Kicker DS65 Review

Kicker DS65 coaxial speakers have all the drivers and components you need in one convenient package. This includes tweeters, woofers, and crossovers so you save money and time. You don’t need to search for each component online or in the store, everything you need for a quick and easy installation is in the box.

Several brands promoting their 6.5 inch speakers, but few can offer the audio performance you get from Kicker DS65 car speakers.

Kicker DS65 Features

The DS65 car speakers from Kicker come with several features that can improve your audio experience in the car.

Crisp, Clean Bass

Being able to produce lower frequencies that are crisp and clear is an important feature for any car speaker. This isn’t a problem for Kicker’s DS65 speakers. They come with multiple half-inch woofers and large voice coils so you can turn the bass up without distorting the sound.

The woofer cones are constructed from polypropylene. Not only is this a lightweight material, but it is also extremely durable.

Clear High Frequencies

Do you listen to music with a lot of treble and other high frequencies? If so, you’ll appreciate the titanium tweeters. Not only are they durable, but also capable of producing exceptionally clear audio. High notes sound realistic, not “tinny” or poorly reproduced.

The tweeters’ titanium build also helps to ensure a long life from the car speakers.

Built for Long-life

When you finally decide to replace your factory car speakers, you want the new ones to last. The Kicker DS65 speakers feature a durable construction that can withstand exposure to heat and sunlight.

Not only are the woofers made from polypropylene and the tweeters from titanium, but these components are surrounded by ultra-violet resistant material. The speakers can handle long exposure to sunlight, without any damage. Music will still sound crystal clear, even when the speakers are mounted where they will be exposed to direct sunlight.

Simply Installation

These speakers are lightweight at 4.6lbs. They also only measure 6.5 inches in diameter, so they fit almost perfectly in the spots were your old speakers used to be. They also have a low impedance that is ideal for factory installed stereos. Not only can you drop the speakers into the same spot your old ones were, but they can also easily be wired to the existing stereo.

Affordably Priced

The Kicker DS 65 car speakers are affordably priced, especially when you consider the quality of sound they are able to produce. Even though they do come with a low price, you still get quality made speakers that will stand the test of time.

Pros and Cons of the Kicker DS65 Car Speakers

There are several reasons why the Kicker DS65 car speakers might be right for your music tastes and vehicle. However, they also come with a few cons. Knowing what the pros and cons are can help you decide if these speakers are right for you.


  • The speakers come with multiple ½ inch woofers, tweeters and voice coils that are larger than some competitive brands. This allows for a clearer sound, no matter the type of music or vocal recording you are listening to in your vehicle.
  • DS65 speakers can handle up to 65 watts of power from a car stereo.
  • Since the DS65 speakers are low-impedance, you can add external amplifies for an enhanced audio experience.
  • The lightweight construction and small 6.5-inch size make these speakers easy to install in almost any vehicle.
  • These are two-way speakers so they are capable of producing audio in low and high frequencies.
  • You not only have a 60-day money back guarantee, but the speakers also come with a one year warranty. If there ever is a problem with the DS65 speakers, Kicker will cover the repair or replacement cost.
  • The speakers can produce audio frequencies ranging from 50 Hz up to 20.000 Hz.


  • These speakers do not come with protective front grills, so foreign particles can get in. This can cause damage to the speakers if they are not regularly cleaned.
  • Kicker DS65 speakers are coaxial. Unlike component speakers, they are not able to produce a high-quality sound with plenty of definition.
  • Even though the speakers are UV resistant, they can lose performance capabilities in different weather conditions.

Why Buy Kicker DS65 Speakers

The price is the first thing you’ll probably notice. The Kicker DS65 speakers are priced lower than many comparable brands. This is good news for car owners that want to upgrade their speakers, but are on a tight budget.

Kicker DS65 speakers are constructed from durable materials and designed to last for years. The woofers are made with polypropylene and the tweeters from titanium. A polyester foam covers the entire surface area, and they are also resistant to UV light. When all of this is combined, you get speakers that can stand the test of time.

The DS65 speakers are more than capable of delivering high quality sound. This is especially true for higher frequencies. Every musical note is crystal clear, along with vocals. This is due to the quality tweeters, along with the speakers’ woofers.

If the speakers come with or have a problem, you don’t have to worry. They come with a two-month money back guarantee, along with a 365 day warranty. Both start at the time of purchase. If anything does go wrong with the speakers, you’re covered. It is this peace of mind that has helped make Kicker’s DS64 speakers a popular option with car owners.

Great Audio at an Affordable Price

If you want to replace your car’s speakers but don’t have a lot of money to spend, take a look at Kicker’s DS65 6.5-inch speakers. Not only are they affordable, but they are also built to last.

You will appreciate how easy these speakers are to install, and their low-impedance works with any factory-installed car stereo.

The tweeters are the main selling point for the speakers. They are designed to handle upper frequencies without any problems. Audio is crystal clear so you can hear every nuance whether it is music or vocals.

The only downside to these speakers is the bass. It is clear, without distortion, but the woofers do not have the power as other brands. However, if you do not listen to a lot of music with heavy bass these speakers will be a great choice for your vehicle.

Overall, the Kicker DS65 car speakers are a good choice when you’re ready for an upgrade on a budget. The money-back guarantee and warranty, also help make the speakers an appealing choice.

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