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Best Front and Rear Dual Lens Dash Cam

What is the Best Front and Rear Dash Cam in 2021 and 2020?

Front and rear dashboard cameras have become a popular device for the daily driver in both the US Canada and the UK. Most of the dash cams record looking out the front windshield of a vehicle, however many people don't realize that there are also rear dual lens dash cams that look out the back. Dash cams are a great new technology and investing in one can help protect you from fraud or any potential liability.

We've reviewed over 52 different dash cameras and below we share our top 10 picks. 

Best Dual Dashcam

#1 Rated - Best Value


  • High Quality and from a reliable Brand
  • Crystal clear HD Dual Camera footage
  • Advanced Driver Alert System
  • Best Price by Far! Especially for the quality. 

Runner Ups




Rexing V1 Dual Dash Camera

  • Has a loop recording function
  • Allows you to record for long hours
  • Easy to install system
  • High quality video recording
  • best dual lens dash cam


Rexing S500 Dual Dashboard Camera

  • It has a front-facing camera that has a 170-degree viewing
  • It has a rear camera with 290 degrees viewing
  • It uses a HD video and a HDR technology that takes crystal clear quality videos
  • It comes with a 32GB SD card


Zus Smart Dash Camera

Smart Dash Cam

  • Quality at a great price
  • 140 degree camera angle
  • High video quality
  • Comes with a award winning app


Garmin Speak Plus Dash Camera

  • With built in GPS
  • Easy to use system
  • Car camera acts as a lane departure warning system
  • This dash car camera is Alexa-enabled


KDLINKS DX2 Dual Dash Cam

  • Has one year guarantee
  • It has WDR technology
  • Parking mode is a good built-in system
  • Tested to perform in temperatures that range from 170 to -40 degrees Fahrenheit for up to 6 hours

Some of the best front dash cams record inside a vehicle, but there are others that have been designed to be positioned on the rear window to catch anything that is of interest behind you. Today we are going to review both options and share our thoughts on the best one for your car. Rear and front dash cams come in different sizes, price range, specifications, and shapes. 

Looking for the best front and rear dual camera, dash cam for your car? Check out of full review guide of Garmin Dash Cam Review.

Below is our table of contents, so that you can skip to reading about any of our reviewed dashcameras. 

As prices of the best dash cams are becoming more affordable there are a lot of great options to pick from in the marketplace and today we will show you our favorites. A dash cam and rear camera can make it even easier when parking. Many front and rear car cameras offer parking mode, long-lasting battery, GPS, built-in Wi-Fi and other easy to use features like footage playback, screen captures and security features. View the top dash cams available. 

Looking for night vision? Read our review of the best dash cams with night vision.

The Dash Front and Rear Cameras We Reviewed in 2021 and 2020

    1. Cobra Dash 2316D (The Best Dual Lens Dash Cam)

The DASH 2316D records the road ahead and behind you. It comes packaged with iRadar app integration, you’ll be alerted to red light cameras, speed cameras, and law enforcement locations with embedded date, time, and location in your videos so you’re always protected.

It comes packaged with:

      • Dual Camera System
      • Continuous Recording
      • Advanced Driver Alert System
      • Temperature protection:
      • 16GB MicoSD card
      • Bluetooth enabled.
    1. Garmin Dash Cam 55 

This camera offers a ton of features and also quality at a great price. It’s one of the small front and rear dash cams.  In a market where there are lots of options available, just being a good dash cam is not enough, and the Garmin Dual Dash Cam 55 gives it an edge.

This dash cam has a sleek, black design that only measures a little over two inches. The small screen doesn’t stay in lit mode the entire time you are driving, though it is continuously recording. This helps the driver see easily during day and night. It goes to a “dark mode” after thirty seconds to prevent it from being a distraction when you’re driving and also helps save battery power.

It has a resolution of 1440 HD video footage and records at 30 frames per second. It shoots in an admirable fashion in both day and night.

One great feature on the Garmin 55 is voice-control. You can start, stop or save videos with a simple voice command. You do not have to take your hands off the wheel to press control buttons. Just give a simple voice command and the Garmin 55 will respond.

Garmin Dash Cam 55

Just like other dash video footage available on the market, the Garmin Dual Dash Cam 55 provides innovative driver aids, but unlike the other dash cams, it gives relevant alerts. It also has a Travelapse feature that makes cool time-lapse videos that are easily shared via the app. The app is an excellent feature that allows the dash cam to be even more helpful.

This dash feed has better features, looks great, high video quality and feels sturdy, having many features that many of its competitors do not have.

          1. Owl Car Dual Dash Cams (Best Dual Lens Dash Cam)

Dual lens front and rear dash cam

The addition of a second, rear-facing camera dual lens to monitor activity inside and around the cabin of your vehicle is the latest invention among dash cams. There are lots of choices in this section on dash cams, although, the owl dash cam sticks out of the rest because of its safety add-ons.

Once you hit the road, the owl dash car camera display shows you a view of both the 1440p from the front and the 720p rear camera feed, and this makes you be sure that they are properly in alignment. This car cam has enough storage space for 24 hours of great video quality.

Best Dual Camera

Once the storage is full, older clips get deleted. But with a vocal command, the driver can capture and store specific moments to review later. Well, there are still more interesting features that this dash cam offers.

When you park your car, this car camera actually keeps your car safe by watching for motion, and sending an alert to your phone when someone approaches or tries to enter your car.

This not only alerts you, but it also the intruder. As the intruder approaches your vehicle, there will be a flashing green light that increases in brightness as they approach, notifying them of their being watched.

This car camera is setting a trend in the tech world.

          1. Mobius Action Dual Dash Cam

The best budget front cam

It is a pretty smart thing to invest in a dual cam, but that doesn’t mean that all dash video feeds are expensive. The makers of this dual cam help give drivers protection for their cars without making them dip their hands too far into their pockets.

car dash camera

There are other benefits than it being a low-priced dash cam. It has a compact size that fits just great in front of your car’s rear view mirror. This feature doesn’t disturb any windshield visibility. Another feature this dash cam is the 1080p full video recording at 30fps and it has the ability to overwrite footage once the memory card reaches capacity.

          1. Lukas LK-7950 WD Dual Dash Camera

Best feature-rich dual dash cam

If you are looking for the most advanced dash car camera on the market, excellent! The Lukas LK-7950 WD is the one for you. Yes, the name is a mouthful, but this dash cam offers video feed has some innovative features that help record videos in high resolution which has a good image both during the day and at night.

dual dash camera 2019

With its dash video (both front and rear cameras) recording video at 1080p full, Sony Exmor IMX322 sensors in each dual lens, and support for two SD cards with up to 256GB in storage space, the Lukas LK-7950 gives you crystal-clear footage for hours without the need to overlap old video quality.

This dash cam is also highly known and respected for its resistance to high heat  (for more reading see our full guide on the best heat resistant dash cams) or to extreme cold.

For a dash car camera, durability and great video quality are important features, and the Lukas Lk-7950 WD goes further than its competition with its Wi-Fi feature for viewing on smartphones, GPS, OBD-II, parking mode, High Dynamic Range (HD Dash) for an optimal night vision recording, UV and CPL filters, a G-sensor, and a built-in battery discharge prevention.

1+ for Parking Mode 

This front camera video quality basically has it all. It is a little expensive to buy and is on the bulky side.

          1. Rexing V1 Dual Dash Camera

The best all-round front and back dash cam

The Rexing V1 is best for commuters who want to get a front dash cam that isn’t expensive but also does everything you’d like it to do. It has a discreet design that blends in with many cars’ interiors, not drawing some unnecessary attention. Make parking easy with a better view and rear camera.

It has a 1080p full resolution at 30fps and this is due to a Sony Exmor IMX323 video sensor, making sure that its video recording is of high quality, parking mode, and its wide range of technology allows it to perform well in low-light situations. An excellent image is better than good and what you’d expect from a pro dash cam.

Rexing V1 dual dash camera

This dash car camera has a loop recording function that helps capture and keep files even when the SD card has reached full capacity. The newest recorded videos just overwrite the oldest ones on the card, allowing you to record for long hours. Users are given the option of creating new files every three, five, or ten minutes. This easy to install system is small enough to stay out of drivers’ way right when they need it.

The Rexing V1 recommends you to use a 128GB SD card, but know that that card doesn’t come with the V1.

Video files automatically lock when the built-in G-sensor detects an accident, and this means that the files are still available if the devices doesn’t shut off and still continues to record. The locked files are not deleted until the owner deletes them manually. Includes built-in GPS.

          1. Garmin Speak Plus Dash Camera

The best voice-enabled dual dashboard cam

This dash car camera is Alexa-enabled. It is a cross of dash cam, GPS unit, parking mode and voice assistant. The part of the dash cam that faces the road records the drive and automatically saves footage and images once it detects that an accident has occurred. Users are allowed to download a purpose-designed app to be able to access and share footage at any time. With built-in GPS and an easy to use system makes parking trouble-free.

The car camera also acts as a lane-departure warning system and a forward collision system. And if you are the type that goes through your phone while at a stoplight, it sends you a “go” alert once the traffic starts moving.

The part that faces the cabin is a GPS, only without the big screen. A small screen/system is excellent as it delivers turn-by-turn directions with arrows that tell you which lane you should be in. It supports a gamut of Alexa features, allowing you to stream audio, access news reports, control aspects of your home, and carry out a lot of other functions through the app.

If you need to store the device’s power cables out of the way, you would need to devise a means. But all-in-all, it is a good one to get.

          1. KDLINKS DX2 Dual Dash Cam

This device features a scope of different specifications that go along with its complete 290 degrees viewing wide-angle. It has a front camera that covers 170 degrees, and a rear camera that covers 120 degrees in parking mode. You can be guaranteed that blind spots, even in the largest of vehicles have been eliminated (or minimized).

It has WDR technology, lighting automatically for clear and usable footage. It has a one year guarantee that covers all the hardware on the dashboard camera to make sure that they work to their maximum potential like a pro.

For people who live in extreme climates, the KDLINKS has been tested to perform in temperatures that range from 170 to -40 degrees Fahrenheit for up to 6 hours. Parking mode is a good built-in system.

          1. Itrue X6D Front & Rear Dashboard Camera

The Itrue X6D is one of the rear dashboard cameras in the middle of the road price that still offers quite some features. It has a very discreet and stealthy design that makes this one of the least noticeable rear dashboard cameras, and this makes it perfect for your protection against fraud or any accident liability, and it can be installed by simply using a single piece of 3M tape.

Its dual front and back dash cameras work well in tandem to give you simultaneous views of the road from different wide angles, and it also has a 16GB Micro SD card that makes it one of the out-of-the-box and ready-to-use simple back dash cameras.

It has a one-year warranty that covers all hardware for 365 days from its purchase, and a world-class customer support that helps its users know just how to use their new dash cam unit.

It doesn’t matter what it is you are looking for, whether it is stealth, or a high memory card capacity, WDR technology, a low price, or wide-angle for your view, all these features can be found in back dash cams.

          1. Rexing S500 Dual Dashboard Camera

This is one of the higher-priced dash cams (maybe not as high as one would think, though) and it offers a lot of features for its price range. It has a front-facing camera that has a 170-degree viewing and a rear camera with 290 degrees viewing, in and around your vehicle, so this cam is ideal for drivers of both large and small vehicles.

Rexing S500 Dual Dashboard Camera

The Rexing S500 comes with a 32GB SD card that makes it ready to use just right out of the box, and with this high memory card capacity, you should expect it to be able to record up to around 8 – 10 hours of footage, using just one mode of storage.

It uses a HD video and a HDR technology that takes crystal clear quality videos while also making up for lighting conditions or strong glares that come from headlights of nearby vehicles.

          1. Haoponer Dual Dashboard Camera with GPS

The Haoponer Dual Dashboard Cam comes fitted with built-in dual lenses that record footage simultaneously. If you are looking for an affordable dual cam back dash cams, the Haoponer Dashboard Cam with GPS is a budget-friendly product, making it an ideal choice for anyone who is just beginning to invest in dash cams.

best dual dash camera

The Haoponer Dual Dashboard Camera with GPS has other features like the GPS capabilities (I think this is pretty obvious, especially, given its name), and also, dual charging and recording functions that lets you keep your camera running while you take extra footage, and this can come in handy, especially in parked car surveillance situations.

          • Great image quality

Although this camera doesn’t have WDR technology, it does have a high-quality photogenic element that covers automatic light adjustments and also captures footage while in not-optimal lighting situations.

For those who drive larger vehicles, rear dashboard cameras provide you with specific blind spot minimization benefits that dash cams with only the front-facing cameras do not offer, and this is something you should look into if you want to get the best value for the money you invest into dash cams.

Back dash cams aren’t made for only trucks, SUVs, and vans, but those who use smaller vehicles can also benefit from the features provided by these rear dashboard cameras.

If you are buying a dual dash cam for the first time, it is best that you choose the one that has features that you will be using consistently, rather than one with some new technology that might be used down the road, bad image quality or that has bad video quality.

Tips For Buying a Front and Rear Dash Cam

The above listed dash cams are some of the best on the market. However, there are still a few aspects to consider. This can help you narrow down the list from ten to a single model.

One or Two Cameras

Are you looking to buy and install a system with a front camera, rear camera or both a front camera and rear camera?


You always want to think about how much you want to spend, before you start looking at dash cameras. The price of the dual models will vary depending on what features come with them. Once you have an idea of what you are willing to spend, it’ll be easier to pick one of the top ten models.

Video Resolution

You want to have a 1080p or 1440p resolution. This will give you the clearest images. It is also a good thing to consider how well the cameras record videos at night as images may be blurry. Almost all record clear, bright images in the daytime, but dark settings can result in murky videos.

Some video cameras do come with night vision, but this often costs extra. You can improve night visibility by installing a small light in the rear of your car. Another option is to look for a dashboard camera with a wide-angle lens. It can draw in more light and help clear up nighttime images.

Dual Recording

Since you have a camera in the front and the back of your vehicle, it only makes sense that you would want both cameras recording simultaneously. Not all front and rear cameras do so, this is something that you should check for. After all, you don’t want to have clear video only of the front of your car at the time of the accident when it occurred in the rear.

A slight time delay between the two cameras could be the difference between winning your insurance case and losing it.


The design of the dual cameras is as important as the video resolution. You want a dash cam that is sturdy. You also don’t want to be embarrassed driving around with it on your windshield or dashboard.

Most dash cams are constructed from durable black plastic. It is a lightweight material that makes for an easier installation. You also want to check to see what temperatures the dual cameras are rated for. If you live in a cold or hot region, this is important. Check this article if you are looking for the best tire pumps.

You want to pay attention to the size of the camera, it does vary. A larger dual dash cam does not necessarily mean a bigger display. Most displays are around two-inches, regardless of the size of the camera. A large camera can also interfere with your field of vision. This is something that you don’t want.


Chances are you don’t want to permanently mount the dual dash cams to the front and rear of your vehicle. You probably don’t want to spend a lot of time installing it either.

Some dash cams come with suction mounts, while others have adhesive strips. You should choose dual dash cameras that are attached with adhesive, instead of suction cups.

Suction cups can cause the cameras to vibrate with the vehicles movements, causing the video footage to be shaky. Adhesive does need to be replaced after a few times of the cameras being removed and re-attached again. It is still a better option than suction cup mounted dashboard cameras.

Not only does adhesive backing hold the cameras steady, it also gives you more options on where you mount the cameras.

If you are also looking for ac inflator, you can check this article.

Memory Storage

There is no point in having dual dash cams if they can only record for a short period of time. You want them to come with at least 8GB of memory. This will give you two hours of continuous recording.

You can also upgrade the memory card if you want to record for a longer period of time than what the internal image storage may allow.


All of the above mentioned dash cams come with plenty of features. It’s up to you to decide which ones you want. Some of the common features that you should consider include:

          • Wi-Fi capabilities now come standard with most dash cams. However, it is something that you might want to check. Not only will Wi-Fi allow you to share images from the road on social media, it is also necessary if you want to download additional apps.
          • GPS is another good feature you might want to consider. Yes, most new vehicles and smartphones come already equipped with GPS. It also doesn’t hurt to have it on your dash cam. For some models is it a simple app to install, there might be an added fee. Other dash cams come with already installed.
          • Alerts for drifting out of your lane or when other drivers get to close is always helpful in preventing accidents. So are red-light warnings and alerts that help prevent front or rear-end collisions. Many of the cameras in the above review come with this feature. One of the many benefits of it is that it can help lower your vehicle insurance rates.
          • Parking mode or other built-in similar modes are good indicators of a pro system.
          • Does the system offer a built-in battery, screen or similar features? What else would you like in your system?

#1 Rated - Our Top Pick


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