How To Change Lawn Mower Blade?

When you need to change the blade on your lawn mower, it’s generally a simple process that doesn’t require any special tools. However, in some instances, changing the blade requires a little more finesse and skillful know-how. Knowing how to do this job well will make sure your experience is less painful and easier than ever before.

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Who wouldn’t want to relax on the porch while drinking coffee on a sunny day? However, such joy may be shattered when you find your lawn’s grass has been trimmed unevenly. The blades of a lawn mower, like those of many other cutting devices or equipment, wear down with time. The irregularly mowed areas of grass are caused by a worn-out blade. Mower blades must also be changed on a regular basis.

It is a good practice to replace lawn mower blades after a certain amount of time has passed, as this will guarantee that your lawnmower is in excellent working order. We have included a complete tutorial with all the stages for you to effectively change the blade in our How To Change Lawn Mower Blade simple guide. And all the other things that are required.

When Should You Replace Your Lawn Mower Blade?

A mower blade may be used for almost 100 or more sessions in a single day, but it can also be used for a lifetime. It may last anywhere from 100 to 200 hours.

It varies depending on the quantity of use and the kind of mower. It’s always a good idea to check and remove the blade. If you just use your lawnmower for 15 minutes a day, you’ll need to sharpen or replace the blade every 3 to 4 years.

Other concrete and obvious factors, besides from time, might indicate that you need to work on the blade. The first is the look of irregularly cut grass, and the second is the presence of large dents or nicks on the blade. When these warning signals appear, it’s time to sharpen your blade. Your mower blades might be severely damaged at any moment, even if there are no visible indicators.

As a result, it’s preferable to replace it every two years. You may acquire an extra one ahead of time to ensure that you are prepared for any unforeseen circumstances. This will guarantee that your mower is in tip-top shape at all times, allowing you to achieve satisfying results at a rapid pace.

In these videos, you’ll learn how to change a lawn mower blade quickly and easily.


(In Six Easy Steps) How Do You Replace a Lawn Mower Blade?

Changing a lawnmower blade is simple provided you understand the process. And in this part, we’ll walk you through each step in detail so you can change blades quickly and easily.

Purchase the Replacement Blades first.

A replacement kit for a standard lawnmower costs about $10-20 and includes sharpened and weighted blades as well as bolts. These may also be readily acquired at any local hardware store or on

Most mowers nowadays feature a variety of blades. Some feature a lengthy ruler-like blade, while others have blades that are separated by a lesser distance. Before ordering the kit, make sure your machine is in excellent working order. You may accomplish this by manually tilting it for a brief glance or by consulting the machine’s instructions.

You may also re-sharpen the old one or buy a used one at a reduced price. And you can simply sharpen your lawn mower blade.

Step 2: Take a look at the old blade.

Tilt your mower, but not on its side or at the mower’s base. Oil-containing carburetors and components have arrived. There’s a good probability that oil may seep out and fall on your lawn or clothing if you tilt from the sides or base.

To prevent this, just point the mower toward the handle and ensure that it is supported. Use some form of weight or enlist the assistance of another person.

When your machine runs out of gas, we recommend that you change the oil. Because it eliminates the possibility of spilling oil or any other undesired fluid.

Step 3: Make Sure You’re Safe

It’s a good idea to remove the spark plugs. Inside a mower, oil, as well as other combustible fuels, are employed. This oil or fluid might get into touch with the machine’s electrical circuitry, causing undesired sparks from the spark plug or mishaps. As a result, disconnecting the spark plug wire from the mower will always assure safety.

“Pro Tip: Before undertaking any sort of machinery-related task, make sure you’re wearing safety gloves.”

Step 4: Take the blade out of the way.

Use a socket wrench of the appropriate size to loosen the mounting so that you may remove the blade by untightening the bolt. When unbolting the hex nut, make sure you’re gripping the blade firmly enough. When mounting the blade, it’s critical to remember the blade’s position and to maintain the blade fixed. Replace the protective gloves before proceeding with the rest of the work.

It’s just as important to remember the orientation as it is to remove or attach the blade. This is because the replacement blade should be placed in the same direction as the old one and should spin counter-clockwise while in use. If it doesn’t happen, you’ll have to start from scratch.

Step 5: Replace the Blade

To replace blades, make sure you have the new blade and that you have filled it in the correct location. Re-bolt the bolts and washers that were previously unbolted. Keep in mind that if you neglect to tighten any bolts, the blade may not perform well in the lawn cutting task.

It makes no difference whether you use the old blade’s washer and bolt or a new one. It’s crucial, though, to make sure you haven’t overtightened them.

If you tighten them too much, the mower will wobble while you’re using it. To help with this, there should be a torque specification. If your lawnmower lacks this feature, just check that the nut is loose enough to revolve freely.

It is critical that the new blade be the same size as the prior blades when they are installed. The distance between the blade and the lawnmower is also important. The mower deck is strong enough to prevent the blades from striking it.

Wearing thick protective gloves that are suited for this task and preventing any undesirable occurrences is also recommended while installation. A hefty piece of wood may also be used to prevent accidents. It should stop the blade from turning if you jam it between the blade and the mower deck.

Step 6: The Last Step

Start your machine when the blade has been securely attached and all other tasks have been completed. When moving the blade up or down, make sure your machine does not wobble.

Wait 30 to 60 minutes after removing all of the jacks or props that were used to keep the mower in place. This guarantees that the oil returns to the engine, avoiding any more problems or damage to the motor. Before using the oil, make sure it is within the recommended parameters.

After reattaching the spark plug wire, inspect the air filter. Fuel may sometimes get through the foam filter, causing troubles for your mower.

So that’s all you need to know about changing the blade on a riding lawnmower.

Hold on a second! Perhaps you’ve overlooked something. We simply referred to it as the riding lawnmower blade removal procedure, while it was formerly referred to as the lawnmower blade changing procedure.

You’re aware! Changing the blade on a riding lawnmower, a zero-turn lawnmower, a lawnmower with double or single blades, or any other lawnmower is essentially the same.

But! You may also want to have a look at this video for your own enjoyment.

Directions for removing lawn mower blades in a quick video

Before changing the blade on your lawn mower, there are a few things to think about.

Before changing a lawnmower blade, keep the following points in mind:

The Blade’s Condition

Waiting for the blade to get dull is a smart idea. A razor-sharp blade will cut cleanly. When a lawn mower’s blade hits the 2-year mark, it’s usually time to replace it.

Blades Types

Blades are usually divided into two categories. There are two types of blades: mulching blades and regular blades. Both blades have distinct cutting principles, so make sure you use the right one for your lawnmower.

The normal blade revolves under the grass, allowing it to stand upright and cut more cleanly. The top notches on the mulching blade allow for a finer cut. As a result, make sure you figure out which one is best for your lawn mower first.

Find the most up-to-date information about electric lawn mowers.

Is it possible to sharpen it?

Sometimes you don’t even need to replace the blades; all you need to do is sharpen them. The blades wore down with time, but it takes a long time for the whole blade to be unfit for usage. If you see that about 80% of the blade is still completely functional, you should sharpen it.

This manner, you save money and make temporary changes while still getting the job done.

Other Considerations

When there is a damage or nick in the lawnmower blades, it is not always essential to replace them. Sometimes the mower’s blade is still capable of performing well, but it’s the other components that are creating the issue. As a result, you must determine what is preventing your mower from obtaining perfection.

Final Thoughts

Changing the blade of a lawnmower may be a nasty and time-consuming task. An uneven lawn, on the other hand, is incredibly distracting and detracts from the appearance of your home, particularly if you have OCD.

We hope that all of the material provided has increased your understanding of how to replace lawn mower blades in a professional manner. We strongly advise you to wear thick mechanical gloves, wear a working apron, and work away from children.

Above all, keep in mind that you’re dealing with blades. Even if the blade is dull, it may still cause infection and harm. We recommend that you proceed with caution and safety.

I hope you enjoyed our post on “How to Remove Riding Mower Blades” and that you will never have to struggle with replacing a lawnmower blade again.

The “how to change blade on electric lawn mower” is a question that has been asked before. There are many different ways to do this, but the most common way is to use a screwdriver and remove the blade from the motor housing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to change a lawn mower blade?

A: It depends on the type of lawn mower blade. If it is an old one, then yes I would say so because you can just remove it and put in a new one. if its more recent than that then no, it will take some work to change out the blades yourself

Which way do you turn the bolt to remove a lawn mower blade?

A: You have to turn the bolt in a clockwise direction.

What is the easiest way to remove lawn mower blades?

A: The best way to remove lawn mower blades is with a screwdriver.

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