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15 Best Portable Tire Inflators and Air Compressors AC/DC Chordless

There are a lot of low quality tire pumps on the market and in this guide we want to save you from getting a product you will be unhappy with. In the process of testing these products I had a few fail on the first test. Getting a flat tire is not fun but having your portable air compressor pump fail is even less so. 

There are a number of important things to consider when picking the best tire pump and we will save you the hassle of doing all of the research yourself. 

Below is a guide so that you can jump between different air compressors we've reviewed.

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To jump start, I have laid down some of the best-rated units that are currently in the market.

one other  product  that we didn't  have a chance to review today was  best tire Repair Quality with vector

Best Portable Car Tire Inflators: 

Slime Pro Power


Slime Pro Power 12-Volt Tire Inflator
  • Functional compressor 
  • Works silently 
  • Lightweight 

Rated by: Aaron

Master Flow MF-1050


MasterFlow MF-1050
  • Pumps Quickly
  • Good hose and outlet cord length
  • Great quality carry bag

Rated by: Aaron

SuperFlow® MV-90 


SuperFlow® MV-90 Heavy Duty Air Compressor
  • Inflate tires really quickly 
  • Fairly easy to use 
  • Long-lasting 

Rated by: Aaron

The 15 Best Tire Inflators of 2019

Nobody wants to be trapped in a flat tire situation, that’s why it’s better to be ready at all times. The only thing worse than having flat tires is the fact that an air compressor is not readily available. You might be surprised how much a portable compressor can make your life a lot easier, whether it's fixing your flat tire or pumping up a sports ball air compressors can come in handy.

RankingInflatorCheck Price
1SuperFlow® MV-90Check Price Now
2Slime Pro PowerCheck Price Now
3Miady DigitalCheck Price Now
4JACO SmartPro 2.0 AC/DC DigitalCheck Price Now
5MasterFlow MF-1050 12-Volt
Check Price Now
6HomDSim Portable Car InflatorCheck Price Now
7TIREWELL TW2003 12VCheck Price Now
Check Price Now
9GSPSCN Inflator Heavy Duty Double CylindersCheck Price Now

1. MAXOAK V8 First Aid Kit Smart Tire Inflator Pump and Car Jump Starter Power Bank

Quick Summary

MAXOAK V8 First Aid Kit

Rated by: Aaron

  • Capacity: 12 Volts 
  • Tire Pressure: Up to 85 psi 
  • Airflow Rate: n/a 

Considered as the showstopper on this list, MAXOAK V8 is the best inflator you can get in the market this year. With a high capacity of 22000mAh, your cars troubles will surely be answered.

This multi-functional car essential isn’t just a an air compressor, as it can also be an emergency jump starter, portable charger with Type C USB port, small digital display and a LED torch.

Among other functions, the MAXOAK V8 is a powerful air inflator with up to 85 PSI tire pressure, which is the sole reason why it only takes about five minutes to inflate a tire (normal sized). 

It works silently, and you can monitor the air tire pressure by looking at the gauge of this tool. But, don’t limit yourself with blowing up just a car tire pressure, it can also be used on any size sports and gym balls, led flashlight, camping equipment, bike tires, and many more sports.

Functioning as a jump starter, sudden emergencies in the middle of a road trip will be handled well by MAXOAK V8.  It can jump start a 12V vehicle with engine displacement that does not go higher than 6.5L. When it comes to over-charging, the Li-Polymer cell of the MAXOAK V8 comes with a unique PCB with charge equalization.

The MAXOAK V8 is compact, handy and can be easily stored (garage storage or house storage) compared to a traditional bulky air inflator. Its portability and convenience combined with functionality won’t make you question why the MAXOAK V8 is your best bet. It comes with a package that includes everything you need when using this car tool, which saves a lot of money and effort.


  • Multi-functional
  • Its Type C USB port gives a fast charge
  • Comes with a manual which makes it easy to use 


  • Not budget-friendly
  • Not stationary when used for inflation
  • Not an easy to use outlet plug

Looking for an all-around and flexible inflation that can get your car to your desired pressure or maximum pressure? You may want to have the MAXOAK V8 First Aid Kit Smart air Inflate Pump and Car Jump Starter Power Bank today! 

Top Heavy Duty Tire Inflator

2. SuperFlow® MV-90 Heavy Duty Air Compressor

Quick Summary

SuperFlow® MV-90 Heavy Duty Air Compressor

Rated by: Aaron

  • Capacity: 12 Volts 
  • Maximum Pressure: Up to 120 psi 
  • Airflow Rate: 6400 cubic inches per minute 

Also on this list is the SuperFlow® MV-90 Air Compressor. Perfect for big vehicles, inflating tires with at least 35 inches is this equipment’s forte.

Working 25% faster than units from the same brand, you won’t wonder why it could be your next top air inflate.

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With the vehicle battery as its power source when puffing up large tires using alligator clips, the SuperFlow® MV-90 Air Compressor can inflate car tires in about two minutes. It comes with a 24-feet coil hose and inline tire pressure gauge with a rugged base plate. 

With a maximum airflow of 6400 cubic inches per minute, the SuperFlow® MV-90 Air Compressors has your back.

The SuperFlow® MV-90 Air Compressor has a sturdy and maximum duty build which makes it perfect for the tires of SUVs, trucks, tractors, and RVs.

This is not only limited to car tires, as it can also be used to inflate sports, led flashlight and gym balls, mattresses, and many more.


Very impressed! Very Happy with quality, volume and performance of this compressor. Caring bag is a little week, but good enough. I had a compressor from Cabalas, sub-standard compared to this SuperFlow.”


  • Inflates tire pressure really quickly
  • Fairly easy to use
  • Well made Power Cord
  • Long-lasting


  • Unit heats up easily
  • Compact
  • Inaccurate tire pressure gauge

Do you want a silent air tire inflator to work with? Check the SuperFlow® MV-90 Air Compressor now!

3. Slime Pro Power 12-Volt Tire Pump Air Compressor

Quick Summary

Slime Pro Power 12-Volt Tire Inflator

Rated by: Aaron

  • Capacity: 12 Volts 
  • Tire Pressure: Up to 150 PSI 
  • Air flow Rate: n/a 

Dealing with car troubles won’t be that troublesome anymore with Slime Pro Heavy Duty 12-Volt Tire Inflator.

Achieve smooth road trips and maximize wheel life with the great 12-volt power cord and a 150 PSI compressor. Inflating most car tires within about three minutes, be ready to take on lots of adventure and travels.

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With its 16 feet hose and quick release coupler, dealing with tire pressure problems will be a breeze. Tire pressure reading is made easy with its accurate gauge topped with a bright LED light. 

The Slime Pro 12-Volt digital Inflator is also user-friendly as it has a dual power chord made separately for the light and compressor.

Made for every car owner’s convenience and easy storage, this comes with a canvas bag. The Slime Pro 12-Volt Tire  isn’t limited only to car tires as it can also be used to inflate balls, rafts, mattresses, and more. You might be looking at your potential air inflator.

This is not only limited to car wheels, as it can also be used to inflate tires, sports and gym balls, mattresses, and many more.


“The compressor itself seems well made. I've used it around 20 times and it keeps on working. Just yesterday, I needed to add air to one of my motorcycle wheels, then the pickup truck needed one filled, and the Subaru needed both front wheels filled to their maximum pressure.”


  • Functional compressor
  • Works silently
  • overheat protection
  • Lightweight


  • Gets hot easily
  • Consists of plastic heat sink and pressure gauge
  • Not long-lasting

Do you need a tire inflator that is portable and lightweight? You may want to check this Slime Pro 12-Volt fast Tire Inflator and see for yourself!

4. Miady Digital Tire Air Compressor

Quick Summary

Miady Digital Tire Inflator

Rated by: Aaron

  • Capacity: 12 Volts 
  • Pressure: Up to 150 PSI 
  • Airflow Rate: 60 liter per minute
  •  Fancy Digital Display

Included on this list is the Miady Digital Tire Inflator that’s packed with lots of features. Featuring its multiple functions, your vehicle is ensured to perform at its maximum level.

Compared to ordinary digital pumps, Miady Digital Tire Air Compressor gives a better performance with its dual cylinders and dual motor pumps. Inflating tires is done best with this digital tire inflator in about a minute with a speed of 60L/min.

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Owning a plug and play feature, your car battery can be your power outlet through alligator clamps to plug your power cord into.

One of the most noteworthy features of Miady Digital Inflator is that it automatically stops inflating when the pre-set pressure value is reached. It has a 16-inch outlet tube and an additional 8-foot PVC air hose, which lets you reach all wheels of your vehicle easily. Featuring three extra pumping nozzles (air hose), LED lights, and a digital gauge, inflating your vehicles, to it's desired pressure or maximum pressure, has never been this easy.


I live in rural area where it takes about 30min drive to go body shop to fix my tire issues and it costs more than $30! So, I decided to get a reliable inflator which I can use it for longterm without many issues”


  • Used easily with car cigarette lighter
  • Sturdy construction
  • Practical LCD screen


  • Hard to understand instructions
  • Relatively noisy when used
  • Heats up easily

A small and easy to use inflator? The Miady Digital Tire Inflator might be the one you need!

5. JACO SmartPro 2.0 AC/DC Digital Tire Inflator Pump

Quick Summary

JACO SmartPro

Rated by: Aaron

  • Capacity: 12 Volts 
  • Pressure: Up to 100 psi 
  • Airflow Rate: 30 liters per minute
  •  Fancy Digital Display

Adding to your dilemma on what to choose as the best inflator for your car is the JACO SmartPro 2.0 Digital Tire Inflator

This is the Best AC/DC Tire Inflator

Featuring its SmartPressure Digital Technology and other handy features, upgrade your car essentials by having this (digital) tire inflator with you at all times.

Click to Read a more detailed review.

This reliable tire inflator pump can be used with AC or DC power. The (tire valve stem) pump has an airflow rate of 30L/min, which gives an average inflating time off about three minutes for an average size (d) car. The JACO SmartPro 2.0 Digital includes a 24-inch air hose which features a brass twist-connect nozzle and a built-in air hose bleeder tire valve stem.

With its LED safety light with three different settings, this air tire inflator saves the day, especially in times of emergencies. Included in the package are items like a carry bag and an adapter nozzle accessories for inflatables. The JACO SmartPro 2.0 Digital makes a smart choice because it’s both energy-efficient and works soundlessly.


“WORTH EVERY PENNY! Flat on my trailer, filled at the barn! Low air in my car, filled at my parking spot. Top off all the truck tires, done! The only thing that would make this better is a longer 12V outlet cord as it can't reach my trailer tires even with a 12V extension outlet cord.”


  • Works quietly
  • Has a standard size
  • Inflates pretty quickly
  • Easy to setup


  • Poor quality
  • Unreliable AC mode
  • Hose may not be long enough

A straightforward and portable tire inflator? You can have yours with this JACO SmartPro 2.0 Digital Tire Inflator!

6. MasterFlow MF-1050 12-Volt Portable Air Compressor for tires

Quick Summary

MasterFlow MF-1050

Rated by: Aaron

  • Capacity: 12 Volts 
  • Pressure: Up to 150 psi 
  • Airflow Rate: 6400 cubic inches per minute 

Engineered to make every car owner’s life easy and convenient the MasterFlow MF-1050 12V Portable Air Compressor Tire Inflator might be your best option. It has a 12-volt compressor power, including a 10-foot power outlet cord.

This air compressor also boasts its 16-foot self-coiling hose which gives a fast connection and easy twisting of the inflator. This is one of the best portable air compressors for tires.

The sturdiness and multifunctionality of the MasterFlow MF-1050 makes it very irresistible, as it does not only inflate tires or truck tires, but also any inflatable household items.

The MF-1050 owns an appropriately- size (d) direct drive motor, which allows more efficient airflow and results in faster inflation time.

Designed for your convenience, the MF-1050 can be stored quite easily and has its own durable nylon storage bag. It's size allows it to fit neatly under most truck seats, so carrying it wherever is not a problem. The MF-1050 can be used very easily by attaching it to your car battery using alligator clips, inflating tires within about two minutes.


So far so good, filled my truck tires in quick order, easy to use, a little on the maximum side but I'm good with that, only time will tell to see if it holds up. But all in all - fast, convenient, and lightweight. Excellent to have if you own an RV”


  • Pumps quickly
  • Good hose and cord length
  • Great quality carry bag
  • Easy to use


  • Occasionally slows down when a high pressure is reached
  • Inaccurate pressure reading
  • Low quality air filter

Speed and efficiency are the things that you might get if you choose to buy the MasterFlow MF-1050 12V Air Compressor Tire Inflator today!

7. HomDSim Portable Car Inflator

Quick Summary

HomDSim Portable Car Tire Inflator

Rated by: Aaron

  • Capacity: 12 Volts 
  • Pressure: Up to 85 PSI 
  • Airflow Rate: 60 liters per minute 

Boasting its 280W power, the HomDSim Portable Car Tire Inflator consists of a twin cylinder.

Its maximum duty construction with metal body makes this inflator worth yovur bucks.

This promising inflator pumps out air hose at a rate of 60 L/ minute. Isn’t it impressive?

The HomDSim Portable Car Inflator also features a metal body finish grounded by anti-vibration rubber feet, which reduces unnecessary movements of the unit.

It would greatly help if you plug your vehicle into any DC 12V lighter socket (cigarette lighter socket), or even use a battery clip to connect to the car battery. This way, the inflator gets more power and less time for inflation.


“It works great with the battery clamps, but not with the lighter adapter.”


  • Durable metal body
  • Packed with lots of accessories
  • Fast inflation speed


  • Unreliable battery clamps
  • Low quality carry case
  • Inaccurate pressure reading

A durable and sturdy inflator? Check the HomDSim Portable Car Tire Inflator today and learn if this unit is the best one for you!

8. TIREWELL TW2003 12V Tire Inflator

Quick Summary

TIREWELL TW2003 12V Tire Inflator

Rated by: Aaron

  • Capacity: 12 Volts 
  • Pressure: Up to 150 PSI 
  • Airflow Rate: 2.12 Cubic Feet per Minute 

With its fast inflation, advanced technology, and good construction, the TIREWELL TW2003 tire inflator makes it to this list of the best units of today.

Perfect for emergencies such as leaks and insufficient pressure, the TW2003 could make the best for your preference. It features a maximum duty power outlet cord that can handle almost any car tire.

Boasting its double cylinder air compressor, the TW2003 inflates any wheel rapidly, with the use of a high-quality direct drive motor and a highly efficient pump. 

The said pump consists of a great cigarette lighter having a 15A fuse, 11.5-foot power cord, and 1.8-foot inflation tube. All of these combined makes inflation done within 2 minutes.

Featuring its advanced technology, the TW2003 reduces the vibration, lessens the noise, and makes it stationary when used. This is easy to control, which makes it a crowd favorite.


This pump is several times faster (6-7x) than the cheaper units. It also runs cool - the metal fittings on the hose heat up, but the compressor body does not (I've burned myself on the cheaper compressors cylinder body).”


  • Inflates quickly
  • Can be powered through a 12-volt socket or the car battery
  • Well-built


  • Short power cord lead
  • Weighs a lot
  • Not properly working on cold weather

Want a fast and efficient inflator? Try to check the TIREWELL TW2003 inflator and see whether it fits your requirements or not!

9. CyclePump EXPEDITION Tire Inflator Straight Air Chuck 

Quick Summary

cyclepump expedition tire inflator

Rated by: Aaron

  • Capacity: 12 Volts 
  • Pressure: Up to 100 PSI 
  • Airflow Time: 2 to 3 minutes 

The CyclePump Expedition Inflator also makes it to the list because of its reliability and efficiency. Also, this unit comes with a straight air chuck that adds more effectiveness in its functions.

It is lightweight and compact so users can definitely bring it anytime and anywhere. Along with its total portability, this tire inflator is also very durable. In fact, the materials used in its structure and build are mainly aircraft-grade aluminum case.

In addition, the CyclePump Expedition Inflator comes with a lifetime warranty. And many actual owners of this unit attest to the effectiveness of its terms.

Although interested buyers may need to shell out a few more hundreds of dollars, many people state that this is truly a worth-it purchase.


Buy cheap, buy twice. Learn it, live by it. This unit has a much nicer chuck fitting, and the compressor itself just chugs away without issue. Get the EZAir portable gauge to use inline, and makes for a very dependable and portable tire inflator.”


  • Portable and lightweight
  • Ideal for motorcycles
  • Very durable and sturdy


  • Expensive
  • It does not come with a gauge
  • Not ideal for huge vehicles

Do you want an inflator that comes with a lifetime warranty? Get the CyclePump Expedition Inflator today!

10. GSPSCN Inflator Heavy Duty Double Cylinders

Quick Summary

gspscn tire inflator

Rated by: Aaron

  • Capacity: 12 Volts 
  • Pressure: Up to 150 PSI 
  • Airflow Rate: 70 liters per minute 

The GSPSCN Double Cylinders is a great inflator that has the ability to speed up your inflation process. With its airflow rate of 70 liters per minute and maximum time rating of 1.5 minutes, you can certainly accomplish your quick inflation in the middle of the road.

Its structure and build are also strengthened due to its stable and firm rubber casing. 

Apparently, this adds to the total convenience of the users. This is because the sports rubber technology equipped in the unit refrains the tire inflator to move around.

Also, this inflator mainly utilizes its double cylinder inflation pumps that allow the unit to be more precise, fast, and powerful.

All in all, the GSPSCN  is, definitely, a heavy-duty type of inflator that any user can utilize anytime and anywhere.


My 31 inch tires fill from 20 psi to 36 psi in about 2 minutes, my old compressor took between 8 and 10 minutes. This is a great portable air compressor and I would highly recommend it to my friends.”


  • Powerful and fast
  • Designed for heavy-duty purposes
  • Inexpensive
  • Great for your Vehicles & Sport Equipment


  • It has apparent issues with its gauge
  • The inclusions are not made from the finest qualities of materials
  • Not very durable
  • Takes up storage space

Looking forward to have an inexpensive and yet very powerful inflator? Check the GSPSCN Inflator Double Cylinders and learn if this is the one for you!

11. BLACK+DECKER ASI300 Air Station Inflator Portable

Quick Summary

black decker asi300

Rated by: Aaron

  • Capacity: 12 Volts 
  • Pressure: Up to 160 PSI 
  • Airflow Rate: n/a 

Black+Decker ASI300 Air Station Inflator is one of the sleekest and most pleasing tire inflators that you would see on the market today. As a matter of fact, many users would want to have this unit due to its overall appearance and design.

But aside from its physical build and design, this tire inflator has the ability to reach up to 160 psi of working pressure. And with this rating, it is ideal for huge types of vehicles. However, a lot of users state that this tire inflator work best on bikes and average size tires.

As for its features, this unit from Black+Decker comes with an automatic shut down. And this is very useful for users who wants an automatic type of inflator. Accordingly, this shuts down automatically once it reaches the desired pressure that the user sets on the dial.

Additionally, another thing that makes the Black+Decker ASI300 Air Station Inflator a very effective unit is its illuminated gauge. As it happens, this feature adds to the overall convenience of using the said inflator.


this compressor did a great job. Yeah, sure, the cords are short and we need an extension, no big deal!! The one borrowed has the dc cord as a plug in, the new one is hard wired. And I love them both. The auto shut off is great. the other features, yep great. it WORKS!!


  • Innovative features
  • The automatic shutdown feature is great
  • Effective warranty terms


  • Poor customer service
  • Not very durable
  • The AC power cord has apparent issues

A convenient and automatic type of tire inflator? Yes, you might experience these things with the Black+Decker ASI300 Air Station Inflator! So, get yours now!

12. Goodyear i8000 120-Volt Direct Drive Tire Inflator

Quick Summary

goodyear i8000

Rated by: Aaron

  • Capacity: 120 Volts 
  • Pressure: Up to 120 psi 
  • Airflow Rate: up to 28 psi in 2 minutes 

The Goodyear i8000 Direct Drive  is the most sophisticated unit from the Goodyear I series. But while its sophisticated and powerful, the price is not entirely high in comparison with the other units of the same specifications.

We'd rate this the best tire inflator 120v

Apparently, this is very popular. Aside from its brand name, the features and performance of the said are the other reasons for its current fame and success. In fact, a lot of users attest to the efficiency and convenience of the i8000 tire inflator.

When using the Goodyear i8000, you would hear a little to nothing. And thanks to its innovative motors, vibrations are entirely omitted in the process of inflation.

Moreover, the Goodyear i8000 comes with a very beneficial adapter. And with the use of this accessory, users can use this inflator on almost everything that can be inflated.


“This is a great digital compressor tire inflator---and it's so simple that a child could use it. A monkey could use it. A dead houseplant could probably use it. This is one of my best Amazon purchases to date. Do yourself a favor and get one. This is going to save your butt the next time you go out to the car and discover a flat at the worst possible time.”


  • Effective and efficient inflator
  • Flexible and versatile
  • Great warranty terms
  • Automatic Shutoff


  • The coiled hose is very stiff
  • It has apparent issues on its screw-on connector
  • Not very durable

Are you looking for a trustworthy and versatile inflator? Look at the Goodyear i8000 Direct Drive Inflator and check if this one fits your needs and wants!

Top Portable Tire Pump Rated 2019

Are you looking for portable inflators or portable air compressors with a fancy air hose (or without a fancy air hose) :)? Or tired of underinflated tires and want a portable device that you can carry on yourself at all times?

 Below is our selection for of best portable tire inflator and portable air compressors.

Best Portable Air Compressor For Tires

1. SuperFlow 12V HD Air Compressor - Portable Tire Inflators

Best used for large loads, the SuperFlow 12V HD Air Compressor is engineered to handle larger tires up to 35 inches.

With more power than other units from this manufacturer, it can inflate 25% faster and more efficient.

Getting its power cord source directly from the car battery, the SuperFlow 12V HD Air Compressor works its magic by way of alligator clips.

Made with heavy-duty materials, the SuperFlow 12V HD Air Portable Compressor is sturdy and rugged. You will never worry about car troubles again with this air compressor by your side.

2. TIREWELL 12V Tire Inflator  - Portable Tire Inflators

Perfect for inflating tires of SUVs, trucks, RVs, trailers, and other vehicles the TIREWELL 12V Tire inflator works just as described. Designed with a four-rod fuselage and rubber feet, it works steadily with minimal noise and reduced vibration. Built for your convenience, this portable tire inflator powerfully inflates a standard vehicle wheel within two minutes.

Packed with a battery clamp, and a 5-meter extension hose that reaches long-wheelbase vehicles, the TIREWELL 12V Tire Inflator can be connected directly to your car’s battery. Featuring double cylinders in the direct drive inflation pump, this tire inflation pump performs powerfully and compactly to your desired pressure.

3. Gentec GKNT20-TC Nitrogen Tire Inflation Kit 

This nitrogen inflation kit is the best and cost-efficient choice when it comes to portable tire inflators. It has great quality and excellent specifications that will make you want to buy it right away.

Equipped with a 12-inch hose, high pressure nitrogen regulator, 12-foot coiled hose, and a pressure gauge, the Gentec GKNT20-TC Nitrogen Tire Inflation Kit keeps your tire troubles away.

It utilizes nitrogen gas, a dry inert gas known to be stable, which makes the pressure inside your car tires stable. 

Benefits Of Having A Tire Inflator

Sometimes, one of the driving forces, when you buy a certain item, is knowing the benefits this product own. In line with this, tire inflators have certain benefits you can enjoy while it lasts. It does more than just keep your tire pressures in check.

Note: Looking for more info read our guide

Tire Inflators Benefits
  • Properly inflated car tires generally mean better gas mileage for your car.
  • You’ll save money that’s meant for the tire’s maintenance because tires will wear slower if it gets the proper PSI meant for it.
  • Well-conditioned car tires equate to smoother road trips.
  • In times of changing and hostile weather conditions, your car tires are protected from its effects because of the proper pressure and inflation.

Why Tire Pressure is important

There are three pressure ratings that you will need to learn when you use a tire inflator. These three pressure ratings will help you determine how you would use your chosen and best inflator.

Also, without learning these things efficiently, it might result in deterioration and even breakage of your tires.

How to Properly Check your Tire Pressure

But, how would you know if you already need to inflate your tires?

Once you learn the standard pressure of your tire and the current pressure that it contains, from the digital display, you will know how much pressure you will need when you use a inflator. It will actually determine the amount of supply that your tires would require.

Once you learn the appropriate pressure rating of your tires, you can then check your tires as of the moment and see whether they meet the standard pressure.

Normally, a great inflator already comes with a pressure gauge that can help you obtain the current tire pressure. But if not, you can use a separate air pressure gauge to check the pressure.

It is important for you to note that supplying too much pressure may damage permanently your tires. And supplying inadequate amount of pressure may lead to wheel and damages. In fact, this could even result in accidents.

Hence, it is very much essential that you regard and consider these pressure ratings.

Power Source 12V vs Alternative Electric Tire Inflators 

For tire inflators to fully work, there are different power outlet. The main examples are 12-volt C, 115-volt AC, dual voltage electric, cordless power, and external compressed air source. 

A 12-volt DC is a power cord source that plugs into a cigarette lighter or any supporting power outlet cord plug. This type makes a convenient choice because it can be stored easily, storage is easy, which makes it handy. The only downside of 12-volt DCs is that they work relatively slowly.

Tire Inflators Power Source

115-volt ACs are more powerful and can work faster than the previous type. I would say using these plugs is easy. However, this type cannot be powered by your vehicle and is relatively bigger.

Dual voltage electrics are tire inflators are electrical-powered types. It has a switch that can be plugged either into a cigarette lighter socket or can be run off by 115-volt AC plugs.

Lastly, tire inflators that have an external compressed air pressure require you to have a separate air compressor. This type is preferred by mechanics because of its large weight. It also works faster and can handle large tires better.

Max allowable PSI 

Most tire inflators have a maximum allowable PSI, which limits the usage of the inflator. Having limitations on PSI amount is not a big deal for tires with around 35 PSI, but is relatively useless when certain tires require a higher PSI amount. To cope with this situation, having an external compressed air pressure helps in handling high PSI requirements. The highest PSI you'll find is 300 PSI, but the average is 100 PSI.

Accordingly, knowing the allowable PSI input on tire inflators is beneficial, so you can avoid further hassle especially on urgent cases and emergencies.


One major factor a car owner or mechanic should notice while getting a tire inflator is its portability. Tire inflators come in handy specifically on emergencies and sticky situations. To guarantee this, you need to look at its cigarette lighter socket or other power.

Tire Inflator Portability

When a tire inflator has a 12-volt DC, you’re good to go. This specific type lets you plug it easily into your car’s battery. On the flipside, tire inflators that require 115-volt plugs to run or need a separate air supply are much less portable than tire inflators that run off of 12 volts DC.

Hose or cord length

The tire inflator’s hose and cord may also affect your decision-making. You need a hose or cord with sufficient length so getting to the tires can be easily and conveniently done. A longer hose or cord basically means you don’t have to move the inflator as often as you should when having a shorter one.

Aside from the hose and cord, the fill hose’s length is an important consideration, too. Longer fill hose means easier placing of the adapter on the tire valve stem. After all, what’s a good tire inflator if it can’t smoothly get into certain places of your car?

How do I know the recommended PSI for my tires?

Usually, tire pressure gauges of tire inflators have two types--- analog and digital. To know which one suits best for your needs, it’s best to differentiate the two.

Tire Inflators Pressure

Analog pressure gauges let you read the PSI of a tire through a pointer that directs at a corresponding number on the gauge. This type is usually hard to see but gives a more accurate reading.

While a digital pressure gauge is the easiest type to read, although you might need daylight or any source of light for easy reading. Digital pressure gauges are usually preferred by non-professionals that don’t really mind the accuracy when inflating tires.

Additional accessories

But, of course, who doesn’t want additional accessories? Intangibles add more versatility and functionality to your tire inflator. Knowing that the tire inflator you just bought has extra accessories is a plus. 

Adapter heads that help in filling like inflatable toys and air mattresses are some of the examples of the bonus. Usually, manufacturers include a carry bag in the package for easy storage of the product. This makes the tire inflator so much handy and convenient.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Portable Tire Inflator

After laying out the best options for you, it’s only reasonable to fell torn. Buying something that has the potential to be used many times should be thought of thoroughly. It’s not something to be done out of the blue. Read our guide to get out top picks for best tire inflators in 2019.

And although inflators are not entirely expensive, it is still a need for you to consider the factors that affect the overall quality and (easy) functionality that you will be choosing.

Now, it’s time to talk about certain easy key points before purchasing the top tire inflator for you. Before anything else, it’s important to know certain characteristics of a tire inflator that is made to serve you right.

How much it costs

For most buyers, the product’s price comes first, among other factors. This makes sense since it greatly narrows down your choices. Nothing is more satisfying than knowing you are getting your money’s worth.

Despite the fact that most tire inflators don’t have a hefty price tag, some car owners choose not to splurge on this type of car essential. With that being said, it helps if you set a budget for your potential tire inflator.

What type you’re getting

A tire inflator has two main types— stand-alone, and assisted. It is easy to know which type works best for you, comparing and contrasting the two might be necessary.

A stand-alone tire inflator has its own supply of compressed air. This type is usually portable and light, which makes it easy to carry wherever you go. Stand-alone tire inflators are also easy to store.

On the other hand, assisted tire inflators are the dependent type. This means that an external supply of portable air compressor is necessary for them to work. This type is often highly durable, which makes it a mechanic favorite.

What is the Best Portable Auto Tire Inflator?

Let’s end this guide by recapping the best inflator that can be found on the market today. The MAXOAK V8 is no doubt the best among this list. Functionality, portability, features, digital display, and a good price tag--- the V8 has it all!

With a high capacity of 22000mAh, it isn’t just an inflator, as it can also be an emergency jump starter, portable charger with Type C USB port, digital display, and a LED torch. It inflates tires silently in about five minutes and has an air pressure gauge. This is not only limited to car tires, as it can also be used to inflate sports and gym (sports) balls, (sport) bike tires, mattresses, and many more sports.

MAXOAK V8 First Aid Kit

Aside from being a car jump starter, the MAXOAK V8 can also be used to charge your gadgets and devices with its Li-Polymer cell. Storage is not a problem since it is not the traditional bulky type. Included in the package is everything you need to start using this tool.

With MAXOAK V8, you get functionality and convenience rolled into a single car essential. It also doesn’t break the bank, which makes it the best on this list.

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