Kenwood KFC-6965s Review

Kenwood has a reputation for manufacturing quality speakers that goes back to 1947. Over the decades the company has acquired technical knowledge and uses the latest advanced materials to give its customers speakers that are capable of producing high-quality sound.

Along with their line of home speakers, Kenwood also has models for cars. One of these is KFC-6965s. With these car speakers, you get rich and well-rounded audio no matter your musical tastes.

KFC-6965s Features

Their affordable price is not the only reason to give these Kenwood car speakers a try. They come with plenty of features that are lacking in your factory installed speakers. Once you have replaced your old car speakers with the KFC-6965s, you’ll instantly hear an improvement in audio quality.

Responsive Performance

These car speakers are designed for performance. The polypropylene woofer is stiff and responsive, even when you turn the volume up to ten. To minimize disruption at high volume levels, the woofers have a cloth surround. The diamond pattern gives you a dynamic response, along with the ferrite magnet.

A two-inch PEI tweeter cone handles high frequencies. Music will sound crisp and clear, without any distortion. KFC-6965s car speakers also come with a ½-inch super tweeter so you get a smoother transition between the high’s and low’s.

Plenty of Power

If you want powerful bass and crystal clear treble these car speakers will deliver. They have an impressive 600 watts of maximum power, which equals 89dB. Audio is bright and clear, with that punch you want from lower frequencies. If your musical tastes encompass all types, the frequency response of 60Hz to 2500Hz ensures that all frequencies will sound exactly the way they were meant to be heard.

Designed for Durability

You don’t want your car speakers to have technical issues right after you’ve installed them. Kenwood has designed its KFC-6965s speakers to last for years. The polypropylene woofer cones are rigid, yet flexible.

For added protection, there is a treated cloth surround. These quality materials not only produce excellent bass, but they also protect the components from heavy vibrations and hard hits.

Grilles and casings also protect the speakers from dust and other debris, along with giving them a sleek and professional appearance. Adding to their durability is the hard steel basket. You can safely drive over the roughest roads without worrying about shaking or damaging the speakers.

Sleek and Professional Design

How the speakers look might not be as important as their ability to produce quality, balanced sound, but for many car owners it is a close second. You won’t be embarrassed to show the KFC-6965s speakers off.

They have a sleek black color, along with silver trim around the treble output. Even the grilles add to the speakers’ overall appearance. The grilles give them a finished look. Even the protective steel basket is painted black to match the components.


Don’t worry about spending hours trying to install KFC-6965s car speakers. Everything you need is included with your purchase. These car speakers are designed to easily fit into the same place as your old ones.

It is a good idea though to check your vehicle specifications before purchasing new speakers. The last thing you want is to find out that the speakers do not fit.

The speakers measure 153mm x 229mm. The component for mid-range frequencies is one inch and has a soft diaphragm dome so sound is crisp and clear. The tweeters are also dome designed and measure ¾ inches. They are designed to easily fit into most vehicles.

Along with the necessary connecting wire, you have eight clips to secure the speaker in place, after you’ve screwed it in with the eight self-tapping screws. The only drawback is cutting the putty for the rim of the speaker yourself.

The Speakers Good and Downside

No product is ever perfect for everyone, and this is true with the KFC-6965s car speakers. Though, the pros do outweigh any negatives.


  • These are three-way speakers so most frequencies will be crisp, clear and bold.
  • A one year manufacturer’s warranty is included.
  • The speakers have a durable construction that is designed to last.
  • Everything needed for a quick and easy installation is included.
  • KFC-6965s speakers are designed to fit in most vehicles.


  • Even though the speakers do have a broad frequency response, some lower frequencies might not be as “heavy” as you’d like.

What Consumers are Saying

It is always helpful to find out other consumers’ opinions before you buy a new product. This can be especially true for car speakers. After all, you want the new speakers to noticeably improve sound quality, not make it worse or leave it the same.

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