MAXOAK First Aid Kit Smart Tire Inflator Review

Tire pressure is a very important aspect that every vehicle owner must pay attention to. This is because neglecting to maintain the proper air pressure may lead to several mishaps like accidents and damages.

Although tire inflation can be accomplished by specialists and mechanics, you can still do it on your own minus the cost of having a professional service. And, certainly, with a help of your own tire inflator.

Now, tire inflators are becoming more in demand today. And this is because a lot of vehicle owners are already experiencing the real convenience and benefits of tire inflators.

So, if you are looking forward to having your own tire inflator, then this review might help you.

MAXOAK First Aid Kit Smart Tire Inflator 

  • Capacity: 22000 mAh
  • Working Pressure: Up to 85 psi
  • Engine Displacement: Up to 6.5 liters
  • Voltage: 12 Volts
  • Maximum Air Flow: n/a
  • Hose Length: n/a

The MAXOAK First Aid Kit Smart Tire Inflator is truly a first aid kit for many drivers and vehicle owners. This is because aside from being an effective tire inflator, this unit offers so many functions that other inflators do not provide.

Which is why this has become one of today’s best selling tire inflators. But while many are found to be attracted to the said tire inflator, there are still a few people who would prefer otherwise.

And to help you learn whether this will answer to your needs and wants, here are some points that you may want to check first:

The MAXOAK First Aid Kit Smart Tire Inflator is for you if:

  • You are looking for an all-around tire inflator
  • You want a versatile and flexible unit
  • Price is not a matter of concern
  • You need a compact and portable tire inflator
  • You prefer a silent type of tire inflator
Conversely, this may not be the best option for you if: 
  • You are looking for a much cheaper tire inflator
  • You want a very powerful unit
  • You need a fast inflation process
  • You prefer a lightweight model or unit
  • You like your tire inflator stable and sturdy

Key Features and Specifications 

  • High Capacity Tire Inflator 
  • The MAXOAK V8 is rated as one of the best tire inflators of today. Not only that it provides great features and functions, but this tire inflator features 22000 mAh which is a very powerful capacity.
  • So, anytime and anywhere, you can easily inflate the tires of your car.
  • 85 psi - 5 Minutes Inflation Rating 
  • Along with the powerful capacity, MAXOAK First Aid Kit Smart Tire Inflator can provide up to 85 psi of tire pressure. And it only takes 5 minutes of your time to fully inflate a standard size of vehicle tires.
  • Although it is not entirely as fast as the other tire inflators, the MAXOAK Tire Inflator is known to be very efficient and reliable when it comes to delivering the desired and needed tire pressure.
  • Portable and Compact Style 
  • Another feature that makes the MAXOAK First Aid Smart Tire Inflator a very popular and famous unit is that it is very handy and compact. The design and build of the overall structure are very portable.
  • Hence, it is very convenient to use. Plus, the overall functionality complements the overall design of the unit.
  • All in all, the whole package is an all-inclusive type which makes sense as to why its name is coined as a “First Aid Kit.”
  • Jumpstarter and LED Torch 
  • The MAXOAK First Aid Kit Smart Tire Inflator is not just simply a tire inflator. This unit actually features a lot more functionality that makes it very convenient to use. As it happens, users can use this as an emergency jump starter, a portable charger, and a LED Torch. 
  • When intending to use as an emergency jump starter, the MAXOAK can help you jump start your vehicle with its capacity of 12 volts. Also, it comes with an engine displacement that has a rating of 6.5 liters.
  • As for when using it a portable charger, you may use it with its USB Type C Port. And you don’t need to worry about overcharging as it features the Li-Polymer Cell. With this technology, MAXOAK unit has a unique PCB that balances and provides the charge equalization.
  • All-Around Tire Inflator 
  • Aside from the given features and functions of the MAXOAK Tire Inflator above, this unit also has a LED torch that can be used in dark spaces and locations. So, you wouldn’t experience troubles and inconveniences when time comes.
  • In addition, the said unit performs and functions in a very silent manner. And monitoring is made easier with its tire gauge.
  • So, not only that you can inflate your tires, but you can utilize this as well on your sports and gym balls, camping tools, and other inflatable accessories that you use in your activities.

Advantages and Pros

  • All-Inclusive Tire Inflator: The MAXOAK can be used as a tire inflator, jump starter, battery charger, LED torch, and an all-around inflating machine.
  • Effective Features: This unit is found to be very reliable. Many users attest to this as they have experienced the real convenience of using this tire inflator.
  • Easy To Use and Store: This tire inflator features a design that is very convenient to use. Also, its instruction manual is quite easy to understand.

Disadvantages and Cons

  • Expensive Unit: The MAXOAK First Aid Kit Smart Tire Inflator is quite an expensive unit.
  • Not Lightweight, Too Heavy: This unit is very heavy. It may be portable in its size but the overall weight is quite heavy to carry.
  • Not Sturdy Enough: Unlike other tire inflators, this unit is not very sturdy. It moves around the place when in use. In one way or another, it produces too much vibration.


This is a fantastic little product. it's very high quality built with lights on the handle and a flashlight on the front with a sharp beam. the tire inflator is not too loud and can inflate a couple of pounds pretty quickly.” 

Final Thoughts on The MAXOAK First Aid Kit Smart Tire Inflator 

The MAXOAK First Aid Kit Smart Tire Inflator is a great unit to be utilized by many vehicle owners. Its power, capability, and features are all found to be very convenient, reliable, and efficient. However, it all comes with a great price since this tire inflator is quite expensive.

But even so, if you are looking for an all-around tire inflator unit, this one might be the best tire inflator for you.

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