sleeve covers the robust chain to protect your tank paintwork from scratches and dents from the steel chain.

As the saying goes, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. That being the lock. In this case, the lock provides equally high-security measures to give you peace of mind. It is hardened solid steel, and the lock core design offers the best protection against picking and hammering.

The Trimax THEX5060 Combo Set Super Chain comes with three Type B keys. Type B is a very high-security wafer key, resistant to most attempts at picking. As an added practical bonus, one of the keys is fitted with a mini flashlight to help you lock up your gear quicker on a dark road.


11mm link chrome and steel chain

NYLOMEX sleeve to protect tank paintwork

Three keys included

Hardened solid steel lock

Withstands over 6 tons of pull force and 11 tons of cutting power

Type B ultra-secure wafer key

The product design is simple, robust, and effective. If you're more about practicalities than fancy gadgets, the Trimax THEX5060 Combo Set Super Chain is an excellent addition to your gear and will keep your bike safe and secure.


  • Incredibly robust, can withstand 11 tons of cutting force.
  • It comes with three keys and a mini flashlight.
  • Nylon sleeve protects the tank paintwork from chain abrasions.
  • Not motorcycle specific. It can be used to secure other vehicles.


  • The keyhole is left exposed and can become filled with mud or dirt.
  • Because of the high-quality, the chain and lock are heavy, meaning extra weight in your saddlebags.

Kryptonite 000884 Keeper 5s Disc Lock

If the idea of a solid, old-fashioned chain and padlock doesn't quite make you sleep easy at night, you can take your motorcycle security one step further with immobilizing motorcycle accessories. The Kryptonite 000884 Keeper 5s Disc Lock immobilizes your vehicle, rendering it pretty much useless to all but the key holder. Just don't lose the key! A dual reinforced high-security disc cylinder gives the Kryptonite 000884 Keeper 5s Disc Lock superb strength. In contrast to its strength, it is compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry around. Its 5mm pin diameter fits smaller vent holes, making it compatible gear for multiple bike models.

The Kryptonite comes with two keys. The keys consist of the best stainless steel and are ergonomically designed to reduce torque. Stainless steel makes them resistant to rusting and warping, increasing the lifespan of the product. As a practical touch, the lock comes with a bright orange reminder cable to prevent you from trying to ride off while the disc lock is engaged. Attempting to ride locked can cause damage to your bike, your gear, and yourself.

The tech specs:

Dual reinforced high-security disc-style cylinder

5mm pin diameter fits smaller vent holes

Compact, lightweight and weatherproof

Includes two Stainless Steel keys

Stapler style disc lock immobilizes the vehicle

Includes bright orange reminder cable

The Kryptonite 000884 Keeper 5s Disc Lock is one of the most useful motorcycle accessories to make sure your bike doesn't fall into the hands of an undesirable. It is economical to buy, widely available online, in motorcycle shops, and is simple to use on your bike. This product is a relatively small investment for a potentially huge reward.


  • Available in yellow or black
  • Bright orange reminder cable
  • Durable and rust-resistant keys
  • Compact and lightweight


  • The weatherproof rain and dust cover can be a little cumbersome and difficult to fit and remove.

For the “Always-Be-Prepared” Biker

When you're out on the open road and away from the comforts of home, it pays to prepare for any eventuality. From GPS trackers to Bluetooth phone headsets, tech advancements have enhanced the lives of bikers in many ways. That said, it's necessary not to forget the more basic motorcycle accessories. Sometimes all you need is a puncture repair kit! Read on for a couple of products we consider to be "must-haves" on any long journey.

BikeMaster Multi-Tool With Sockets

A lot of bike riders consider themselves amateur mechanics. A garage furnished with the basics and not-so-basics of motorcycle repair and maintenance tools is a testament to this. Packing it all up into a conservatively sized saddle bag every time you want to hit the road is a different matter.

Stay prepared with the BikeMaster Multi-Tool pocket tool kit. Sometimes a spanner and a wrench are all you need to stop a minor irritation from becoming a significant bother. Available in a sleek black and chrome design, the Multi-Tool is compact and lightweight.

Its rounded edges allow it to fit in your pocket comfortably without pinching, ensuring you always have it with you when you need it.

Here’s what’s included:

Six hex wrenches (2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6mm)

8, 10, 15 mm open-end wrench

1/4-inch driver with ball detent to secure sockets

Three sockets (8, 10, and 15mm)

Socket driver

For a mini-tool kit that packs all you could need into a lightweight and streamlined pocket design, BikeMaster Multi-Tool With Sockets is a good value. Don't leave the house without it.


  • Lightweight, streamlined design
  • A broad range of mini tools
  • Low price product


  • Small and lightweight - easy to lose

For the Tech-Savvy Biker

Sometimes you have to have something a bit more technical in the way of gadgets to impress your fellow bikers.

Sena SMH10-11 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset Device

While the silence of the open road can be enchanting, sometimes riding it gets a bit lonely. Stay connected easily with the Sena SMH10-11 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset Device. This headset is one of the best in hands-free communication accessories and doubles up as a phone and music sharing device for riders. It has integrated button features and Universal Intercom protocol.

This Bluetooth headset is compatible with most standard bike helmet types. Expect up to 12 hours of talk time, allowing you to share music, GPS instructions, or just plain old conversation with fellow bikers up to 980 yards away on another device.

The tech specs:

Long-range music sharing and intercom—up to 980 yards

Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity

Four-way phone intercom conversation

Advanced Noise Control technology cuts down on background noise

Includes Universal Microphone Kit

Up to 12 hours of talk time

10 days of standby power time on a single charge

The Sena headset is an excellent gadget at a very reasonable price. Stay connected to your fellow bikers, update your GPS, and share your experiences of the open road in live time with the Sena SMH10-11 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset.


  • Long-range
  • Long power life
  • Multiple features to include music sharing and 4-way conversation
  • Compatible with most helmet models


  • A little bit pricier than other accessories

For The Biker That Appreciates Comfort

Biking gives you the freedom to explore the wilderness and rugged terrain. That doesn't mean that you have to lose all the home comforts, though. Check out a couple of fun gear accessories to keep you smiling on your epic adventures.

Coleman ATV Rear Padded-Bottom Bag

Sometimes it's not all about the driver, so here's one for the pillions. Enhance your riding experience as a passenger by demanding a bit of extra cushioning underneath. The Coleman ATV Rear Padded-Bottom Bag doubles up as cushioning for riders and convenient extra storage for a camera, overnight supplies, or other valuables.

The thick spacious padding gives a touch of luxury over more extended periods of riding. Meanwhile, inside, three large padded storage compartments protect your bike gear. The Rear Padded-Bottom Bag comes with two water-bottles that fit snugly and keep you hydrated on the road.

Consider teaming this up with the MadDog GearComfort Ride Seat Protector for the driver, and keep everybody happy. Not only does the soft molded foam add extra cushioning, but it's also a very convenient and cost-effective way to cover up any damage to the existing upholstery.


  • Three large storage compartments
  • Padded inside walls protect your gear
  • Two water-bottle holders
  • Quick-release buckles for ease of removal
  • Compatible with most motorcycle models


  • Extra padding can get a bit sweaty over long journeys. We think it's worth it for the extra comfort, though.

Those are just a few of our favorite biker accessories. Whether you're looking for a motorcycle dashboard camera or a Bluetooth headset for your phone, there's plenty out there to get you interested. Subscribe to biker community forums and info sites to keep up to date with all the latest.

Hopefully this guide as been helpful. For those who are looking for a bag to keep your newly purchased gear, please check out our guide on the best tool bags on the market.

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