Best Concrete Saw of 2020 (Gas & Cut off) Reviewed

Looking for the best concrete saw? A concrete saw is a heavy-duty electric tool used in cutting concrete, stones, gravels, and other solid surfaces or materials. It can be operated using various sources of energy, including gasoline, water, and electricity.

Note: Gas-powered concrete saws handle outdoor activities due to the fumes they generate and release when they are in use.  On the other hand, electric concrete saws are quite safe and can be used in closed or confined environments.

We reviewed a number of concrete saws. Let us show you our reviews and our top picks!

ImageProduct NameFeaturesPrice
Best Concrete Saw

#1 recommended

Makita EK7301X1 14-Inch Power Cutter

  • Weight: 28.2 pounds

  • Blade size: 14”, ”

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Hitachi Concrete SawHitachi CM4SB2 4-Inch Dry-Cut Power Saw

  • Weight: 6.20 pounds

  • Blade size: 4”  

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Makita SawMakita EK7651H 14-Inch MM4 4 Stroke Power Cutter

  • Weight: 28.4 pounds

  • Blade size: 14” 

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MK Diamond Concrete SawMK Diamond 159346 CX-3 Power Cutter

  • Weight: 116 pounds

  • Blade size: 14”,

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Best Concrete Saw (Multitool)Fein Multimaster Power TOP

  • Weight: 10.9 pounds

  • Blade size: Varies.

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Best Concrete ChainsawHusqvarna K970 Concrete Chain Saw

  • Weight: 28.3 pounds

  • Blade size: Up to 15-inches

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Best Concrete Saws in 2021 and 2020

Here is our list of the top saws for concrete:

  1. Husqvarna K760 II Gas Concrete Cut Off –  #1 Pick Gas Cutoff Concrete Saw
  2. Evolution DISCCUT1 Electric Concrete Saw
  3. TFS18 18″ Walk Behind Concrete Saw
  4. MK Diamond MK-2013HSP Walk Behind Concrete Saw
  5. MK Diamond 159345 14″ Walk Behind Concrete Saw
  6. Tomahawk Power TFS14 14″ Walk Behind Floor Concrete Saw
  7. Makita EK7301X1 14-Inch Concrete Saw
  8. Husqvarna 967181002 K760 II Concrete Saw. – 
  9. Makita EK7651H Handheld Concrete Saw.
  10. Evolution DISCCUT1 – Best 12-Inch Concrete Saw.
  11. TFS18 18″ Walk Behind Concrete Saw.
  12. MK Diamond MK-2013HSP – Best Walk Behind Concrete Saw
  13. MK Diamond 159345 14″ Walk Behind Concrete Saw.


What are the best Concrete Cut-Off, Gas-Powered, and Walk-Behind Saws?

  1. Husqvarna K760 II Gas Cut Off Concrete Saw – Best Gas Cutoff Saw

What is the best gas cutoff saw that we reviewed? If what you are looking for is one of the best solutions for cutting concrete, then getting the Husqvarna K760 II Gas Cut Off Concrete Saw is certainly not a bad investment choice. This best concrete saw was made to handle outdoor contractors that need a strong cordless solution to slice through concrete. This product is a gas-powered concrete saw not an electric concrete saw.

It is very powerful to weight ratio and long service intervals, and with these, it is not hard to note why it is a good choice.

This best concrete saw engine can be used for longer periods due to its lightweight vibrations when in use, reducing or eliminating the pain or discomfort you would usually find in the regular concrete saw.

It comes at a reasonable price with great features. It is lightweight, has a very nice RPM, easy to use, and it does not need so much in terms of upkeep.

  1. Evolution DISCCUT1 Electric Concrete Saw – Top Electic Concrete Saw

If you are going for value, then you need not look any further, as the Evolution DISCCUT1 Electric Concrete Saw is the right tool for you. This tool is one of the cheapest electric machines available on the market that provide an effective cut through concrete as well as stone, brick, paving, and other tough concrete materials.

Although this electric machine feature is limited by a cord, it is a great alternative if you are always near an electric source, making it not a problem for you. On many product review sites, this electric machine gets a ton of good reviews.

Here is the list of some of the features of this electric machine:

    • It has a fully adjustable safety guard.
    •  It is easy to use and is maintenance-free.
    •  One of the features of this electric machine is the disc cutter can get a large 4 inches max.
    •  It is as robust as it is versatile, as it easily cuts through concrete and other tough materials.
    •  4-inch max cutting depth.
    •  It is safe and economical.
    •  This electric machine comes with a 12-inch diamond blade.
    •  It has a great electric motor and RPM.
    •  The machine’s ergonomic soft-grip, mid-position, front and rear support handles are positioned to get accurate cuts in both horizontal and vertical modes.
  1. TFS18 18″ Walk Behind Concrete Saw – Top Rated Walk Behind Concrete Saw

If you know that you have a tough job to tackle, this machine is capable of handling a lot of jobs from structural foundation work to highway repairs and even reinforced concrete or tough concrete projects. It also has a depth adjustment that enables you to use it with a few different materials in addition to concrete, other features include masonry, brick, tile, and asphalt.

It is easy to use and to get around because of its comfortable grip handles and its compact design.

This product is a versatile choice with a depth of drive adjustment that enables you to use  a variety of materials. And for this main reason, if you do a lot of this kind of work, you will find that this is a very good investment choice.

Here is the list of its extra features:

    • Max cutting depth precision of 5.5 inches.
    •  An 18-inch blade.
    •  A 1-inch arbor.
    •  It has a durable and accurate pointer wheel assembly for controlled blade cutting.
  1. MK Diamond MK-2013HSP Walk Behind Concrete Saw

This product is the most preferred option when it comes to both industrial and commercial uses. This very powerful wheels drive, walk-behind concrete saw uses 2 heavy-duty tri-powered notch belts to smoothly power the blade.

The machine’s one-piece, hot-rolled steel box construction controls the movement of the machine with the right rpm when it is in use, and the power-coated chassis prevents any damage from the elements.

Its heat and oil-treated belts will surely last for a long time, and its guard mounts can be moved from left to right to aid its versatility; and it also meets the OSHA and ANSI standards that ensure that it is safe for use at workplaces.

  1. MK Diamond 159345 14″ Walk Behind Concrete Saw

One great feature about the product MK Diamond 159345 14″ Walk Behind Concrete Saw is that you can use it in both wet and dry conditions. And, if you choose to use it on a wet surface, there is a built-in water distribution system that makes this process look easy.

This product feature adjustable depth control allows you to use it with various materials, and it comes with both left and right cutting capabilities, lending it a lot of versatility. If you are a small business owner, the MK Diamond 159345 14″ Walk Behind Concrete Saw is a great tool for you.

If you know that you have some money to spare, this too will be perfect for you because of its great versatility and its ease of use at home.

  1. Tomahawk Power TFS14 14″ Walk Behind Floor Concrete Saw

If you are a professional contractor, a plumber, or an electrician, and you are looking for a very powerful tool that you can get at a reasonable price, then maybe you should check out the Tomahawk Power TFS14 14″ Walk Behind Floor Concrete Saw.

This machine was designed to make sure that you have a straight, consistent cut that is just the perfect depth for driveways, trenches, sewer lines, and others. It has a 12-liter water tank that enables you to do a lot of wet cutting with an easy refill  or having to keep a hose around you while you work.

If you need to do some wet cutting that will take little or no effort, then you should look into purchasing this machine at a good price. Its large onboard water tank is quite convenient.

Your ability to use a 12-inch or 14-inch blade is also a great feature of this product. This machine is powered by a Honda GX200 6.5 HP engine that comes with a 3-year warranty.

  1. Makita EK7301X1 14-Inch Power Cutter – Power Cutter (Professional) 

Makita concrete saw reviews

When it comes to professional powerful tools & cutters, very few producers are present in the market who can try to meet the quality standard Makita boasts of. The Japanese company’s Makita EK7301X1 is not a distinction to this rule.

This particular gas-powered cutter comes furnished to service with a high-quality Makita Diamond Blade. As long as the diamond blade is used when wet, it is expected to have a high long life. Even if you do not choose to go for the Makita EK7301X1, or even a Makita concrete saw for that matter, I still would recommend that you buy a Makita Diamond Blade as they have been tested and trusted, over the time again, to be some of the excellent blades on the market, no bias.

One of the significant details of this specific powerful concrete saw is the filtration system. The dust is passed through a five-stage filtration system which, efficiently makes it one of the coolest power cutters on the market at the moment. Sure, there is still a need to use a respirator, but at least there is no need to worry about cleaning the dust to prevent clogging at all times.

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The water kit which includes the Makita EK7301X1 implies that  there is a wide range of various sources to keep the blade wet including something as  simple as a gardening hose.

    • Weight: 28.2 pounds
    •  Blade size: 14”, gives a cutting depth of roughly 5”
    •  Size: this gas-powered concrete saw measures 24 x 12 x 12

Attractive features of Husqvarna K760

    • Optimized performance with a new cylinder
    •  Reduced vibrations
    •  New active air filtration


    • Vibration in the engine doesn’t affect the frame
    •  Lightweight – if you have an old-school concrete saw you’ll notice a huge difference
    •  This gas-powered concrete saw is designed for comfort and feels good while you are using it.
    •  It is more powerful compared to other saws in its class.
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  1. Hitachi CM4SB2 4-Inch Dry-Cut Masonry Circular Saw – Best Budget Concrete Power Cutter For the Money

The Hitachi CM4SB2 price is not the most affordable dry concrete cutter on the market. Nevertheless, it is never recommended that you go too cheap choosing concrete cutters due to the energy consumed by the when you are cutting. You need a tool that is efficient in doing a lot of jobs. Nevertheless; at sub-$150 for this saw, it is still very affordable enough for the occasional DIY-user.

This is not limited to a power cutter. Instead, the Hitachi CM4SB2 is more of a circular saw, although it was manufactured with the intent of cutting dry concrete, so a wood or metal circular saw blade is not to be used in this machine.

The Hitachi CM4SB2 has been designed for dry concrete cutting alone. This implies that a lot of dust would be released when it is in use. Nevertheless, unlike other concrete saws within this price range, the saw was sealed properly enough. This means that there is no need to worry or bother about dust getting into the important parts of the machines and causing a crash when in use.

The small size of the saw implies that it can be used for cutting small areas of concrete. This particular concrete saw cannot be used when the need to cut through huge slabs of concrete arises, but, for most people technically, this is less of an issue to bother about. Only small cuts are going to be made, probably through a paving slab.

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This particular powered saw design was designed with the intent for it to be used professionally alone, but its small size, easy to use nature, and price range implies that it is exciting to recommend this as the most recommended concrete saw for DIY users.

  • Weight: 6.20 pounds
  • Blade size: 4”  
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  1. Makita EK7651H 14-Inch MM4 4 Stroke Gas Concrete Saw – Best Gas-powered Concrete Saw

Back on Makita, if you intend to get a great quality gas power cutter to be used in the professional environment, there are very few numbers of cutters on the market which are better than Makita EK7651H.

It is important to note that this cutter is the first 4-stroke power cutter on the market. The rest have 2-strokes engines but despite the fact they are being more affordable and pocket-friendly, they tend to have a number of issues wrong about them.

For instance, using the wrong oil mix with gas has spoilt the motor of many 2-stroker power cutters. But when using Makita EK7651H, there is no reason to bother about the oil mix with gas as there is no mixing oil with gas on the part of the operator.

Another advantage of this cutter is that the 4-stroke engine improves the engine’s lifespan. This is because carbon build-up will be less in the cylinder hence less exhaust will be released out. This also helps in maintaining a cleaner saw. Although apparently, as a result of the concrete saw being operated using gas, it cannot be used in a closed environment. Just like the Makita EK7301X1, the five-stage filtration system will be of great benefit to the operator.

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To top it all, it is one of the least noise producing gas concrete power saws on the market as of present, releasing just 92.7dB noise when it is in use. Although, certainly, there is a need to wear ear protectors when operating this machine.

  • Weight: 28.4 pounds
  • Blade size: 14” 
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  1. MK Diamond 159346 CX-3 

When you are looking for a walk-behind power saw, specifically when it comes to concrete saws, there is a need to know that the motor in use is one that can easily drive into direction and manage. Gas concrete power saws engine on the market that are very affordable and pocket-friendly tend to possess wheels that stick. This could be an issue to worry about when it comes to smooth operation. Thankfully, when using MK Diamond 159346, this is not a problem to worry about.

This specific concrete power saw engine has been manufactured with the intent for it to be used for lightweight and medium tasks. It might be used for heavier jobs but it is compulsory to take a break intermittently when in use. The saw is amazingly feather weighted and can easily be moved along the floor, making cutting over a long distance easy to do without breaking a sweat.

The saw engine has an in-built water system. While in use, the water supply system will distribute water to the two sides of the blade helping to keep the blade cool which makes it be in use for a long duration of time.

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The blade can be mounted on either side of the blades i.e. the two sides of the blade can be used for mounting which is perfect for those who need a touch of change when it comes to cutting.

The 7HP gas-powered motor is more than equipped to cut through the toughest of concrete.

  • Weight: 116 pounds
  • Blade size: 14”, giving a cutting depth of 5.5”v  
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  1. Fein Multimaster

In times past, the evolution of multi-tools has been brought to the market. There are budget-friendly items like the Dremel (although it can be used to cut small units of concrete, it cannot be suggested for it to be used for concrete cutting), and bigger alternatives such as the Fein Multimaster TOP.

There is a wide range of different alternative units identical to the TOP, often at a lesser price range but this one is the only one to be suggested due to its originality.

As it could have been figured out from the fact that it is a multi-tool, it can be used to cut more than concrete. It can be used to remove grout, cutting and carving wood i.e. it can be used for woodwork, and it can even be used to cut tiles.

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Hence, its ability to be used for more than concrete cutting makes it befitting for those looking for a tool that can be used to do many things competently to see as a must-have tool. Definitely, this is a tool every professional must have in their toolkit so they can earn more specially if they are running a business

Fein Multimaster TOP is not to be used for making big cuts rather, it is to be used to make minute, detailed cuts. If a need to cut huge sizes of concrete, one of the other options on this list would definitely be needed. The Fein Multimaster TOP has been planned out for those who intend to make small, plunge cutting actions. The 350-watt motor would be used to cut through most concrete.

  • Weight: 10.9 pounds
  • Blade size: This varies. There is a need to make purchases of a variety of different attachments for this saw  
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  1. Husqvarna K970 Concrete Chain Saw – Best Concrete Chainsaw

If you need a saw which can get into smaller spaces, the Swedish-made HusqvarnaK970 Chainsaw is one to really check out. This unit consists of a 6.4HP Engine, which boasts a 1.1-quart fuel capacity. This handheld engine was specially manufactured with the intent for it to produce the most amount of power, the highest amount of torque, and reduced release of carbon.

Fundamentally, the Husqvarna K970 chainsaw is a genuine pleasure to employ. This is even before thinking of the fact that the vibration and the sound of this piece have been minimized to the lowest limit completely.

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An example of the evolution of a concrete chainsaw is the fact that the cut depth is way superior to that of any other alternative concrete saw on the market. The prior saws mentioned on this list had a cut depth of 5.5” at the most. This one has a cutting depth of up to 15-inches from one side making the chainsaw fit for those who have slightly thicker materials to cut.

This saw can be used for many works competently, and the long-reaching bar makes the saw fit for creating holes and going into narrow crevices. Fundamentally, it can be used to execute very much the exact job that a core drill would be able to execute, however, the hole-saw cannot be as accurate when used.

The Husqvarna Concrete Chainsaw can only be used when it is wet. This increases the time length the saw blade will last when it is in use.

  • Weight: 28.3 pounds
  • Blade size: Cuts of up to 15-inches in depth can be made.  
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As time goes by, the evolution of these numerous types of concrete saws on the market, when choosing a saw, your task i.e. what you intend using the concrete saw for will determine the exact one that is suitable for the job and its future usefulness in executing a task.

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Power cutter: These are the most efficient of saws and most usual on the market at the moment. They can be used for many tasks competently. They tend to have huge diamond disc wheels which just cut through the concrete. They are alike to a standard wood, circular saw in design, although the motor tends to be slightly ample as a result of the extra supplemental effort needed to slice through stonecraft. This is a handheld tool that is very easy to use.

Chainsaws: Chainsaw concrete saws are ideal for those who may have a bit more variety in terms of what they want to cut. With a standard power cutter, you will only be able to cut along a flat surface. This is fine for most cases. However, with a chainsaw, you will be able to cut from standing position, and you will be able to carry out far more ‘detailed’ work because it is a handheld tool i.e. you will not be limited to cutting in just a straight line.

Walk behind concrete saws: Just like the name implies, the tool is to be operated and dragged along the floor. Its compact design is similar to that of a lawnmower. These electric machines are powerful. They are perfect when the work area is very wide and the cut must be direct and not bent. Due to their exorbitant cost of acquisition, they are usually used only in professional environments.

Multi-tool saws: These are not to be used for huge cuts. These saws are only to be used for those who want to do minimal, technical work. The aim of the work is not to cut through large chunks of concrete, although multi-tool saw can be used for more than just concrete cutting, It would be discussed thoroughly soon.

6 Best Concrete Saw Comparisons

Here’s a list of the best concrete saws on the market today:


It is extremely important to know precisely what you’re getting yourself into while you are on the look-out for the saw to use for your concrete. For you to execute a concrete cut accurately, there is a need to ensure that you possess the proper type of diamond saw blade. For instance:

  • The diameters of diamond saw blades can the concrete saw be suitable with?
  • The arbor size
  • The blade’s quality
  • The suitability of the saw blade and the kind of concrete on which cutting is to be done (asphalt, reinforced by metal bars, concrete with pebbles or rocks)
  • Diamond saw blades are frequently used for damp-cutting: If an insufficient quantity of water is being used, the diamond blade would easily break or even for the steel core to break.
  • Whether rapid speed or an extended lifetime is required -this is a choice you need to make.
  • The horsepower or strength of the concrete saw: the greater the horsepower, the bigger the force of collision the blade will get when cutting


The choice of  concrete saw largely depends on what and where you would want to use it. It is important to know what exactly you want to achieve while on the lookout for the concrete saw.


In most situations, using an electric good corded concrete saw will be good, and if you can get away with using the cord, kindly do because corded saws are more efficient and effective compared to battery-powered concrete saws. If you want to consider the portability of the tool, then you have two options to choose from.

The first is the lower cost, pocket-friendly and budget-friendly compact battery-powered concrete saw, and the other option is gas-powered concrete saw. Gas-powered concrete saws compact have a bit more power behind it, meaning that it is far better for professional usage, although it is more costly to operate as the running cost and cost of purchase comes to play.

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When choosing a concrete saw, you should consider the availability of the spare parts as some producers do not make the spare parts of their tool readily available hence the cost of repairs. It is advisable to go for producers whose handheld products have their spare parts readily available and you can be assured of the effectiveness of the spare parts gotten and the machine itself especially in a professional environment.

The depth of the cut

Concrete and stone are relatively shallow in depth. The depth of the cut to be made in the material and the nature of the materials determine the type of concrete saw to be purchased.

The kind of cut

This talks about the moisture content of the material to be cut. In an ideal situation, a wet concrete saw is preferred as the blades used for wet concrete saw last for a longer time compared to blades used for dry concrete saws. There is a lot of dust being released in the air when you are cutting concrete using a dry saw.

It is advisable to use wet concrete saw in a closed environment. But in a situation where there is no available source of water, a dry concrete saw is to be used. Using dry concrete saw is time-consuming as you have to stop for some minutes to allow the tool cool hence it is less effective. Make sure that you know the features of these concrete saws and always follow the guide before you start operating the concrete saws.

Chain or disc cutter

The disc cutter saws are the most preferred type when it comes to choosing saw. They are easy to handle and can be used for almost every situation. But in times where there is a need for an infinite depth of cut, a good chain concrete saw is the most suitable tool to employ. Chain concrete saws are not as handy as disc concrete saws hence they are quite difficult to use. These tools have different features and use so you have to keep in mind to prevent using the wrong tool.

Hazards of Using a Concrete Saw

It’s important to comprehend the hazards connected with using a concrete saw. A lot of dust is being released in the air when concrete cutting is going on. Consider the construction personnel along the main roads and the ample quantity of dust flying everywhere while driving along a construction zone. Here is the list you need to bear in mind.

  1. Stones, rocks, sand, etc. can have a large quantity of crystalline silica used to create bricks, tiles, etc. Cutting these materials produces dust in the air but they also contain very fine particles that are not visible with the naked eye in normal illumination.
  2. There is a need to ensure the use of plenty of water when using a concrete saw, as it helps to reduce the quantity of the dust particles flying through the air.
  3. Diamond saws are deemed superior to more abrasive blades.
  4. The saw ought to have a local exhaust ventilation (LEV) system and this would let most of the dust released in the air during your cutting jobs out.
  5. A personal protective equipment (PPE) should be worn when operating a concrete saw.
  6. It is important to follow the guide when operating a concrete saw to prevent accidents.

Conclusion: Concrete Saw Reviews

Power cutters and concrete saws are important, there are not many budget-friendly saws that can be suggested since saws of this nature need to have loads of power and be very strong and cheaper models that we’ve written reviews on just don’t cut it. There is a limited range of usages for concrete saws, so it’s important that you know the features and exact use of these tools.

Hopefully we have provided you with sufficient knowledge on concrete saws and power cutters that can guide you in making a decision when choosing a concrete saw!

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