Pioneer TS-6900PRO Review

Do you want serious sound from your car speakers? The TS-6900PRO can deliver. Thumping bass and crystal clear mid and high-range frequencies aren’t a problem for these speakers. Best of all, they are priced to fit most budgets. You won’t have to spend thousands of dollars just to hear an amazing sound.

These component speakers have an aggressive appearance due to the grilles on the tweeters. Not only do these car speakers look impressive, but they also have the audio quality to back it up. The bullet tweeters measure 2-7/8-inches and are designed to produce crisp highs. Even mid-range frequencies will have the clarity you want when listening to your favorite tunes.

The woofer cones are lightweight and constructed from a durable blended pulp material. They are designed to expand to allow for more airflow, without losing their shape. This way you get a deeper, richer bass sound, no matter how loud you decide to crank the volume up.

Stability is important. You don’t want the woofers are tweeters to move around. This will result in sound distortion. To prevent this, the TS-6900PRO car speakers come with stamped steel frames. For added protection, there are two layers of urethane surrounds. This also helps with sensitivity and power handling.

The built-in crossovers ensure that the right frequency goes to the correct components. This way you hear audio the way it was meant to be heard. You have a frequency response of 29 to 40,000Hz, so almost all frequencies are crisp and clear.

Pioneer Pro series of car speakers is a step up from factory models. You get a wide frequency range, along with the components to reproduce realistic sound. Most importantly, these speakers were designed for high volumes. So, turn it up and rock out with amazing sound when your driving.

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