JBL vs Infinity Car Speakers

JBL and Infinity both have a reputation for manufacturing high quality sound set speakers. This might be due to the fact that they are owned by the same parent company.

Even though these two speaker brands share several similarities that include producing high quality car speakers, there are some differences. When it comes to comparing the two brands, it often comes down to what you are looking for in a car stereo system with high end quality sound speaker components.

JBL Car Speakers

JBL has been manufacturing car speakers for several decades. They have several series that are designed for cars. You can search everything from budget speakers to some higher-end  price with .

All are capable of producing excellent sound quality, including the company’s budget friendly series.


These car speakers may be small, measuring 3.5 inches, but they are still capable of producing high quality sound. The coaxial speakers have JBL’s patented Plus One construction so the surface area of the woofer cone is extended. Mid bass sounds clearer, even at high volume, and the polypropylene cone helps to extend the life of the woofer.

You also want to be able to listen to higher frequencies. The dome tweeter is balanced and edge-driven. This allows you to hear audio details that your factory speakers could never produce.

Even though an outboard amp will give you better audio results, you can still enjoy improved sound quality without one. GX302 speakers have a low impedance that works with most stereos, even ones that are factory installed.


  • At 2.3 ohm, these speakers are sensitive without adding an external amp
  • Speakers come with a one year warranty
  • Have 75 watts of peak power
  • Gasket strips are backed by adhesive for multiple mounting options


  • The speakers are small and need an external amplifier for maximum sound
  • Lower frequencies might not be as clear as mid and higher-range ones

JBL Stage 9603

If your audio experience in the car is lacking, you might want to consider updating to the Stage 9603 speakers from JBL. These three-way speakers can produce exceptional audio, at almost any frequency.

The speakers have a 6 x 9 inch woofer cone so all lower frequencies have that robust sound you’ve been looking for. The balanced dome tweeter ensures smooth, clear highs, and all audio details are sharp with the super tweeter.

There are eight clips that ensure a quick and easy installment. There are also bottom rings that provide stability while the car is moving.


  • The two speakers have grilles for protection from debris and dust
  • There is a 60-day money back guarantee if there is a problem with the speakers
  • Since these are three-way speakers, almost all frequencies are sharp and clear
  • Impedance is 4 ohms so they are compatible with most car stereos


  • The larger size of the speakers may not fit all vehicles
  • The heavier size of the speakers may make installation a little more difficult

JBL Club 4020

Club 4020 speakers are a great choice if you want to improve audio quality, without spending a lot of money. The 4-inch coaxial speakers come with polypropylene woofers that are UV-resistant for durability, no matter where you mount them.

The Plus One woofer has a large surface area for improve airflow. This increases the clarity of lower frequencies. You can “pump” more bass than with factory speakers. The dome tweeter is PEI balanced for a broader range. High and mid-frequency will be sharp and clear.

Installation of the 4-inch speakers is easy. Their low profile ensures that they will fit in most vehicles. They also have foam gasket strips that are backed by adhesive for a more secure mount.


  • Low 3 ohms, so they are compatible with most car stereos
  • The woofer cone is resistant to UV-light for added durability
  • Come with a one year warranty
  • Sensitivity is 86.5 dB


  • Protective grilles are not included
  • They are two-way speakers so some audio frequencies may not be as clear as you would like

JBL GT-Bass Pro 12

If deep, heavy bass from your car speakers is what you are looking for, GT-Bass Pro 12 from JBL might be what you are looking for. They have a 12-inch subwoofer, with JBL’s polypropylene cone. It is surrounded by rubber to add even more audio depth.

For added impact, the speakers come with a 150-watt built-in amp so you can fill your vehicle with concert quality sound. The wiring kit for the amp comes with the speakers.

Installation is easy, and the speakers are designed for most large and small vehicles. They are also designed for durability. They are constructed from medium density fiberboard. Grilles give them added protection, along with the carpet covering.


  • The speakers come with a subwoofer
  • Two amp fuses are included, one already installed
  • Frequency response is 35 to 120 Hz
  • Speakers can be controlled by a wired remote


  • Their larger size might not fit all vehicles
  • Lower frequencies might not have the “punch” you want

Infinity Car Speakers

Infinity has a history of making exceptional car speakers. They have several models on the market, though most belong to the brand’s “reference series”. Infinity also has two other series, Kappa and Primus, though there are not as many choices as the reference series.

Infinity car speakers do lack versatility, many of the models are designed solely for mounting in a car. This can limit how you point the speakers, and where in the vehicle you can place them. However, sound quality is not lacking. You will definitely notice a difference from your factory car speakers.

Infinity Reference 6032cf

These speakers come with a Plus One woofer cone so you get a broader surface area. The more airflow across the cone, equates to better sound quality. The 603cf speakers also have built-in crossovers. This improves sound accuracy, whether it is vocals or musical.

The large dome tweeters have a textile construction. They are designed to produce clear highs at high volume, without distortion. The tweeters also have a level control, so you can adjust audio brightness to your preferences.

You will appreciate how simple it is to pop the speakers into place. Since they also have a low 2 ohms impedance, you don’t have to worry about connecting them to your car stereo.


  • The speakers are priced for most budgets
  • Highs are crystal clear with the dome tweeters
  • Audio “brightness” can be adjusted
  • The 93 dB sensitivity ensures that audio sounds crisp and clear


  • Speakers may lack the heavy bass you are looking for
  • Since these are 2-way speakers some frequencies might not be as crisp as others

Infinity Kappa 62.11

If quality and well-balanced sound is important, you might want to take a look at the Kappa 62.11 car speakers.

The one-inch dome tweeter is edge driven so high frequencies have a natural sounding tone. This design also allows for the tweeter to be larger than many of its’ competitors. You get the advantage of more power and a smoother response in the mid-range frequencies.

You have the option of facing the tweeters towards the driver’s seat, thanks to their UniPivot design. The tweeters also have a switch that controls sound level, so you can adjust the audio to your preferences.

The woofers do not have a large surface area, but they are still capable of producing quality bass. You won’t notice distortion when the speakers are turned up.


  • High sensitivity range of 95dB.
  • You can change the direction the tweeters are pointed at
  • Have an impedance of 2 ohm for compatibility with factory stereos
  • The speakers are easy to install in almost any vehicle


  • The speakers do come with a higher price
  • Small surface area on the woofers may limit lower frequencies

Infinity Reference 6030cs

Budget friendly and still able to produce well rounded sound is only a few of the advantages you get with the Reference 6030cs car speakers.

The coaxial speakers have large rubber surrounds that enlarges the size of the woofer cone. When compared to some similar models, the 6030cs the area is 30 percent larger. You get amazing bass output and a higher efficiency.

Distortion at higher volumes won’t be a problem with the woofer cones. The rubber material surround absorbs distortion and gives bass more of the “oomph” many consumers are looking for.

You want crisp highs to go along with the clear bass, and the edge driven tweeters can do that. Higher frequencies are crisp, without distortion. The tweeters also have a level control switch so you can adjust the audio how you want.


  • Considered some of the best car speakers by industry experts for their low price
  • Come with two ohm voice coils to ensure compatibility with most car stereos
  • These are component speakers so everything you need to enjoy high, mid and low range frequencies is included.
  • Designed for quick and easy installation


  • You might not be able to get heavy bass, especially at higher volumes
  •  The speakers lack some support so audio could “wobble” on rough driving terrain

Infinity Kappa 62.9i

There is a reason these are Infinity’s highest priced car speakers. You will know why the minute you hear the sound they are capable of producing.

 The woofer cones are lightweight, yet they won’t flex and distort sound since they are constructed from woven fiber-glass. The cones also have the company’s Plus One design so you have a larger surface area. Low frequency sound is enhanced for improved audio

Metal Matrix Diaphragm tweeters are in the speakers. These are the same ones found in some home speakers. Now you can get the same audio in your car. The tweeters also swivel so you can point them towards the driver or passenger seat.


  • 2-way coaxial for high and low frequencies
  • Impedance is 2 ohm for compatibility with car stereos
  • Simple to install
  • Have a sensitivity of 95dB


  • Bass might be lacking for those that prefer audio that rattles windows
  • Since these are two-way speakers some mid frequency ranges may not be as crisp as you’d like

JBL vs Infinity Car Speakers

It’s a little more difficult to compare these two brands of speakers, since both are owned by the same parent company.

Each has several series of speakers, though there is a slight difference.


Infinity speakers are mainly created for vehicles, but JBL has them beat. They manufacturer car, home audio systems, Bluetooth and even speaker that are voice activated.

If you want more versatility in a company that manufacturers speakers, than JBL is the brand that you want to pay attention too.

Overall Performance

Since both brands are owned by Harman it is difficult to rate one or the other, except for some of the earlier models. The newest and upcoming speakers will have certain similarities, and deciding which has the best performance capabilities will be left up to the consumer.

When it comes to their main difference is whether you a lot of bass or a more well-rounded sound. If bass is what you are looking for, JBL car speakers are your best bet. If powerful bass that can fill large spaces isn’t a priority, but crisp sound in smaller spaces is what you need, go for one of the Infinity car speaker series.


The cost of car speakers is often the deciding point for consumers and there are differences between JBL and Infinity.

Several of both brands’ car speakers are evenly priced, but sound quality is not always the same. The budget friendly Infinity speaker series do produce a better sound than those by JBL at a similar price.

However, JBL’s moderately priced car speakers beat Infinity’s similarly priced ones when it comes to sound.


Overall, both JBL and Infinity car speakers are well ahead of their competitors. You have several series of car speakers to choose from with each brand.

When you are trying to choose between the two, the best advice is to determine what you are looking for in car speakers

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