TIREWELL TW2003 12V Tire Inflator Review

The Good

Priced under $70, this is an affordably-priced inflator that will surely fit within anyone’s budget. Despite its low price, it is a reliable inflator that gets the job done faster than some of its higher-priced competitors, thanks to its powerful double cylinder pump capable of producing pressures of up to 150 PSI. At 4.4 out of 5 stars, it is rated highly by Amazon buyers, which is a testament to its exceptional performance.

The Bad

Some people who are more comfortable with digital displays might be disappointed with this product since its pressure gauge is not digital. Considering its low price, it also lacks some of the features you can find in its higher-end competitors such as the auto shutoff feature.

The Bottomline

If you are looking for a tire inflator on a budget, the Tirewell TW2003 12V inflator is perfect for you. It is packed with all the basic features you need in a tire inflator. A perfect blend of affordable pricing and quality, it’s no wonder that it is also Amazon’s Choice for "truck tire inflator" category.

Flat tires can happen anytime and anywhere but with a reliable tire inflator around, you can deal with the problem right away instead of waiting for hours for the tow truck to arrive. If you’re looking for a dependable tire inflator without breaking the bank, the TIREWELL TW2003 12V Tire Inflator is one product that you might want to consider.

The product is also well-loved by Amazon buyers as it was given it a high rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars. The perfect balance of price and performance was also recognized by the e-commerce site and it became Amazon’s Choice for the truck tire inflator niche. We’ll give a brief rundown of some of its features below to give you a better understanding of its features and help you decide whether or not this is the tire inflator for you.

  • Inflates Car Tires In Just 2 Minutes 
  • The inflation speed might not matter if you discover your car’s flat tire on a leisurely weekend since you have all the time in the world to fix the problem. However, if you discover the flat tire when you are in a rush, you need a tire inflator that is capable of inflating your car’s tire fast.
  • That is where the TIREWELL TW2003 12V Tire Inflator comes in. With is maximum air flow of 2.12CFM, the inflator can inflate a standard vehicle tire in just 2 minutes. With its speedy inflating capability, you’ll still be in time for important appointments even if you encounter a flat tire emergency.
  • Wide Range Of Air Pressure 
  • When it comes to the level of air pressure they can produce, not all tire inflators are created equal. Some are only capable of producing enough air pressure to inflate regular car tires but can’t deal with tasks that require a higher air pressure output.
  • This TIREWELL inflator can produce a relatively high level of maximum air pressure. This tool gives you a wide range of air pressure of up to 150 PSI, an air pressure level on par with higher-priced inflators.
  • Powerful Double Cylinders Direct Drive Pump 
  • They say that two is better than one and that saying also applies to a tire inflator’s pump as well. With its double cylinders direct drive pump, this product is powerful enough to handle even larger inflating tasks.
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    Aside from inflating regular car tires, you can even use this TIREWELL inflator for trucks, SUVs, MPVs, campers, vans, and trailers. Of course, inflating the smaller wheels of bicycles, golf carts, and other inflatables won’t be a problem either. It also comes with 3 adapters so you can readily use it for sporting equipment, pool toys, and balls.
  • Portability and Ease of Use  
  • You probably don’t want a tire inflator that’s too large, heavy and cumbersome to carry around. Thankfully, portability is not an issue with this TIREWELL inflator. It measures 12.67 x 6.91x 8.19 inches which makes it small enough for you to conveniently store in your car’s trunk. It is also very lightweight at just 8.36 pounds; you won’t strain yourself every time you take it out.
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    This tire inflator is also super easy to use. You can just directly plug it into your car’s cigarette lighter with its cord that’s specifically designed for such compatibility. You can also opt to directly connect it to your car’s battery as it comes with battery clamps.
  • Long Extension Hose  
  • The product comes with a 5-meter extension hose. With its longer reach, the inflator allows you to service the flat tire wherever it may be located.
  • Low Noise and Vibration Level 
  • Most car owners would probably prefer a tire inflator that works silently without causing too much vibration. If these are among your considerations, then the TIREWELL 12V tire inflator might be the product you are looking for.
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    Its fuselage features a four-rod design that helps dampen vibrations, reduce noise and stabilizes the tool during operation. It also sports rubber feet so the powerful inflator stays in place while being used.

The TIREWELL 4333087867 Silver 12V Tire is a very affordable tire inflator and is offered on Amazon at below $70. However, this cheap tool delivers a surprisingly solid performance and is heavy-duty enough to handle a wide range of inflating tasks. One of the things that impressed us most is its fast inflation capability – it can inflate a regular car tire in just two minutes. We also love its versatility as it can be used for SUVs, MPVs and even trucks.

Given its low price, it is understandable to expect that it would lack a few of the features that you can find in pricier models. For instance, it does not have a digital pressure gauge and also lacks an auto shutoff feature. It also lacks a built-in LED light so fixing a flat tire could be a challenge at night time.

But we consider these only minor disadvantages as they can be solved easily. For instance, you’ll eventually get used to reading its dial pressure gauge the longer you use it. The lack of auto shutoff means you just have to watch the pressure gauge while inflating and make sure you stay within the manufacturer recommended tire pressure level. The lack of LED lighting can be solved by turning on your car’s lights or using your phone’s flashlight feature while fixing a flat tire at night.

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