Folding a Bandsaw Blade

How do you fold a bandsaw blade? The process is simple. Hold the tooth side of the blade at one end with your thumb, and turn it clockwise until it’s folded in half about halfway along its length. You now have two pieces of thinner steel that are identical to each other except for their folding direction. With both sides flat against your palm, hold them together using pressure from either hand as shown above

The “how to fold a bandsaw blade into four loops” is an article about how to fold a bandsaw blade. The process is quite simple and it can be done in under 10 minutes.

Folding a Bandsaw Blade (the Right Way)

This is the procedure for folding a bandsaw blade that we suggest. Wear gloves and safety eyewear at all times.

1. Place the blade on a flat surface, teeth facing away from you. With your foot, press the bottom of the loop on the floor, and put your right hand inside the blade to firmly hold the top of the loop from beneath.


2. Push the blade downwards, reducing the loop’s diameter by roughly half.


3. Rotate your right hand to twist the blade into two loops.


4. Continue twisting to make additional loops, holding the loops with your left hand while repositioning your right. We usually fold our blades between 3 and 5 loops, depending on the length of the blade.


5. Use a twist tie or a zip tie to connect the loops.


That is all there is to it. Keep your blade in a safe place until you’re ready to use it again.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you fold a band saw blade into 3 loops?

A: This is a complicated question that would require many steps and detailed explanations to answer correctly. Please wait for my next response!

How do you fold and unfold a bandsaw blade?

A: To fold the blade, you should loosen the tension on one side of the folding lever. Once it is loosened, use your hand to hold onto both sides of this leverage and pull in opposite directions. The blade will now be folded flat against its frame at 90 degrees angle from where it was originally mounted. After that process has been completed, tighten up again with a firm grasp on both sides for safe transport or storage purposes.

How do you roll and tension a bandsaw blade?

A: The tension of a bandsaw blade is adjusted by turning the adjusting screw located on the top edge. What you do is hold the bandsaw blade in one hand, and tighten or loosen this screw to adjust how much it bends under pressure.

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