SuperFlow 12V HD Air Compressor Review

RVs, trucks, and trailers are loved by many, and for good reasons - they’re big, easy to convert, and pretty functional in so many ways. No wonder why families and travellers are opting for RVs and trailers.

However, just like any vehicle, RVs and trucks experience the same problems too. And when it comes to their tires, maintenance is also a must. Which is why it’s advisable to have your own tire inflator and compressor as you utilize these types of vehicles.

And if you are looking for one, this SuperFlow 12V HD Air Compressor Review might be something you’d want to consider; affordable and has all the bells and whistles every tire inflator requires.

SuperFlow 12V HD Air Compressor - A Truck’s Best Friend 

  • Capacity: 12 Volts
  • Restart Pressure: 90 psi 
  • Working Pressure: Up to 150 psi
  • Maximum Air Flow: 6400 cubic inches per minute
  • Hose Length: 24 feet
  • Price: Below $200

The SuperFlow 12V HD Air Compressor is found to be very ideal for truck and RV owners. Although some truck owners would choose to have their tires managed by mechanics and specialists, others however, prefer to have their own tire inflator and air compressor.

After all, when emergencies happen, you need to have something on hand to deal with the issue that is tire dilemma. Regular car check-up with the mechanics are still important, but when you’re on the road, it’s just you and your truck. Being prepared is the way to go.

So now, is this product the right one for you?

Here are some points to consider:

The SuperFlow 12V HD Air Compressor is for you if:
  • You want a tire inflator designed for trucks and trailers
  • You need a fast compressor unit
  • You are looking for a quality tire inflator
  • You prefer a heavy-duty type of unit
  • Price is not entirely a matter of concern
On the other hand, this tire inflator is NOT for you if: 
  • You want a very affordable tire inflator
  • You are looking for a portable and compact unit
  • You need a small and simple tire inflator
  • You prefer a unit that has a very efficient pressure gauge
  • You want a lightweight structure and build

Key Features and Specifications 

  • Sturdy Build and Structure 
  • The SuperFlow 12V HD Air Compressor is designed for large trucks and trailers. Hence, it complements very well the sturdy build and structure of such vehicles. And this makes it much more perfect for tires of SUVs, tractors, RVs, and trucks.
  • Heavy-Duty Functionality 
  • Alongside the sturdy structure of this tire inflator, its features and functionalities are heavy-duty. In fact, the maximum airflow is rated at 6400 cubic inches per minute. Plus, it can inflate at least 35 inches of tire figures.
  • Fast Inflation 
  • Unlike other tire inflators, the SuperFlow 12V HD Air Compressor functions quite faster. With its 25% faster inflation rate, it can easily accomplish an inflation task within two minutes.
  • And with the help of its 24-feet coil hose and large alligator clips, this tire inflator is quite functional as well allowing its users to wander around while doing the job.

Advantages and Pros

  • Tire inflation is very quick: within two minutes, the inflation job can be finished effectively. And whether it is for large trucks or small tires for small vehicles, this tire inflator and compressor helps finish the task quickly and effectively. 
  • Easy to use: The SuperFlow 12V HD Air Compressor is very easy to use making it much more functional to its users. The buttons and keys are straightforward so anyone can actually use this tire inflator. 
  • Sturdy and durable: This tire inflator is quite sturdy and durable. It can actually last for years without the usual degradation of quality. According to some users, the SuperFlow 12V HD Air Compressor has been their companion for more than a decade now. 

Disadvantages and Cons

  • The Unit Heats Up: One of the most apparent concerns of every user when using this unit is that it heats up in the middle of inflation. And this causes worries for many users.
  • Not Lightweight: The SuperFlow 12V HD Air Compressor is not entirely lightweight. In fact, it is very heavy making it difficult to carry around. And this makes it a real drawback for the product. Not everyone could bring it anywhere with them.
  • Pressure Gauge Inaccuracy: Another concern of every user is that the pressure gauge readings are inaccurate. Although the differences are not very significant, it still causes a little trouble for the users.

Reviews From Users 

I like this compressor a lot. Worked great on motorhome tires to 100+ psig.”


“Very impressed! Very Happy with the quality, volume, and performance of this compressor. The caring bag (read our guide on heavy duty tool bags) is a little week, but good enough. I had a compressor from Cabalas, sub-standard compared to this SuperFlow.”


“I have a Jeep YJ with 37x12.50x17. 15 lbs to 28 lbs took 2 minutes. 15 lbs to 33 lbs in 2 1/2 minutes.”


“The first compressor that I received was damaged and the seller took care right away. The second one that I received was intact no damage and working perfectly. I am totally pleased and highly recommend this seller. A+”

Final Thoughts On SuperFlow 12V HD Air Compressor 

The SuperFlow 12V HD Air Compressor is a great tire inflator unit. And many people are found to be satisfied with this, especially if they own large vehicles like trucks and trailers. So if you’re the type who travels a lot in long distances, where mechanics and car experts may not always be readily available, you may want to consider a tire inflator that does a job well done.

According to actual users, the SuperFlow 12V HD Air Compressor can finish an inflation job within two minutes. And this is already a great figure which is why many see this unit as their best option.

That being said, we highly recommend this tire inflator and compressor if you want a fast inflation process. However, if you want a unit that is much simpler, there’s an array of other brands out there that you can choose from.

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