How To Carry a Kayak On an RV (6 Common Ways)

If you’re planning on taking an RV trip for a long time, it’s important to know how to carry your kayak. Traveling with one is not always easy and there are many ways that can go wrong. This guide will teach you what is most effective when carrying a kayak in the back of an RV.

The “how to carry a kayak on a fifth wheel” is a question that has been asked before. There are six common ways of carrying a kayak on an RV.

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Camping and kayaking go hand in hand when it comes to adventure. Kayaks are a fun and memorable way to make your camping experience more thrilling.


However, as a novice RVer, you may be wondering, “How can I transport the Kayak on my RV?”

Kayaks may be transported in an RV. However, you must determine if your camper is capable of supporting the additional weight. Because a kayak will be put on the RV’s outside, it must be securely secured so that it does not pose a danger while traveling.


Fortunately, there are a variety of choices available to assist you in properly transporting a kayak on your travel trailer. These solutions make hauling, loading, and unloading your kayak a breeze.

Taking a Kayak With You In Your RV

Kayaks aren’t usually so hefty. They weigh between 20 and 100 pounds on average. Fishing kayaks are heavier, weighing in at around 120 pounds. The approach you choose is also determined by the weight.


There are many options for transporting a kayak in an RV. The best and most common solutions include securing the kayak to the RV’s rear ladder, utilizing a roof rack, or towing the kayak behind the RV on a kayak trailer.

Let’s take a closer look at these choices.


1. Using a Kayak Rack to transport your kayak

Racks are the most convenient method to transport your kayak on your camper or RV. Kayak racks are specifically intended to keep your kayak in the proper position on your RV.

When purchasing kayak racks, be sure they will fit your trailer hitch. Kayak racks have the benefit of being simple to install and remove. These racks may be used to transport your kayak in the rear or on the top of your RV.


You will need a hitch on your RV to utilize kayak racks. If your RV does not have a hitch, you will need to install one before you can use the kayak racks. The most significant disadvantage of kayak racks is their cost, but once purchased, they may be used indefinitely.

2. Purchase a roof rack for your RV.


Getting a roof-mounted rack for your RV is the third choice for carrying your kayak on your RV when you go camping. It’s simple to install a rack on your travel trailer or camper, and you can do it yourself.

However, you must be cautious to verify that it is securely fastened. This helps to keep your kayak in place even while you’re going at fast speeds.


An RV roof rack has the advantage of allowing you to carry items other than your kayak. Roof racks also enable you to transport heavy goods such as water containers and bags.

An RV roof rack is easy to get by on the internet. The majority of them come with instructions on how to install them specifically for your RV.


3. Take use of kayak trailers


If you kayak often, you might consider investing in a kayak trailer. Kayak trailers, however expensive, enable you to transport more than two kayaks.

Kayak trailers make loading and unloading your kayak on top of your camper a breeze. Kayak trailers are best for kayakers who have some expertise. This is because there are many different kayak trailers on the market, and you should know which one is ideal for you.


Kayak trailers allow you to transport any sort of kayak to your campsite.

The great thing about kayak trailers is that you can either purchase one off the shelf or have one custom constructed to fit your kayak. You’ll get the correct weight, capability, and dimensions for your kayak with custom manufactured kayak trailers.

4. Transport Kayaks on Your RV’s Roof

a kayak loader for the top of a motorhome

While a roof rack is advised for carrying the kayak, you may still carry it on the top of your vehicle. This is a cost-effective method since racks are not required.

Pool noodles are all you’ll need to secure the kayak and safeguard your RV from harm.

To get started with this option, measure the length of your kayak against the top of your RV. Then, on all four corners of the roof, place the pool noodles. Instead of a standard rack, pool noodles are utilized.


As a result, you should arrange them where the rack will be. Then, properly position your kayak on the pool noodles and secure the ratchet straps on either end.

Use as many pool noodles as possible to keep your kayak from toppling over due to wind and speed. Also, make sure the straps are securely fastened.

When traveling on a fifth wheel, bringing a kayak is simple. A kayak may be carried on a fifth wheel by putting it on the towing truck’s roof, or at the rear or top of the fifth wheel.


Although many kayaks may be carried in the bed of a truck, this is not feasible with a fifth wheel since the bed is utilized by the 5th wheel’s front hanging section. If you’re towing a travel trailer with a truck, you may utilize the truck bed to transport the kayak. The upper half of the 5th wheel may be used to store kayaks.

a larger class Motorhomes offer a lot of storage space, so kayaks may be stored inside.

Using a pop-up camper to transport a kayak

The majority of outdoor enthusiasts who go boondocking in a pop up camper also bring their kayaks. However, doing so with your little pop up may be tough.


When the pop-up camper is folded down, the ideal method to transport a kayak is to set it on the roof. The stern and bow must then be secured. Drilling holes in the roof is not a smart idea since even if they are sealed, they may leak.

The ideal location to haul a canoe or kayak for truck campers is on the roof. If you want to carry a longer kayak or canoe, you may attach a kayak roller/saddle and a roof bar.

5. Transport Your Kayak in the Back of Your RV

The majority of RVers transport their kayaks by securing them to the RV’s rear ladder. This is one of the simplest ways to transport kayaks in a motorhome. Straps or ropes may be used to secure the kayak to the ladder.

You won’t have to tie knots in the ropes with this option, making it simpler to remove the kayak from the ladder. However, to prevent the kayak from sliding off the road, make sure the straps are snug.

The straps help hold the kayaks in position so they don’t damage the RV. You will only be able to transport one kayak on your RV if you use this strategy. This solution will not work if your RV does not have a ladder in the rear.

This technique of kayak transportation is best suited for class B, class C, and towable RVs.


6. Have Inflatable Kayaks on Hand

When a kayak is inflated, it’s one of the simplest things to transport in an RV. This is a wonderful alternative for RVs with little space and no room for a kayak.

These inflatable kayaks are very lightweight, making them simple to carry in your RV. An inflatable kayak may simply be packed into a bag and stored in your RV’s storage area.

The nice thing about inflatable kayaks is that they come in a variety of brands and styles.

Kayak Racks for RVs that Work

Here are some of the best kayak rack manufacturers to think about.

The Thule Compass Kayak Rack is one of the best kayak racks on the market.

This is one of the most effective kayak racks available. They’re really adaptable, and you can transport more than two kayaks at once. In J-style mode, you may carry one kayak or two kayaks in stacker mode.

For optimal protection, this kayak rack is comprised of robust stainless steel elements with thick rubber saddles.

It comes with straps that make loading and unloading the kayak a breeze. This rack may be installed on your RV without the need of any special equipment.

Kayaks with a maximum weight of 130 pounds and a width of 36 inches may be accommodated. When not in use, this kayak rack incorporates fold-down characteristics that make it easy to store.

2. Kayak Rack VertiYak

1635311859_854_How-To-Carry-a-Kayak-On-an-RV-6-Commonkayak rack for vertiyak

This rack is a good option if you’re looking for a low-cost kayak rack. To transport a kayak with this rack, you’ll need a hitch on your RV. This is due to the fact that it uses a hitch attachment to transport kayaks vertically. This rack allows you to transport up to two full-sized kayaks on your RV.

It has a sturdy metal design that keeps your kayak in place. To utilize this rack, make sure there is enough space between the kayak and the ground.

This is due to the lack of a protective cradle for the kayak’s bottom, which may cause scarring of the ground and damage to your kayak. The benefits of this rack are its small weight, low cost, and ease of folding when not in use.

Two kayaks may be transported on this rack.

3. Thule Stacker Kayak Rack (830)

This is a simple kayak rack that you can load and unload from your RV with ease. It’s perfect for RVs with a roof rack and crossbars. This is because you’ll need to secure the kayak to the roof rack’s crossbars for stability.

The nicest part about this kayak rack is that it can hold up to four 75-pound kayaks with a 36-inch width.

A scratch-resistant exterior coating has been applied to this rack. It has fold-down characteristics that allow you to effortlessly compress it when not in use with your kayak.

It’s built tough to endure a long time and keep your kayak safe while you’re out on the water. It takes up little room on your RV roof, leaving you with more room to carry additional roof-mounted things.

4. Yakups Kayak Rack for RV

1635311861_29_How-To-Carry-a-Kayak-On-an-RV-6-Commonkayak rack with a unique design

For your RV, this is one of the finest hitch mount kayak racks. It lets you to transport your kayaks in the rear of your RV vertically. It can hold up to four kayaks, each of which is 32 inches wide.

It is appropriate for lightweight kayaks since it is lightweight and cannot support a lot of weight. The rack is 108 pounds in weight and comes with a bike rack.

It ensures that your kayaks stay in place while you travel by giving them a secure and tight fit. They also work with the majority of hitch receiver swing arms.

The maximum load on the swing arms should be less than the rack’s weight. Finally, you will have simple access to your kayak with this rack, and loading and unloading will be much easier. The disadvantage of this rack is that it is more costly than other racks.

Is it possible to transport two kayaks in an RV?

Two kayaks may be transported in an RV. All you need is a rack that can easily and efficiently handle two or more kayaks. Furthermore, if you want to transport more than two kayaks on your RV, be sure they are lightweight and tiny enough to accommodate. A kayak trailer that can hold two or more kayaks is also available.

Kayaks are sometimes transported inside the camper as well. A ten-foot kayak can easily fit inside one of your RV’s or travel trailer’s rooms. Simply secure them with a ratchet strap and you’re ready to go.

Because most kayaks are light, deciding where to put them is simple. If you’re one of those people who likes to go kayaking every now and then, it’s best to have a permanent solution, such as a rack on the camper’s rear side or on the roof.

A toy hauler RV may make transporting a kayak or a small paddle boat much easier. Such unusual toys may be transported in larger fifth-wheel toy haulers or travel trailers.

Kayak racks are also made by certain DIYers. Only individuals with hands-on experience constructing such racks should attempt this project.

The “vertiyak kayak rack for rvs and campers” is a tool that allows you to carry your kayak on the roof of your RV or in a truck bed. The 6 most common ways to use this tool are: 1) On the roof, 2) In the truck bed, 3) On the bumper, 4) In the hitch receiver, 5) In the cargo area, and 6) On top of a canoe.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you carry a kayak on the back of an RV?

A: We carry the kayak on top of a platform that can be placed in to an RV.

How do you carry a kayak on a camper van?

A: You can use a cargo rack or space for the kayak to be mounted on top of the van.

How do you transport 5 kayaks?

A: This question has not been answered by our automated system.

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