SOLVED: Will Automatic Car Wash Damage Your Car?

As you know, car washes are a convenient way to get your vehicle cleaned up while also saving time. The downside is that they may cause damage if not done right. Your auto shop has different options for you so take the time to look at them before deciding which one would be best for your needs today!

Automatic car washes are great for keeping your car clean, but they can also damage the transmission. This is due to the high-pressure water that is used in these machines.

When it comes to how much an automated car wash may harm your vehicle, there isn’t much space for disagreement. And, although the automatic approach may seem to be a simple and inexpensive way to wash your automobile, the damage that results may be highly costly.

It’s that terrible moment that we’ve all experienced. Your brand-new, gleaming car begins to exhibit indications of paintwork wear and coat scratching. And, unless you’ve never given any thought to automobile upkeep, I’m sure you can understand how aggravating it would be to see your car destroyed after doing what you believe is best for it. 

So starts the arduous but unavoidable debate with yourself:

Is it harmful to get your vehicle washed every day?

When it comes to automated vehicle washes, how awful can they be?

What is the most serious problem that automated vehicle washes may cause?

This is what I’ve come to talk about with you today. I don’t blame you if you prefer, or have preferred, an automated vehicle wash over a good old-fashioned hand wash. I’ve been there and done that. When compared to the time and energy draining practice of hand cleaning, the convenience of an automated vehicle wash is nearly impossible to refuse.

But if you’re feeling weak in the face of the temptation of the automated vehicle wash, I’ve assembled some useful information regarding this procedure that will undoubtedly persuade you to choose the safer, hand wash option. So, the next time you’re looking at your automobile and thinking it needs cleaning, keep these things in mind:

close up of porsche being washed

Over time, an automatic car wash will damage your car’s paint.

Whether you’re evaluating the worth of your automobile against the possibility of damage and the possible expense of repair to see if you can justify a brief trip to the automated car wash, consider this: an automatic car wash may harm your vehicle so quickly that indicators may surface even after just one visit.

You may be wondering how damage occurs so quickly.

The solution is straightforward. Automatic car washes’ brushes are often neglected, resulting in significant micro scratches on the vehicle’s surface, commonly known as swirl marks. Swirl marks can appear after just one visit, but over time and with repeated washes, the damage accumulates, causing the paint to dull and the scratches to become more visible.

Car washes might harm your vehicle’s engine.

A common inquiry I get from automobile owners is, “Can an automated car wash harm your engine?” And, based on what I’ve seen, this is something that many individuals do on a regular basis. But, despite the fact that there is some debate on whether or not it is safe to wash cars with the engine running, I will share my own perspective. 

As many of you already know, I like to wash my vehicle at home rather than going to an automated car wash. It’s not even a once-in-a-blue-moon occurrence. Those of you who continue to do so, however, should never leave the engine running. That’s because cold water hitting a hot engine and getting into the electrical components while they’re on may cause block, head, and radiator breaking, among other things.

In response to another issue I’ve received, “Can a vehicle wash screw up your alignment?” I don’t believe you need be concerned about this. The rails that drive your vehicle through an automated car wash might harm your alignment, but based on what I’ve heard from folks who manage automobile repair shops, this is an uncommon occurrence. 

automatic car wash damage vs manual wash

How to Clean Your Car Without Getting It Dirty 

So, what’s the best option for busy vehicle owners who want clean automobiles but don’t want to risk harm from automated car washes?

Personally, I believe that nothing surpasses hand-washing an automobile. Most of the damage done to automobiles by careless car wash staff may be avoided if you use a clean, soft cloth and high-quality cleaning and detailing solutions. 

If you’re wondering about the goods I use, here’s a list of the ones I have in my garage at all times:

A ceramic coating is required if you want to keep your automobile clean for extended periods of time without dirt and grime adhering to the paintwork. When it rains, these materials generally have hydrophobic qualities, which assist to encapsulate and rinse out debris. 

I’ve tried a lot of ceramic protection products, including Torque Detail and Shine Armor, but Nexgen outperforms them all in terms of price, durability, and shine. My vehicle looks like it just returned from a professional detailing after using it. Not joking!

So, the next time your vehicle is filthy and you’re tempted to use an automated car wash, keep in mind the harm we outlined before. And please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any more questions about how to best care for your automobile or if you’d like to learn more about the other things I offer. I’d be delighted to assist!

The “does automatic car wash damage paint” is a question that many people ask. The answer to the question is yes, it will damage your car’s paint.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are automated car washes bad for your car?

A: Automated car washes are not bad for your car. It is the same as having a self-service gas station and there is no difference between automated and manual wash stations.

Do automated car washes damage paint?

A: It depends on the car wash technology used and how often you go for a car wash.

Are touchless automatic car washes bad for your car?

A: It depends on the car wash. Some are not bad, while others can cause extensive damage to your paint job or even leave scratches in your bumper

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