Best Halogen Headlight Bulbs

Headlight bulbs are all the same, right? They just sell fifty different kinds to cover all types of vehicles?

Not at all! Headlight bulbs come in different colors, voltages, ranges, both long-range down the street and side ranges, life-spans, and most importantly prices.

But you’re never going to know how the bad ones perform. I will tell you the best headlight bulbs on the market today, no matter what your price range.

I’ll also tell you what types of headlights don’t pass the legality test! Don’t worry, anything I recommend is legal in the U.S. That is why we are sticking to halogen headlight bulbs only.

By the way, do you know which type of bulb your car needs? You can check your owner’s manual, or I will show you where to find out online.

Halogen Headlight Bulb Reviews

At 4000K, these bulbs are so bright that you may wonder if they are street legal. Worry not, these are not approved, and they aren’t bright enough to bother the police. At that heat, you will be replacing these often, probably once a year, but if for you the best is the brightest then these won’t be beaten.

Fun fact: these are actually slightly blue. That’s supposed to be best for catching animal eyes. It has the same effect as the blue in your phone that keeps you awake.


  • Crisp white color
  • Fashionable but legal
  • Clear viewing area


  • Short-lived

If aimed improperly, they could bother oncoming traffic


These bulbs have the light partially concentrated in the center of the bulb. Think of a laser. This allows the light to travel farther before it dissipates, and it means you can see farther down the road.

Philips has been making headlights for a long time, almost as long as cars have been on the road. It shows in their technology. Philips headlight bulbs are always DOT approved.


  • Long-range viewing
  • Low-beam, High-beam, and fog settings
  • Mid-level price
  • Lower wattage means that the headlamps will last longer.


  • No side emphasis

If you are looking for a low price, this is the company to go with. These bulbs are just a bit more expensive than their basic brand and they are brighter and project farther down the road. These bulbs are a cooler color so they don’t burn out as quickly.


  • Bright Color
  • Good distance range
  • Good price


  • Higher wattage will burn out faster
  • Normal side ranges

This is Sylvania’s premium bulb, and it’s easy to see why. It has both excellent down-road and wide angle. Their light burns at about 4100 K, which is quite bright. Nevertheless, these bulbs are known for staying power, at least when compared to other lights of this type.


  • Lit area is both long and wide
  • Nice strong color
  • High beam, low beam, and fog settings


  • Expensive, both in price and shorter lifespan