Boulder Tools Tire Deflators 80 PSI Tire Pressure Gauge; Premium Quality Deflator Kit

The Boulder Tools Tire Deflator Tools is a recommended tool to ensure the efficient deflating of your vehicle tire to the precise PSI. To read more about the best tire repair kits click here

Product Specification:

Brand: Boulder Tools Tire Deflators

Item Weight: 9.6 ounces

Product Dimension: 4.5 x 7.2 x 1.8 inches

Item Model Number: FBA-BT4201

Manufacturer’s Part Number: FBA-BT4201

Key Features:

Metal Construction

Compact Deflator Pouch

Heavy Duty

1 Year Warranty

Solid Brass

Rust and Corrosion Resistant

Premium Pressure Gauge

Heavy Duty Case

Solid Brass Deflators

Product Description

These premium Boulders tools tire deflators are the best available in the market. Its many amazing tools and features make it the best on-demand for all kinds of vehicle owners, including large vehicle owners.

What makes the Boulder Tools Tire Deflators the Best Choice for You:

Simple and Accurate: This deflator enables you set your vehicle using your choice of PSI so you can easily deflate your tires as many times as you need to without adjusting the PSI. It also comes with included instructions to simplify the deflating process so your work gets finished early, your time is preserved and you can be on your way to your destination. Plus the deflating process does not require so much of your presence to be done efficiently.

Durable and Strong: The automotive tool built in such a way that it is covered by a strong firm rubber which protects it when it falls and enables you hold it more tightly. Another cool feature is that this deflator has both rust and corrosion resistant properties. The tools, in this case, were made to last for a long time. This way, you have more value for your money and this product can get to serve you faster.

Convenient to Use: This product has been made to be very simple and convenient to use. The tools are built to be very reliable regardless of atmospheric factors because it has rust and corrosion resistant features. The storage case has also been made to be compact, lightweight and very portable. It can be conveniently placed in your vehicle. As regards the deflating process, all you need do is ensure the deflators is latched onto the valve and the deflator perfectly deflate the tires to your preset PSI pressure.

Precise and Adjustable: This deflating tool does offer speed, accuracy, and efficiency. It comes with a high quality gauge that provides accurate measurement for the air pressure anytime it is being used. This gauge is designed with tough metallic equipment that allows you seal efficiently from any point.

Best Materials: These deflator tools are heavy duty and strong enough to carry out the task efficiently. Unlike inferior materials, these have been made to last you because they were designed without compromising any values. This deflator tool can be used to repair tires of all vehicles.

Top Quality Gauge: This top-quality pressure gauge enables you to know the measurement of PSI you are driving on. You can drive with no worries knowing the premium gauge covers that area. This gauge also works excellently to measure the air pressure in the tires as the deflating process is carried out. This way you can be sure you get the exact recommended rate of air pressure.

The tools contained in the Boulder Tools Tire Deflators:

Valve Caps

4 In 1 Valve Tool

Pressure Gauge

Canvas Storage Pouch

Full Coloured Instruction

List of people who should purchase this product include:

Farmers: While working, you can trust this Boulder Tools Tire Deflators to come in handy when you need to deflate tires. This way, your work on the farm can continue more quickly and the entire process is carried on with the least hassle. You can rely on this tool to work almost automatically at ensuring your car is set at the recommended PSI; while you give your time and effort at other areas on the farm that would require them.

Service Industry: If you belong to any segment of the service industry, having this Boulder Tools Tire Deflators should be a priority. It would ensure that work is carried out with little or no problems and efficiency is attained.

Family Sedan: You and your family can also trust this Boulder Tools Tire Deflators to deal with flat tire incidents along your journey. You can get to your destination much quicker and with less hassle. All you need do is follow the instructions that have been included in the case. This would serve as guidelines for repairing your tires, even for a novice or beginner.

Off-Road: This Boulder Tools Tire Deflator has been designed also ATV, 4-Wheelers and Dirt Bike users. If you use any of these vehicles, you can trust this deflator tool to be of great service to you. The ease at which this works for smaller vehicles is the same with which it works with larger vehicles.




A bit costly

Easy to Use




Light weight

Rapid Deflation

Compact case




High Quality

1 Year Warranty

Rust Resistant

Corrosion Resistant

Time Effective

No Batteries required

Automotive Precision Tool

Easy Storage

This Boulder Tire Deflator Tool is excellent and effective at deflating tires of all kinds of vehicles to the recommended PSI, with the least effort from your end. This deflator tool has been made with the best quality materials so they are guaranteed to serve you for a long time so you get the most of the product. Another great feature is that it does not need to use batteries to function properly and at optimal. This makes for more convenient and cost-effective use. There would be no need to recharge batteries when weak or change batteries when dead. All you need do is follow the included instructions and the process is carried out seamlessly and within the shortest time possible.

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