MasterFlow MF-1050 12-Volt Air Compressor Review

Portability is one of the main concerns when one is finding for the best tire inflator. And while there are many brands to choose from, with their own pros and cons and other gimmicks, the quality and reliability of the units are not the same. 

As it happens, there are tire inflators today that are portable but not quite as effective in inflating tires. And there are those units that can provide enough speed and power for inflation but not really lightweight and compact.

One thing we’re certain about, a lot of vehicle owners and drivers are looking for a tire inflator that is both portable and powerful. But the question is, does it exist?

Thankfully, yes.

Such units of tire inflators may be tough to find but they do exist. It’s just a matter of knowing where to look and exactly what to look for. And this guide is here to help you out. One product we wanna highlight is the MasterFlow MF-1050 12-Volt Air Compressor. We don’t know about you but after seeing the specs and hearing what people have to say, this product might just be the fit for you.

Tire inflation is one of the most important things that you must regard when owning a car or a vehicle. Aside from the fact that tires are expensive, they actually have an impact on the user’s safety and security.

MasterFlow Air Compressor 

  • Capacity: 12 Volts
  • Working Pressure: Up to 150 psi
  • Output Rate: 30 Cubic Inches
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    Hose Length: 16 Feet
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    Power Cord: 10 Feet
  • star
    Price: Below $75

There are more than 5 air compressors and tire inflators that you can find on MasterFlow’s product line. And each of these units is found to be very useful and functional. In fact, a lot of people recommend this brand due to its overall efficiency and reliability

Among all the air compressors and tire inflators, the MF-1050 12-volt Air Compressor is one of the most rated units. Aside from the convenience and functionality of this equipment, its total price is very cost-effective.

But while many vehicle owners agree that this tire inflator is “the one,” there are also those who opt for other brands. We cannot please all, right? So, how would you know if this is the one for you?

To further help you on this matter, here are some points that you may want to ponder on:

The MasterFlow MF-1050 12-Volt Air Compressor is perfect for you if:
  • You are looking for a cost-effective tire inflator
  • You want a powerful unit
  • You need a convenient inflation period
  • You prefer an all-around inflator equipment
  • You like your tire inflator coming from a popular brand
Conversely, this might not be the best tire inflator for you if: 
  • You are looking for a high-end type of tire inflator
  • You need a lightweight and portable unit
  • You prefer an inflator that is designed only for tires
  • You want a great and effective air filter (check out our guide on the best air filters for 6.7 cummins) (check out our guide on the best air filters for 6.7 cummins) (check out our guide on the best air filters for 6.7 cummins) (check out our guide on the best air filters for 6.7 cummins) (check out our guide on the best air filters for 6.7 cummins) (check out our guide on the best air filters for 6.7 cummins) (check out our guide on the best air filters for 6.7 cummins) (check out our guide on the best air filters for 6.7 cummins)
  • You need an accurate pressure gauge on the inflator

Key Features and Specifications 

  • Powerful Functionalities 
  • The MasterFlow MF-1050 12-Volt Air Compressor is one of the most powerful tire inflators of today. When you check different units on the market, this will appear to be one of the most favored units due to its overall functionalities.
  • Its 12-volt capacity allows the unit to provide sufficient air flow rates when in use. Also, the 10-foot power cord is a heavy-duty type.
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    Aside from these features, the MF-1050 takes pride in its 16-foot self-coiling hose that allows quick connection and inflation.
  • Durable Build and Structure 
  • The build and structure of the MasterFlow MF-1050 are very much on point. As it happens, these factors are very much applauded by its users since the unit is found to last for quite some time.
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    It is very sturdy and durable which makes the unit a worth-it purchase.
  • Ease Of Use
  • Another great feature of the MasterFlow MF-1050 is its ability to assist its owners, even on the first use. It is pretty straightforward, which is perfect especially that not everybody is patient with the learning curve part.
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    Also, another reason why it is very convenient is because of its all-inclusive accessories. The package comes with a durable nylon storage bag and other accessories that add to the overall convenience of using, storing, and maintaining the unit.

Advantages and Pros

  • Convenient To Use: The MasterFlow MF-1050 12-Volt Air Compressor is very easy to use. And all of the accessories included adds to the overall convenience of the unit.
  • Flexible and Versatile Unit: This inflator is not only designed for car tires but also it can accommodate other products that need inflating like balls and other inflatable products
  • Affordable: Unlike other tire inflators, this powerful air compressor has a price rated below $75 which is a very inexpensive figure.

Disadvantages and Cons

  • The Unit Slows Down At Higher Pressure Ratings: The MasterFlow MF-1050 is known to be a powerful air compressor tire inflator. However, when it reaches a higher pressure rating, it tends to slow down its rate causing for a little time rate discrepancy.
  • Too Heavy: One of the drawbacks of this tire inflator unit is that it is pretty heavy. But even so, it is still considered to be portable.
  • Pressure Gauge Is Not Very Reliable: Reading the pressure ratings can be challenging since the gauge does not provide reliable and accurate readings.

Reviews From Actual Users

Love this little compressor. I did a lot of research when deciding what pump I wanted to buy, and I am glad I bought this one. It is an excellent value, even before the modifications I did to it.”

“It runs better, cooler, smoother and faster now with these few things done, and I am extremely happy with it. So happy that I plan on buying a second one to install in my full size truck as well.”

“I looked for a good inflator that would last and was happy to find this. It lived up to the claims of filling a tire from near flat to the desired pressure in just a couple of minutes.” ~From Parker check out his guides on the best car phone mount

Final Thoughts on MasterFlow MF-1050 12-Volt Air Compressor 

All in all, the MasterFlow MF-1050 12-Volt Air Compressor is an ideal tire inflator for every vehicle owner that wants to have a portable and powerful unit. Also, it is very suitable for users who own large trucks and vehicles. Plus, it’s very inexpensive too!

But while this unit is deemed to be cheap and powerful, its downsides are also matters of concerns that need grave considerations.

So, before heading out to make your purchase, ensure that you have checked all aspects and factors first.

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