how long does it take to change a flat tire

How Long Does It Take To Change A Tire

The car’s tires are essential parts of the car. That’s why, it needs to be handled carefully, just like the other parts of the car. Regular tire maintenance is needed for this. It’s up to you if you let the professionals do their job, or do it your way instead.

There are many ways to check your tire condition, like proper air pressure check, looking for pinholes, and checking for excessive tread wear. You can do all of these maintenances yourself, through thorough researching of the proper ways to do it. Or, you can bring your car to a tire specialist, where better tools and equipment are present.

Aside from spending money for the tire maintenance (or possible tire change), there’s another important thing a car owner should exert—time. For the busy bees, making time to bring their car for check-ups is not a piece of cake. And, just how long does it take to change a tire?

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Regular tire service does not cost much money, as much as it does with time, since it’s only logical if it costs the way it does. One thing a car owner needs to remember is that regular tire maintenance and service takes time, especially if you’re about to change your tire. The time it needs depends if you do it by yourself, or professionally.

Since we now know that a normal tire service requires time, exactly how long does it take to change a tire? If you’re a fan of DIYs and want to do it manually, it should not take more than an hour to change a tire. However, if you take it to a tire specialist, things will surely be faster than an hour.

Checking your tires regularly gives you a number of benefits. For one, it prevents your car from future malfunctions, since problematic tires cause serious troubles, which could be long-term, to your car. In addition, properly inflated tires work better and lessens gas usage, which basically means smoother car rides. Lastly, tire rotations extend the tire life, which saves you time and money in the future.

How do you check your tires?

Checking your car tires by yourself is a more convenient and cost-efficient way to maintain your tire condition. You can do it anytime-- if you have extra time, that is. There are many ways you can do to check your tire.

One way to check the condition of your tire is to determine its air pressure, which can be done once a month. Another is to check the tread wear of your tire. This can be done with a tread depth gauge, tread wear indicators, or a penny test.

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For the penny test, all you need to do is get a penny. Then, put Abraham’s body between your thumb and forefinger, and select a position on your tire on the lowest tread. Put Abraham’s head into one of the grooves. Here’s where the test comes in. If a part of Lincoln’s head is covered by the tread, your tire is still in a good condition. Otherwise, it’s time to get your car checked-up for a possible tire change.

When should tires be replaced?

Aside from questions like “How long does it take to change a car tire?”, you might also ask when to replace tires. There is no definite answer to this question, but you can estimate it. Generally, tire life depends on a lot of factors. Factors like the tire design, weather condition, road condition, how the car is driven, and the handling of the tires affect the car tires’ lifespan.

Aside from the type of the tire, the car type is also an impact. The expected tread life length is also a factor, as well as how the car is used and driven. Rubbers have a tendency to greatly grip on pavements, but it wears out faster. If you drive hastily, you shouldn’t be wondering why your tires wear out so fast.

Wheels that are out of alignment and driving with pressures that are below the recommended amount reduces the tire’s functioning life. It does not just cost the tire’s life, but it also costs more gas.

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Tire rotation also contributes highly to your tire condition. If you seldom do a tire rotation, tire wears may be apparent, especially on the front tires. Front tires carry most of the vehicle’s load, so it’s only logical why it wears out the most.

Although we don’t have an exact answer as to how long a car tire lasts, there are a few reminders once your tires reach a certain amount of time. We might not know how long a tire lasts, but it’s important to know how time and usage affects the tires.

For the first five years of the tire, a thorough inspection should be made once a year. This time, a professional should do it, in order for the car to have a proper check-up. Complete with advanced tools and proper equipment, the car tires can be handled very well.

Once ten years have passed and not a single tire change has happened, the condition of your tires should be a concern. For this time frame, it is recommended to have your tires replaced with new tires. Although it may seem like your tires are still in a good shape, a tire change is needed to avoid possible problems in the future.

Ultimately, tires are an important component of a car. Tires contribute greatly to the proper handling and check-up should be done regularly. The tires’ lifespan increases when you handle and maintain it well.

Hopefully, this guide on how long does it take to change a tire helped you!

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