Milwaukee M12 Tire Inflator Review

Milwaukee continues to deliver the best car tire inflators, and Milwaukee M12 Tire Inflator is no exception. The M12 is the fastest and durable cordless tire inflator on the market. The unit has the capability to top-off a vehicle in less than 60 seconds. With the ability to complete demanding inflation on cars, compact equipment tires, and trucks, the inflator offers accurate, fast, and effortless inflation.

Today, there is a myriad of inflators, but they fail to deliver both the range of capability and speed needed by users. Most of them are big enough to fill the passenger tires but fail to tackle demanding applications adequately. Fortunately, the Milwaukee m12 inflator is designed to offer a wide range of applications.


Picking a reliable compact inflator among a variety of options on the market can be unnerving. For this reason, most drivers end up relying on stationary and large air compressors provided by car workshops. However, these compressors don't work in all conditions. If you have ever driven to remote areas, you know how it feels to get stuck alone in the middle of nowhere with a flat tire.

In such circumstances, having a portable and functional Milwaukee m12 inflator kit is crucial. We can, therefore, conclude that a portable air compressor is an essential tool you need before embarking on a long journey drive. The unit offers several settings and features that you can benefit from. It will allow you to work automatically whenever you detect unbalanced air pressure. The Milwaukee inflator review expounds more on useful features and specs offered by this unit.

18v Cordless Air Compressor Features

The Milwaukee cordless tire inflator is a durable, portable, and reliable tool on the market. its coolest features include;

  • Fast- One of the most sort-out features of an inflator is the inflation time. You don't have to spend hours before you fully inflate care tires-whether small, medium, or large tire. Milwaukee M12 is the fastest cordless tire inflator, which is designed to top-off your car tire in less than 60 seconds. It means you'll hit the road pretty fast. It will save you if you're caught up in bad weather or stuck in an unknown neighborhood.
  • Portable – A compact inflator saves you time, money, and effort. The m12 weighs 4 pounds and measures 7.5 x 6.5 x 6.5 inches. This makes it lightweight for easy portability and compact enough to fit in small spaces. This inflator will reach all the tires at a minimum effort. More so, it doesn’t take too much space in your trunk. Hence, storing it when not in use is easy.
  • Efficient – Getting an inflator that strikes a balance between efficacy and portability can be hard. However, M12 compact inflator proves to offer unrivaled efficiency. It has a 120 PSI capability with an accuracy of +/- 3 percent. It's designed to fill an LT truck tire in under 4 minutes at about 30 – 45 psi while a care tire is approximately 28 – 35 PSI.
  • Ideal Duty Cycle – The duty cycle is essential. If the cycle is long, it means the inflator will take longer before you can use it again. The M12 compact inflator boasts of a 50% duty cycle, meaning if you use for 7 minutes, you have to wait for 7 minutes for it cool down.
  • Durable Cage – The compact inflator comes in a reinforced cage, which is weather and impact resistance. All these are available at a minimum price.

Milwaukee Tire Pump Specs

  • 50% duty cycle
  • Weighs 4 pounds
  • 0 -120 PSI rating
  • +/-3% gauge accuracy
  • 4.0Ah battery
  • Backlit LCD display

Review Performance

Milwaukee inflator is a high-performing gadget which has a PSI rating of 0 -120. The coolest feature of the device is the small profile. It helps you to carry it wherever you go. Weighing only 4 pounds, the inflator is highly portable. It can fit in your car trunk effortlessly. 

The 50% duty cycle means if you use it for 15 minutes, then let it rest for 15 minutes. With a 4.0Ah battery, this slime tire inflator will give you services for long hours.


The first this you’d love about this M12 compact inflator is the screen. The sleek and big design makes it easy to read. On the screen, you can see your target psi, current psi, and battery life to ensure you’re not caught off-guard.

The easy-to-use front control panel boosts the device's usability. It has a single button for adjustment. Beneath the panel, there is a button to pull the machine into action. You can store the 26-inch air hose at the back of the inflator.

Moreover, the gadget is designed with a wide carrying handle.


The M12 is available at Amazon retailing at $79. If you’re into Milwaukee line of car tools and products, then this compact inflator is handy. Based on the given features and specs, this inflator is worthwhile.

It’s portable, easy to use and store, as well as durable.

A Note About Leaks

Due to osmosis, any car tire leaks air at a rate of 1 – 3 psi on a monthly basis. Whoever, extreme leak might lead to;

  • Temperature change
  • Tire damage and
  • Wheel element damage

If your vehicle’s tire gets deflated more than 25% of the recommended pressure, there is a likelihood of a crash. Hence, you need to notice every tire week and fix it as soon as possible.


  • Why Milwaukee came out with an M12 inflator instead of M18?

The M18 might seems suitable to users with their potent battery packs. However, M12 inflator comes in a compact size, reasonably priced, and incredibly ideal for a myriad of tasks. An M18 would be bulky to transport and more expensive. 

  • Is This a Fast Inflator?

Probably, yes! The M12 is the fastest cordless inflator on the market. It's designed to top-off a car in less than 60 seconds. It also fills a truck tire in less than 4 minutes. Furthermore, it boasts of 50% duty cycle.

  • Is This the best Milwaukee Inflator?

M12 is one of the best Milwaukee inflators. It's fast, compact, lightweight, and above all, it's inexpensive.

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