A Review of Blackjack Tire Repair Kit 2020

This BlackJack Tire Repair Kit is a premium repair kit that offers all tools required for the permanent repair of punctured tires of all kinds of vehicles.

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Product Specification:

  • Brand: Black Jack
  • Item Weight:3.05 Pounds
  • Product Dimension: 12.5 x 7 x 2.5 inches
  • Item Model Number: KT-340
  • Manufacturer’s Part Number: KT:340

Key Features:

  • Solid Steel Handle` with rubber embedded PVC
  • Round Shaped Handle
  • Ergonomic Handles
  • High Tensile Strength Fibers
  • The large diameter of 6.4mm
  • The small diameter of 4.8mm
  • Specially formulated Lube
  • The shelf life of over 20 years
  • Well Built Case

Product Description

This BlackJack Tire Repair Kit makes one of the best tire repair kits in today’s market. The case itself is well built and professional structured with each tool having its compartments. This makes for easier and more organized packing, as well as the easy location of tools. The case is also lightweight and portable and can be carried conveniently in your car.

What makes the BlackJack Tire Repair Kit the Best Choice for You:

  • Exclusive T-Bone Handle: This handle is designed to enable easy control and manipulation of the handle during the repair process. It ensures less strain and pressure on your hands while you work. This way, the repair process is carried out faster and with less hassle than it would have been. You do not have to sustain blisters or injuries on your palm when engaged in the repair process.
  • Solid Steel Handle: This handle enables you push the tool into the puncture with the most pressure. This handle has been designed to ensure the repair process is carried out seamlessly and as quickly as possible.
  • Versatility: This BlackJack Tire Repair Kit equips you with all you need to carry out repairs on your punctured tubeless tires on various vehicles. This way, you get to have a product that offers services in many different ways. You can carry out about 30 repairs of two different sizes. This would ensure that no matter the kind of puncture your tire has, this kit should be able to come through for you. You get more value for your money than when you purchase a repair kit that does not offer this level of versatility.
  • Durable and Reliable: The fiber contained in this kit is of a higher quality than other regular fibers which are usually made of cotton or polyester. This particular fiber is strengthened by the use of carbon black which consequently increases the durability and quality of the repair. The repair also blends perfectly with the tire so that it is not noticeable due to the black color. This fiber also makes the repair possess the perfect size and shape of the puncture. This way, it is so tightly sealed that moisture and dirt can not penetrate.

The tools found in the BlackJack Tire Repair Kit are:

  • Lube
  • 1 Piece of TBone Handle with Spiral Probe
  • 6 Spare Needles
  • 1 Piece of Razor Blade
  • 1 Piece of TBone Handle with 4 open eye needle
  • Screwdriver with an adjustableshaft
  • 1 Piece of Hex Wrench

This BlackJack Tire Repair Kit is designed to perfectly handle 30 repairs broken into the following:

  • 10 x 4’ large diameter repair
  • 10 x 4’ small diameter repair
  • 5 x 6’ large diameter repair
  • 5 x 6 small diameter repair

List of people who should purchase this product include:

Farmers: While working, you can trust this BlackJack Tire Repair Kit to come in handy when you need to fix punctured tires. This way, your work on the farm can continue more quickly and the entire process is carried on with the least hassle.

Service Industry: If you belong to any segment of the service industry, having this BlackJack Tire Repair Kit should be a priority. It would ensure that work is carried out with little or no problems and efficiency is attained.

Family Sedan: You and your family can also trust this BlackJack Tire Repair Kit to deal with flat tire incidents along your journey. You can get to your destination much quicker and with less hassle. All you need do is follow the instructions that have been included in the case. This would serve as guidelines for repairing your punctured tubeless tire, even for a novice or beginner.

Off-Road: This BlackJack Tire Repair Kit has been designed also ATV, 4-Wheelers and Dirt Bike users. If you use any of these vehicles, you can trust this repair kit to be of great service to you.

6 Easy Steps To Repairing Your Punctured Tire Using BlackJack Tire Repair Kit

  • Get rid of the external object from the punctured tire
  • Lube the end of the probe to go with the direction of the puncture
  • Clean the puncture by reaming the hole in a spiral motion with the auger shaped probe
  • Thread the repair material through the needle of the open eye probe so the repair material is in the middle of the needle
  • Put the open eye probe into the tire at the same angle as the puncture, then pull out with a twisting
  • Use the razor blade to cut the excess repair material that appears outside the tire. Ensure you do not twist the material once inserted into the tire.




Absence of instructions

Easy to Use

A bit costly




Light weight

Easy to pack

Compact case

Professional Case

Less fatigue and stress

Heavy Duty Case

Permanent repairs

Though this BlackJack Tire Repair Kit is a bit expensive when compared with some other repair kits, it offers excellent quality that would be worth your spent money. This repair kit can be used to repair vehicles of all sizes, including large ones like your trucks and ATV tires. It enables a permanent repair without having to remove the tire from its rim; making for speed and efficiency. This BlackJack Tire Repair Kit ensures a very quick and effective repair process.

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