Victor 22-5-00126-8A Tire Repair Kit Reivew 2020

The Victor 22-5-00126-8A is a high quality repair kit that offers reliable service in the effect of your tire being punctured. You have everything you need in this kit to handle this situation.

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Product Specification:

  • Brand: Victor
  • Item Weight: 6.4 ounces
  • Product Dimension: 1 x 5.8 x 8.5 inches
  • Item Model Number: 22-5-00126-8A
  • Manufacturer’s Part Number: 22-5-00106-8A

Key Features:

  • Pr Rubber cement
  • Premium Kit
  • Premium Quality Steel
  • T-Handle
  • 3 medium sized patches
  • Manual for Use
  • 20 x 4Inches repair plugs
  • Tubeless Tire Strings
  • Metal Buffer
  • Gauge of 5-50 PSI

Product Description

The Victor 22-5-00126-8A Tire Repair Kitis a standard repair kit for punctured tubeless tires. It is suitable for the repair of all tubeless and bias play tires. This professional repair kit offers excellent service and quality:

What makes the Victor 22-5-00126-8A Tire Repair Kit the Best Choice for You:

  • Easy to Use: This repair kit offers a very easy and simplified method of repair. Instructions have also been included to guide you in the process. This way, likely errors that can be made during repairs are eliminated. It also ensures the repair process goes as seamlessly and effortlessly as possible. This way you are enabled to continue your trip or journey as quickly as possible, while your time is saved.
  • Improved Torque: The T-handle insert and rasp tool have been designed in such a way that pressure exerted during insertion is improved. The strain on our hands is also reduced due to the shape of the tool’s handle. Your repair work is completed faster, as well as easier without you sustaining blisters or injuries during the process.
  • Versatility: This Victor 22-5-00126-8A Tire Repair Kit equips you with all you need to carry out repairs on your punctured tubeless tires on various vehicles. This way, you get to have a product that offers services in many different ways. For a kit that comes with 20 pieces of 4inches heavy duty brown tire repair plugs. It ensure that no matter the kind of puncture your tire has, this kit should be able to come through for you. You get more value for your money than when you purchase a repair kit that does not offer this level of versatility.
  • Quality and Durability: The tools within this repair kit are made of high steel tools which offer greater durability and quality. You can be rest assured that this kit would serve you for a long duration, within which you would have utilized your money’s worth. These high steel material would ensure these tools withstand many repair sessions and storage conditions. You would have no worries relating to the tools breaking or bending while exerting pressure on them

The tools contained in the Victor 225-00126-8A Tire Repair Kit

  • 20 x 4Inches heavy duty brown tire repair plugs
  • Tubeless Tire Strings
  • 3 Round patches of medium size
  • Metal Buffer 
  • 0.5 ounce rubber cement
  • Pencil Tore Gauge of 5-50 PS
  • T-Handle Insert and Rasp Tool

List of people who should purchase this product include:

  • Farmers: While working, you can trust this Victor 225-00126-8A Tire Repair Kit to come in handy when you need to fix punctured tires. This way, your work on the farm can continue more quickly and the entire process is carried on with the least hassle.
  • Service Industry: If you belong to any segment of the service industry, having this Victor 225-00126-8A Tire Repair Kit should be a priority. It would ensure that work is carried out with little or no problems and efficiency is attained.
  • Family Sedan: You and your family can also trust this Victor 225-00126-8A Tire Repair Kit to deal with flat tire incidents along your journey. You can get to your destination much quicker and with less hassle. All you need do is follow the instructions that have been included in the case. This would serve as guidelines for repairing your punctured tubeless tire, even for a novice or beginner.

Off-Road: This Victor 225-00126-8A Tire Repair Kit has been designed also ATV, 4-Wheelers and Dirt Bike users. If you use any of these vehicles, you can trust this repair kit to be of great service to you. This Victor 225-00126-8A Tire Repair Kit is structured to work on the tires of any vehicle, regardless of how large or small it may be.

4 Easy Steps To Repairing Your Punctured Tire Using the Victor 225-00126-8A Tire Repair Kit:

  • Remove foreign object from the tire. Then, insert the rasp tool into the hole created by the puncture moving up and down so the hole is cleaned up.
  • Remove the plug and place it through the needle’s eye on the tool. Ensure the plug gets to the center of the tool. You can use a blade to open the eye of the tool a little if you find pushing the plug inside a bit difficult.
  • Insert needle, as well as repair plug into the hole until 2 third of the plug has been pushed in. Pull up the needle in a quick motion, without twisting.
  • Using the tread of the tire, cut the excess of the plug material. Re-inflate tire according to recommended pressure. Once these steps have been followed, you are good to be on your way to your destination.

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Sensitive to temperatures

Easy to Use




Light weight

Easy to pack

Compact case

This Victor 22-5-00126-8A Tire Repair Kit is an excellent product to have to ensure the repair of your punctured tubeless tires if this emergency ever occurs. The case itself is built to accommodate the different tools in an organized form. It is also compact and light weight and can conveniently fit into your car. These tools are fashioned to work on every kind of vehicle regardless of whether it is small or heavy duty. By purchasing or carrying this Victor 22-5-00126-8A Tire Repair Kit, you have a very effective and reliable repair kit that can ensure the work goes on as you will like it to go without any hassle or troubles. 

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