Infinity Car Speakers Review

Great audio is something every driver wants. No one wants to listen to their favorite tunes on inferior speakers. Sound is distorted if you turn the volume up, and you never seem to be able to hear all the frequencies. It can be frustrating. No matter how much you adjust the little knobs for treble and bass, you are stuck with inferior sound.

Most car owners eventually replace their factory installed speakers. Some do it within weeks of owning the vehicle. Infinity car speakers are a great option, and they have several series to choose from.




Infinity Reference 6032cf

  • The rubber surrounds help to increase bass output and maximum efficiency
  • Impedance is 2 ohms so the speakers are compatible with most car stereos
  • Tweeters can be adjusted for brightness
  • Have 270 watts of peak power handling


Infinity Kappa 62.9i

  • Easy to install and will fit in the speaker slots of most vehicles
  • Have a peak power of 225 watts and RMS is 75 watts
  • The frequency response is 45 – 25,000 Hz so you will pick up most music notes
  • Like all Infinity car speakers, they come with a one year warranty


Infinity Kappa 60.11CS

  • These speakers have a low impedance at 2 ohms
  • They have a large frequency response between 45 – 35,000 Hz
  • The lightweight speakers
    install quickly and easily
  • Both speakers come with a protective grill to prevent foreign objects from getting in


Infinity Kappa 62.11

  • Low impedance so the speakers are compatible with factory installed car stereos
  • The high sensitivity rating ensures crystal clear sound
  • The frequency response is 3500 to 35, 000Hz for exceptional mid and high range frequencies
  • Extremely easy to install in any vehicle


Infinity Reference 6030cs

  • Plus one woofer cones and durable rubber surrounds produce quality bass
  • The speakers have a low 2 ohm impedance for compatibility with factory car stereos
  • The speakers have a one year warranty, as long as they were purchased from the manufacturer
  • Crossover networks ensure that frequencies go to the right components

Here are the top Infinity speakers for your money. Keep reading to learn which speaker set will best suit you. Alternately check out our guide reviewing all of the best car speakers from 2019 or best 6.5 speakers for clarity.

Best Infinity Car Speakers

If you are worried that your new Infinity speakers might not be compatible with your car’s stereo, don’t be. They are designed to be compatible with almost any system. You will also appreciate how easy it is to replace your old factory speakers with a new set from Infinity.

Here is the list.

1. Infinity Reference 6032cf

The 6032cf are part of Infinity’s reference series. Not only are they well reviewed by consumers, they are also budget priced. These are the most cost effective car speakers produced by Infinity.

These two-way coaxial car speakers measure 6.5 inches and have a top mounting depth of 2-1/16 inches. This ensures that they easily fit into most vehicles you see on the road. The boast a sturdy build that is also lightweight. Not only the speakers designed to last for years, but they are also easy to install.

The Plus One woofer has a larger cone surface. You get more airflow for improved sound. They also have built-in crossovers, so the various frequencies are sent to the right components. You won’t have to spend time constantly adjusting the speakers for amazingly clear audio

Crystal clear high frequencies are possible, since there are large dome tweeters. You can crank up your tunes and not worry about sound distortion. Adjusting the brightness of the audio is simple, the tweeters come with a level control. You can choose from two settings. At 0dB you will have a flatter response, and cranked up to 3dB the highs are well defined. 

You do need to remember that these are coaxial car speakers. This means that your bass will not be “thumping”, even at high volume. You can add a subwoofer if you want bass that can shake the ground, but otherwise these are excellent car speakers considering their low cost. 


  • Impedance is 2 ohms so the speakers are compatible with most car stereos.
  • The rubber surrounds help to increase bass output and maximum efficiency.
  • Tweeters can be adjusted for brightness.
  • Have 270 watts of peak power handling.


  • Bass is not impressive without the addition of a subwoofer

2. Infinity Kappa 62.9i

If you want the best, you are going to have to shell out more money. The Kappa 62.9i are the most expensive car speakers infinity has to offer. They measure 6.5 inches and the coaxial speakers will even fit 6 ¾ openings.

The woofer cones are still, yet lightweight. They are constructed from fiber glass so they won’t flex when the volume is cranked. This also helps to prevent distortion that can ruin any listening experience. The cones also have Infinity’s trademark plus one design. You get a larger surface area for enhanced low frequency sounds.

The Kappa 62.9i speakers come with metal matrix diaphragm tweeters. This is the same design Infinity uses in their line of home speakers. You can hear music the way it was meant to be listened to. You’ll almost feel like you are in a concert hall. 

If you want to change the direction the tweeters are pointed, no problem. They are designed to swivel so you can point them at a passenger or driver’s seat. 

The Kappa 62.9i car speakers do have a sensitivity of 95dB. They can handle a lot of power and are compatible with most heads. However, if you want heart thumping bass you will need to add a subwoofer. 


  • Easy to install and will fit in the speaker slots of most vehicles. 
  • Have a peak power of 225 watts and RMS is 75 watts.
  • The frequency response is 45 – 25,000 Hz so you will pick up most music notes.
  • Like all Infinity car speakers, they come with a one year warranty. 


  • Even at this price, powerful bass is still lacking.

3. Infinity Kappa 60.11CS

The Kappa 60.11CS car speakers are a great mid-range option, when it comes to price. They are a little more sophisticated when it comes to audio quality, but they won’t break your wallet. For their price, they are some of the best rated 6.5 inch coaxial speakers on the market.

Infinity’s Kappa 60.11CS speakers are extremely sensitive. You won’t need a lot of power to drive these car speakers. They have a sensitivity rating of 93dB and can handle power up to 90 watts.

Whether your vehicle has a decent factory head unit or you have one that is driven by an external amp, you will hear a noticeable difference in sound quality. 

The cone is fiber glass and carbon injected. You also have a larger surface area due to the plus one design. More airflow allows for better bass, and this is added to by the rubber surround. The rubber surround also helps to protect the speaker from any bumps that might occur when you are driving over rough roads. 

The dome tweeters are adjustable. You can point them in the direction yPreviewou want. They also have lever controls so it’s easy to set tone brightness to your preference. If you are worried about distortion at high volume, the large voice coils take care of that. 


  • These speakers have a low impedance at 2 ohms.
  • They have a large frequency response between 45 – 35,000 Hz.
  • The lightweight speakers install quickly and easily
  • Both speakers come with a protective grill to prevent foreign objects from getting in. 


  • The bass may not be as “punchy” as you would like.

4. Infinity Kappa 62.11

Infinity’s Kappa series of car speakers is priced higher than some of their others, but the 62.11 are still within most budgets. They are designed with quality in mind and are engineered to produce a well-balanced sound. You might not be able to rock the bass, but you won’t be disappointed.

The soft dome tweeters measure one inch and are edge driven for more natural sounding high frequencies. The “edge-driven” design allows the speakers to have a larger tweeter that is capable of handling more power and still deliver smooth audio into the mid-range.

Infinity’s patented Uni pivot design makes it possible for you to choose which direction the tweeters are pointed. There is also a lever control switch so you can adjust the brightness of the sound. 

These are sensitive speakers with a rating of 95dB. You can hear great audio from your car stereo or hook them up to an external amplifier or a more powerful head. Either way, your mid and high range frequencies will sound impressive. Bass is also good, thanks to the dome woofers. 


  • Low impedance so the speakers are compatible with factory installed car stereos. 
  • The high sensitivity rating ensures crystal clear sound.
  • The frequency response is 3500 to 35, 000Hz for exceptional mid and high range frequencies.
  • Extremely easy to install in any vehicle. 


  • These speakers are not designed for bass lovers, they really are only designed for mid and high range frequencies.

5. Infinity Reference 6030cs

Part of Infinity’s reference series, these are 6.5 inch component speakers that are priced to fit any budget. Even though they come in at a low price, you won’t be sacrificing on build or sound quality.

The woofer cones have oversized rubber surrounds that increase the surface area up to thirty percent. Not only do you get improved bass, but efficiency is also improved. The rubber surround has other benefits. It provides suspension at the cone’s edge and prevents distortion by absorbing it. This way, you have stronger lower frequencies, even when you have the volume turned up.

You want crisp and clean highs and this is possible with the dome tweeters. They are also edge driven for minimal distortion. Adding to this are the two ohm voice coils. They are also compatible with all aftermarket and factory installed car stereos. 

If you want to adjust audio brightness, it’s easy with the level control switch. For less brightness, set the switch at 0dB and for brighter sound adjust the lever to 3dB. You can set the tweeters to your listening pleasure. 


  • Plus one woofer cones and durable rubber surrounds produce quality bass. 
  • The speakers have a low 2 ohm impedance for compatibility with factory car stereos.
  • The speakers have a one year warranty, as long as they were purchased from the manufacturer.
  • Crossover networks ensure that frequencies go to the right components.


  • For exceptional bass you will need to add a subwoofer.

6. Infinity Kappa 693.11i

Infinity’s Kappa 693.11i car speakers are getting positive customer reviews. They have an attractive price, and are able to produce amazing high quality sound. These speakers are also surprisingly powerful. They have a peak power of 660 watts and 220 watts of RMS power.

These coaxial speakers come with edge driven soft dome tweeters, measuring one inch. They can handle plenty of power for improved clarity, and smooth mid-range frequencies. The highs are crisp and clear, with realistic sounds. You might feel like you are listening to a live performance in your car.

The stiff material is flexible, but this does make it easier to mount on uneven surfaces. Sometimes car doors get dented, but you still won’t have a problem installing these speakers. It also lessens distortion, and gives you punchy bass. 

Adding to the woofer is plus one technology. You get a larger surface on the cone for a more refined low frequency response. Even though Infinity car speakers aren’t known for their bass performance, the Kappa 693.11i might surprise you. 


  • Bass is deep and full. 
  • Audio is still crisp and clear even when the volume is up.
  • The speakers are constructed from durable materials and are built to last.
  • High frequencies are crisp with the UHF tweeter. 


  • The basket is plastic and can break during installation, if you are not careful. 

Buying Guide

Before you go out and grab the first set of Infinity car speakers you find, there are a few things you need to consider. There are different series and not all are the same. If you are not paying attention you could end up with one that doesn’t meet your audio preferences. 

Here are a few things to think about when you are shopping for new car speakers. 


The cost of the car speakers is always the first consideration. Figure out what you can afford to spend. Once you have a budget in mind, it will be easier to find a set of speakers. It will also help you from falling in love with one set, only to find out that the speakers are too expensive. 

Type of Car Speakers

There are basically two types of car speakers full-range and component. Each has their advantages and downsides. 

Full range speakers have all the components you need. You get woofers for bass and tweeters for highs. If you are willing to pay a little more, you can find full-range speakers with midrange or super tweeter drivers.  

If you want to easily replace your factory speakers, then full-range ones are the way to go. They are easy to connect to your car stereo and usually come with everything you need to attach the wires. 

Component speakers are designed for sound quality. Not only do they come with woofers and tweeters, but also crossover networks. Component speakers differ from full-range ones in that the tweeter is separate from the woofer. You are not limit in positioning the tweeter, you can place where you get the most realistic sounding audio. 

Another difference between full-range and component speakers is the material they are constructed from. Component speakers typically have a better build and are designed to last. Their improved construction also means better sound quality. 


You are spending your money on new speakers, you don’t want to waste it. Look for car speakers that are durably constructed. Avoid woofers with paper cones. These will not last. The best material is polypropylene, which Infinity uses in most of their car speakers. 

Tweeters should be constructed from a softer material. Silk is the most common material used in car speakers that are not factory or after market. Soft materials will give you a mellow sound. If you prefer brighter highs, look for metal, graphite or ceramic. 

It’s important to also consider the materials used in the woofer’s surround. This is the material that allows the woofer to move and produce fuller bass. You want the surround to be able to withstand heat and humidity. Rubber is the preferred material, but foam and cloth are effective and come at a cheaper price. 

Tweeter Design

There are two main types of tweeters, those that pivot and ones that swivel. It doesn’t sound like there would be a noticeable difference between the two designs, but there is. Before you pick one over the other, consider where you are placing it. Tweeters are designed to produce high frequencies at the direction they are placed. 

If you are installing the tweeters lower in your car door, you will want one that pivot so you can aim the sound towards you. These also work best with full-range speakers. Swiveling tweeters are ideal for placement almost anywhere. 

You can also find car speakers with tweeters that detach. This allows you to move the tweeters from one vehicle to another. However, these do come at a higher cost. If you do not plan on switching the tweeters between different vehicles, there is really no reason to invest in them. 

External Crossovers

Crossovers are usually found in component car speakers. They serve an important function. They are designed to provide separation between woofers and tweeters. Crossovers send the right frequencies to the correct component so the woofers and tweeters do not waste energy reproducing sounds they were not designed for. The end result is a cleaner, crisper sound. 

Passive external crossovers are the most common, but many also have additional input terminals for bi-amping. This allows you to connect two sets of cables, instead of one. With the additional cable you can have dedicated amplification from the woofer and tweeter. If you want a high performance stereo system in your vehicle, you will want crossovers that allow for bi-amping. 

Sound Quality

Even the best built car speakers may not be able to produce optimal sound quality. You want to look at the speaker’s frequency range to determine how good the audio is. Wider frequency ranges mean better sound reproduction. Most cost friendly car speakers have a frequency range around a max of 20,000 Hz and lows of 10 Hz. 

There are Infinity car speakers with higher frequency ranges, but this also increase the price. Before picking a set of car speakers, take time to think about the type of music you normally listen to. Lower frequencies are for bass, while higher ones cover the mid and upper ranges. 


Sensitivity refers to how a speaker responds to the power from your car stereo. High sensitivity speakers, 90dB or higher, are best suited for lower power stereos. This generally applies to all factory and after market car stereos. However if yours has a higher powered system you will want the sensitivity to be much lower. 


You might not think that the appearance of your car speakers is important, but you will once you get them into your vehicle. Speakers can be seen by yourself and passengers, even when they are mounted in the doors. You will probably also want to brag a little about your new speakers, but this is hard to do if you don’t want anyone to pay attention to how they look. 

Infinity designs their car speakers to be visually appealing. They have sleek lines and often a flat black color. This allows them to blend in, while still looking great. They also have a professional appearance that belies their affordable price. 


You want to protect your new car speakers so they last for years. Look for grill covers that help keep dirt and debris out. Infinity has several car speaker sets that come with grills and still look sleek and attractive. 

Rubber surrounds can help protect speakers from hits on bumpy roads. Some also have metal frames that give the speakers added protections. Often these protective features do not add to the overall cost of the speakers. 


It may seem like there is a lot to consider when you are shopping for new car speakers. It will be worth it in the end, when you are listening to exceptional audio. 

Infinity has several series of car speakers at varying price points, so you won’t have a problem finding a set that fits your budget. 

You can find sets with exceptional bass or ones that pay more attention to the higher frequencies. You can also choose ones that can be mounted in the car door or rear window. 

looking for other cheap car speaker kit? check out are full review guide on Best Cheap car Speakers.

Overall, Infinity car speakers are designed to reproduce excellent sound quality. The only complaint, is that they are often lacking the ability to produce heart thumping heavy bass. 

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