Rexing v1 Car Dash Cam Review 2021

There are several feature reasons to consider getting a dashboard camera. One is that a few select insurance agencies can lower driver rates that have one. Dash cams are a great safety feature, they have  g-sensor that can also help protect you in the event of an accident. Your dash cam can record every second of an accident, and the footage can be invaluable to proving that you were not the one at fault.

 Dash cams can also come with added features that help with navigation. Some will even warn you if you are drifting into another lane. Unfortunately, many of these additional features do cost extra.

However, if you want a budget friendly dashboard cam that can capture exceptional images and have features added onto it the Rexing V1 could be a good option.

Here are some of the dashboard camera’s features.

Rexing V1 Features

There are several reasons why Rexing’s V1 dashcam is a popular option. It is priced for almost every budget, and you can have features added on. It is also easy to mount on the dashboard.

Here are a few other features that are getting consumers’ attention.


The first thing you’ll notice is the size, this is not a tiny dashcam. It is not large enough to interfere with windshield vision, but you do need to be careful where it is mounted. Many drivers recommend installing the V1 behind the rearview mirror. This way your field of vision is clear, and it is still easy to see the camera when needed.

There is a benefit to its slightly large size, you get a 2.4-inch screen and large buttons that are easy to read and push while driving. You don’t want to spend even a few seconds with your eyes off the road, just to find a simple button on your dashcam.


It’s one thing to design a dashcam for easy operation, even while driving. You also want to spend as little time as possible mounting the camera. Rexing had this in mind with the V1.

The dashcam mounts easily to the windshield with adhesive backing. The adhesive backed mount is a separate component, which makes it a little easier to get it in place. If you are worried that the mount might be attached at an uneven angle, a leveler can help prevent this problem.

You’ll notice that the mount rotates vertically. This enables it to stay even with the horizon. Every image you see will be straight and accurate.


The V1 dash camera does not come with a lot of extra features. However, it does have the ones you need and the capability to add on more. Add-ons will cost you a little extra.

One add-on is GPS. It will cost a nominal fee, but most consumers find that it’s not necessary. If their vehicle already does not have built-in mapping, there are plenty of apps that are free and probably already on your smart device.

What the V1 dashcam does have is the ability to take crystal clear images. It also comes with something a little new. You can mark your videos by entering a license plate number into the dashcam. This way you can always verify what vehicle you were in when the image was taken. It might not help with legal issues involving accidents, but it can help document events for insurance companies.


The main reason for mounting a dashcam is for image quality. The device is pointless is the video is dark and fuzzy. This won’t be a problem with the V1.

The 1080p camera is capable of producing crisp, clear images, even at night. The dashcam has a Sony Exmor sensor that can capture images in low light. You won’t have to squint or try and guess what the images are supposed to be.

 With the wide-angle lens, there is little the camera won’t capture. You can pick up objects, and vehicles ahead of you or off to the side. Since it is 170-degree lens, you can rest assured that the front and both sides of the vehicle are covered


The V1 by Rexing is priced for most budgets. There are three models in this series. The V1 is the lowest priced, followed by the V1P and V1LG. The slightly higher priced models do come with a few extra features, but if you just want an affordable dashcam without all the bells and whistles the V1 is a great option.


  • Priced to fit most budgets.
  • Has the ability to add GPS, if needed or wanted for a nominal fee.
  • Wide angle 170 degree lens for front and side image capture.
  • The Sony Exmor sensor produces clear images in low light.
  • The mount attaches easily, thanks to the adhesive strip on the back.


  • The dashcam is a little larger than similar models.
  • It does not come with many extra features.
  • Moisture outside can affect image quality.

What To Consider in a Dash Camera

There are a few things to consider before you rush out and buy a dashcam. Rexing’s V1 model covers most of them, but you still want to make sure that you are spending your money on a quality product.


You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars just to get a dashcam that can capture quality video. The V1 from Rexing can do this and more. Think about your budget and what you need from your dash camera before you start shopping. This will save you time and money in the end.

Picture Quality

The main reason for a dashcam is for the images and video it captures. It won’t be much good if you can’t make out the pictures. This could be the difference between winning and losing your accident case.

Look for models with 1080p. You can find dashcams with higher pixels, but this also increases the price. 1080p is generally all you need to capture quality images that are clearly visible.

You might also want to look for a wide angle lens. This will ensure that you can capture images from the sides of the vehicle, along with the front. If you are ever sideswiped, having these images can help with your insurance claim.

Reliable Image Quality at Night

Almost any dashcam can take quality images during the day, but not all have nighttime capabilities. Often, accidents happen at night. If one of the reasons you have a dashcam is to protect yourself from fraudulent insurance claims, you will want images to be just as clear at night as they are during the day.

You do not want to get tricked into paying more money for dashboard cameras with infrared or night vision. It might sound cool to say that you have, but in the end it won’t make a difference if the camera cannot capture the image. Pay attention to the pixels and not any overpriced add-ons.

Additional Features

There are several features that you can get with your dashboard camera. Some are easy to add on at a later date for an extra fee, others may come with the dashcam. If these additional features are included with the dashcam, you should expect to pay a little more.

GPS is always a bonus, though not necessary. Most smart phones and modern vehicles come with a mapping and navigational service. If GPS isn’t already included with your dashcam, it can be added to Rexing’s basic V1 model for a small fee.

 Lane departure warnings are helpful, and keep help prevent accidents. You might also want to find a dashboard camera that has motion sensors. This can be sync to your smart device and will let you know anytime someone bumps or tries to break into your vehicle. The motion sensor will also activate the dashcam, so you’ll have a visual record of anything that occurred

Summary of the V1 by Rexing

There is a lot to boast about this dashboard camera. It has a price tag that will fit almost any budget, and it is designed to be incredibly easy to use.

It doesn’t come with a lot of extras. However, you can add GPS to it for a low-cost fee.

What does set this dashcam apart from its competitors is its ability to capture crystal clear images and video. If an accident does occur or you just want images from your time on the road, you won’t be disappointed with their clarity.

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