Boulder Tools Tire Repair Kit Review

Searching for an all-in-one kit that helps you with the repair of your punctured tubeless tire? Boulder Tools Repair Kit is the best option for you.

Be sure to read out guide on the best tire repair kits.

What makes the Boulder Tools Tire Repair Kit the Best Choice for You?

Strong and Long-lasting Tools and Parts: The Boulder Tools Tire Repair Kit has been designed to match accurate standards. This kit has been structured to last you for a very long time. There is also a one year warranty attached to it. So you have more value for your money. When you purchase this product, you are guaranteed of high quality that would serve you for a satisfying period.

Upgraded Premium Pliers: This premium Boulder Tools Tire Repair Kit also comes with premium tools that would offer you reliability and confidence. You can trust in the premium pliers it provides you to do a great job and never fail you in an emergency. Unlike inferior substitutes, these tools are designed to be ready to serve you whenever you call. You can rest assured you would not face incidence where you feel helpless in the road because of a punctured tire, once you purchase these products.

56 Pieces: This premium flat tire repair kit has been furnished with 56 pieces of materials to ensure you and your family have the safest trips whenever you want to. The versatility of this premium flat tire repair kit is also am an important feature to consider; these 56 pieces have been designed to work with many types of vehicles with tubeless tires. This way, you can one product serving all types of vehicles that you own, including bikes.

Easy to use: This premium order Boulder Tools Tire Repair Kit has been designed to enable a simplified use. You do not have to go through much stress; thanks to the various types of pieces available and the best quality materials with which they are made. Besides, the simple method to use is to adhere to the instructions so they could complete the repair quickly and continue their journey. These instructions also come with colored photo illustrations to make for a better understanding of the repair process.

Built With The Best Materials: This premium flat tire repair kit has been made with the best of materials that are assured to withstand the worst conditions of repair, effects of storage and any level of mishandling. This way your product gets to be available to serve you in all situations that involve a punctured tubeless tire.

Premium Upgraded Springs: This high quality repair kit is structured with premium strings that ensure the best of safety seals. These strings are of better worth than the normal ones of black color. This should further assure you of the kind of quality this repair kit offers.

1 Year Warranty: The tools contained in this premium repair kit are covered with a one year warranty. They are made to offer the best of quality and durability so you have no concerns as to how long they would serve.

Tools you can find in the Boulder Tools Tire Repair Kit are:

  • 1 piece of Heavy-Duty T-Handle Insert Tool
  • 1 piece of Heavy-Duty T-Handle Spiral Probe
  • 1 piece of Insert Tool Needle Replacement
  • 2 pieces of Hex Keys
  • 30 pieces of Repair Cords/Strings
  • 1 piece of Needle Nose Pliers
  • 1 piece of Knife
  • 1 Jar of Lubricant
  • 4 Pieces of Plastic Tire Valve Caps
  • 4 Pieces of Plastic Tire Valve Extenders
  • 4 Pieces of Chrome Tire Valve Caps
  • 4 Pieces of Valve Cores
  • 2 Pieces of Replacement T-Handle Set Screws
  • 1 Case For Storage
  • 1 Piece of Small Accessory Storage Case

If you own or use a vehicle, then this premium Boulder Tools Tire Repair Kit has been designed for you. List of people who should purchase these products include:

Farmers: While working, you can trust this premium flat tire repair kit to keep the work going with no hassles.

Service Industry: If you belong to any segment of the service industry, having this premium Boulder Tools Tire Repair Kit should be a priority.

Family Sedan: You and your family can also trust this premium Boulder Tools Tire Repair Kit to deal with flat tire incidents along your journey. You can get to your destination much quicker and with less hassle.

Off-Road: This premium Boulder Tools Tire Repair Kit have been designed also ATV, 4-Wheelers and Dirt Bike users. If you use any of these vehicles, you can trust this repair kit to be of great service to you.




Tools are a bit difficult to unpack

Easy to Use




High Quality

One Year Warranty

7 Easy Steps To Repairing Your Punctured Tubeless Tire

Remove the offending object from tire using enclosed heavy-duty pliers

Using spiral reaming tools to expatiate punctures to accept plugging tool

Apply added lubricant before using plugging material to make the installation of the plug easier

Use the added pliers to remove plugging material

Insert the plugging material into the fork end

Push the plugging tool with plug into the puncture with about 1/2 inch of plugging material visible

Push the remaining platform to the plug material and firmly grasp it towards the tire, then tightly pull the t-handle upwards so you leave the plug right where it is.

With the knife, trim off the excess plug material. Then re-inflate tire using specified pressure rate.

Following these very simple steps would ensure your punctured wireless tire is repaired and ready to be on the road again. This premium Boulder Tools Tire Repair Kit is guaranteed to ensure your utmost safety on a journey and that you do not waste more time than you should if your tires get punctured at any time.

Product Specification:

  • Brand: Boulder Tools
  • Item Model Number: BT 4001
  • Product Dimension: 12 x 2.2 x 8 inches
  • Manufacturer’s Part Number: BT 4001
  • Item Weight: 2.6 Pounds
  • Key Features:
  • Versatile Flat Tire Repair Kit
  • Premium Upgraded Strings
  • Ergonomically Designed T-Handle Tools
  • Premium Grade Tools
  • 56 Pieces

Product Description:

The Boulder Tools Tire Repair Kit is a high quality tire repair kit that is built to attend to punctured tubeless tires of various vehicles.  Examples of these vehicles are Jeeps, ATVs, Trucks, Motorcycles and Cars.

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